Spanish Police to Target Arabs as part of new Antiterror Measures

Rabat – As part of new anti-terror measures following the terrorist attacks in France last week, the Spanish Police was instructed to pay special attention to people of Arab origin who are carrying large sums of money or cameras outside of tourist areas.According to Spanish daily 20minutos, the Spanish National Police has sent a series of recommendations to police officers to check passports of “Arab-looking” people to ascertain whether they have been to “hot” countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.The officers have also been instructed to pay special attention to Arabs carrying more than €1,000 due to fears they could be acting as couriers. Arabs strolling around in Spanish cities using video cameras away from tourist areas could also be stopped and checked by the Spanish Police.“The police will pay attention to people of Arab origins who are doing video recordings in non-tourist places, especially near critical infrastructure such as ports, airports, railway transportation, electrical and nuclear power plants and commercial areas,” according to the Spanish newspaper.In addition, the new measures require officers to carry out identity checks on Arabs in vehicles working with laptops.The Spanish Police have also been told to pay special attention to Algerian nationals.The series of recommendations have been issued to two police headquarters in Andalusia, but will soon be operational in other areas with significant Muslim and Arab populations, including Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia, Ceuta and Melilla.Police officers have also been told to avoid any kind of racist or xenophobic comments when approaching Arabs. read more