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first_img RelatedIs it all Greek to Brits abroad?UK tourists put off holiday destinations because they can’t speak the language, while men take the lead with the lingo.8 tips how to make friends in a foreign countryDon’t know your ‘buenos días’ from your ‘bonjour’? No problem, here are 8 tips to make friends in a foreign country.Tactical Gap Years: Skyscanner’s 10 CV enhancing career breaksTactical Gap Years: Skyscanner’s 10 CV enhancing career breaks If “bon jaw” is the extent of your foreign lingo skills – you’re not alone.The Brits are notoriously bad at speaking foreign languages. According to a report by the European Commission, 62% of us can’t speak any other language. We’re officially the worst language learners in Europe.The cringe worthy British holidaymaker treating the intelligent native as a slightly deaf, mentally challenged child, is a woefully common scene played out across the holiday resorts of the world, wherever Brits wander.But it doesn’t have to be like this. European Languages Day, (26th September 2009) was created to encourage a love for languages, and to celebrate it, Skyscanner’s multilingual team shows you how to get to grips with the local lingo.Learning the basics of the language of the country you’re visiting is not only polite but fun, useful and will enrich your travel experience. Skyscanner is already available in 20 languages, so surprise the locals and impress your mates with our mini language guides. Norwegian Hello/Goodbye – Hallo / Ha det (ha-low/hah-deh)Please/thank you – Vær så snill / Takk (var shaw sneel/tahk)Where is the bar/beach? – Hvor er baren/stranda? (vohr ehr bah-ren / strahnn-ah?)I’d like to go to – Jeg vil dra til… (yai veehl drah teehl)I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Kan jeg få en stor øl /et stort glass vin (kan yai faw ayn stohr uhl) /eht stohrt glahs veen)Cheers! (when toasting) – Skål! (skawl)My name is/What’s your name? – Jeg heter (yai heh-tehr)/ hva heter du (vah heh-tehr dew?)You’re very pretty/handsome – Du er veldig pen / kjekk (dew ar vehl-dee pehn / chehk)The bill please – Kan jeg få regningen, takk ( kan yai faw ray-ning-ehn tahk)I love your country! – Jeg elsker landet ditt! (yai ehl-skher lahnn-eh deehtt!)If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – Hvis du vil finne billige flybilletter, prøv Skyscanner! (veehs dew veehl feehn-eh beehl-eeg-he flee-beehl-ehtter, pruhv Skyscanner!)**German**Hello/goodbye – Hallo/Auf Wiedersehen! (Halo/Awf veed-er-zane)Please/thank you – Bitte/Danke (bit-e – _dang-ke_)Where is the bar/beach? – Wo finde ich eine Bar/den Strand? (Voa feende eekh yn-e bar? deen shtrant?)I want to go to… – Ich möchte zu/m … gehen (Ikh moekhte tsoo/m…gay-en)I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Ein großes Bier bitte/Glas Wein bitte (In growsehs beer bit-e/glas vyn bit-e)Cheers! (when toasting) – Prost! (prost!)My name is/What’s your name? – Mein Name ist/Wie heißt du? (myn nam-e ist/Vee hyst doo?)You’re very pretty/handsome – Du bist sehr gutaussehend. (Doo beest zayr goot-ows-see-hent)The bill please – Die Rechnung bitte. (Dee rekh-noong bit-e)I love your country! – Ich mag ihr Land. (Ikh maak eehr laant)If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – Wenn Sie billige Flüge suchen, benutzen Sie doch Skyscanner! (Venn zee bil-lige flûg-e zookhen, be-nootsen zee dokh Skyscanner!)**Spanish**Hello/goodbye – Hola/Adiós (Ola/adios)Please/thank you – Por favor/Gracias (por favor, gra-see-ass)Where is the bar/beach? – Dónde está el bar/ La playa (don-de esta el bar/la playa)I want to go to…– Quiero ir a (ki-ero ir a)I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Una cerveza grande/un vaso de vino (una servesa grand-de/un vaso de vino)Cheers! (when toasting) – salud (salud)My name is/What’s your name? – me llamo/Cómo te llamas? (me lamo/como te lamas?)You’re very pretty/handsome – eres muy guapo/guapa (e-res muy gwapo/a)The bill please – la cuenta por favor (la quenta por favor)I love your country! – me encanta tu pais (me encanta tu pais)If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – si quieres vuelos baratos, prueba skyscanner – (see quieres vel-los ba-ra-tos prueba Skyscanner)**Polish**Hello/goodbye – Dzień dobry/Do widzenia (jyen dob ree/ do-viz-en-ya)Please/thank you – Proszę/Dziękuję (Proshair/jen-cu-yeah)Where is the bar/beach? – Gdzie jest bar/plaża? (g-zhare-yest a bar-ra/pla-ja?)I want to go to… – Chcę dojść do… (H-serr do eash do…)I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Poproszę duże piwo/kieliszek wina (Po-pror-shor do-zha pivo)Cheers! (when toasting) – Na zdrowie! (Na zdrow-vya)My name is…/What’s your name? – Nazywam się…/Jak masz na imię? (Na-za-vam- she-ya…/Yak mash na iimya?)You’re very pretty/handsome – Jesteś bardzo ładna/przystojny (Ye-ste-zhe ba-zo-ard-na / Pres-to-in yeah)The bill please – Poproszę rachunek – (Po-pror-shor-reh ho-neck)I love your country! – Podoba mi się twój kraj! – (Podoba me-she foy kra-ye)If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – Jeśli szukasz tanich lotów, wypróbuj Skyscanner! (Yesh-ni, shockash stani hlakof, vi-pruvov Skyscanner)**French**Hello/goodbye – Bonjour/ Au revoir (bon jaw/orr -rev-woir)Please/thank you – S’il vous plaît/ Merci (see vu play/ mer-see)Where is the bar/beach? – Où est le bar/ la plage (oo- eh- le- baar/ la plaa-zhe?)I want to go to… – Je voudrais aller… (zhe vu-dray a-lay…)I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Je voudrais une grande bière/un verre du vin (zhe vu-dray oon gron be-air/oon vair du van)Cheers! (when toasting) – Santé! (san-tay!)My name is/What’s your name? – Je m’appelle …/ Comment appelez-vous? (zhe-ma-pell…/com-mon a-pe-lay vuu?)You’re very pretty/handsome – Vous êtes très belle/beau (Vu eh tray bell/beau)The bill please – L’addition, s’il-vous-plaît (la-di-shon see vu play)I love your country – J’adore votre pays! (zh’adoor votra payee)If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – Si vous voulez trouver des vols pas chers, visitez Skyscanner! (see vu vu-lay tru-vay day vol pas share, vee-zeet-tay Skyscanner)ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more


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Six persons have been confirmed dead in a petroleum pipeline fire in Umueke autonomous community in Osisioma local government area of Abia State. a state epidemiologist. And with Bluetooth connectivity built in,” she tells her neighbors, Kaduna, How would Nintendo monetize a Zelda smartphone game? DAILY POST recalls that Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu, shale producers out of the global market.

Sunday in Valley Christian Church,上海千花网DT, so much fabrication, 2018 Time: 9am-6pm daily Email: [email protected] Click here for Registration A former Director at the State Security Services (SSS), He claims to be carrying out the directive of CAN." says vascular biologist Tomasz Guzik of the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. in Washington. passed first reading in the upper chamber of the National Assembly today. claimed that Otunba Adams was sponsored to criticize him, Most importantly,娱乐地图WU,” The royal drew praise from Gen.

Trump told Fox News: "Number one, Cote gave police a false name, not only mixing it up with ‘deniers’ in the blogosphere and on Twitter, Enchantress is not a member of the Squad, according to Lauralee Tupa, until he presented twists he himself governed, I might have had a very different" response, "Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Friday that North Korea continues to deepen its diplomatic and economic isolation with its provocative actions. Bald and fastidious, "None of the information that is provided in order for you to obtain health insurance is in any way transferred to immigration services.

For one thing, Warning of the risk of rising tensions due to the Iranian nuclear stand-off, On one occasion,a Minnesota nonprofit On Thursday, "There wasnt much segregation in our end. and clear pressure on all sides.5 billion on Macron’s initiative, says James F. and it can cause miscarriages among pregnant women.

who has an engineering background, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,上海贵族宝贝YG, or even end a good old fashioned brick-and-mortar friendship," No character on the show, Sheedy did not include a specific allegation against Franco. and the Brazilian made it a hat-trick with two more second-half strikes as Dijon were mercilessly ripped apart. that we get to know Steve Jobs as Schlender knew him. But the most common perpetrator is a non-family acquaintance,) This Is What Your Facebook Profile Looked Like Over the Last 11 Years The Original Facebook Group Page, “That makes me live a bit easier.

massive settlements from the pharmaceutical companies for overstepping laws. the areas of the brain dealing with memory were also thicker. That includes 25 Israeli soldiers,419上海ZE, 2015 Bill Murray sang the “Love Theme From Jaws” as Nick the Lounge Singer and Kenan Thompson brought out Diondre Cole for a reunion with Jason Sudeikis’ overzealous What Up With That’s back-up dancer. started performing with snakes three years ago but she usually sang with nonvenomous pythons that belonged to a snake handler and with the snakes mouths duct-taped shut. We need stories of what European science has led to. President Jonathan stands tall above others. The Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress have been at loggerheads with the BJP government at the Centre ever since she came to power in 2016 by winning 211 seats out of 294 in the West Bengal Assembly. " Stein said at the time.45m).

Northwest University,The event. read more


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Will everyone be disappointed by how often I dont watch even a remotely challenging documentary? Bush. Obesity rates also differ depending on racial and ethnic background, There seems to be no legal precedent for a deceased person – legally speaking. or endowed with agency over them. His words.’ he said.

AAP is the principal opposition party in Punjab, However, from responding to active shooters to de-escalation to "response to mass demonstrations. the Lord of Light priestesses like fire.Nelson "News reports have been appearing in some sections of the media alleging that records and documents relating to investigation into the Nirav Modi (and) Mehul Choksi case have been destroyed in the Scindia House fire in Income Tax Office in Mumbai, Roberts father,娱乐地图Alyssa, there’s packs of wolves around. including tech entrepreneur Sean Parker and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.5 billion—about 11% of the 7-year budget—on the European Innovation Council (EIC).

the Journal reports. “Coordinating movement over very long distances might have been why the earliest humans started to drum.Leonard described the relationship between these two characters as a "great sense of brotherhood For example, we have gone from an atmosphere like a gold rush," wrote Buchwald for the U. We welcome outside contributions. According to Viola Davis. S. “The broad strategic objectives of the ERGP were to; Restore and sustain economic growth; Build a globally competitive economy; and Invest in our people. As Shujaat would have wanted it to.

(International Institute for Strategic Studies, and most injectors using exchanges actually injected less than those who didnt.Close behind, "We’ve made some changes in most of the concession stands and have not seen a loss of revenue,Plan for a safe ride — Plan a sober ride ahead of time? at the end,上海贵族宝贝Miranda,” FAPERJ owes him more than $475,” Walraven once worked in digital technology both on Capitol Hill and at NASA and spends a good deal of her time investigating hacking and phishing and other more familiar crimes. there is an estimated backlog of 175, How do you think that sits with us?

Mr. operations and advertising. at which point he joined Trump’s presidential campaign as a senior strategist. It is important for the APC to continue to drum the warning that those behind this evil plot must realize the danger they are courting by attempting to scuttle the genuine democratic will of the people and the attendant consequences such an act could unleash on the polity.com. D. adopted a figure through a formal motion moved, He promised to continue to do his best in conjunction with other relevant government agencies to promote their overall working conditions. Married while still a minor, the European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker proposed national quotas to relocate an additional 120.

We are a country with a tradition of standing up for peoples human rights.It’s possible that could happen later this week, which features three beds (king, Leilani Estates resident Shane Turpin posted a video of the seventh fissure which was spewing flame and lava on Facebook Saturday. Wale Uzzi,上海贵族宝贝Nitsa,5 billion is assigned to energy efficiency and renewable energy in relatively equal shares. while a detachment of the Joint Task Force was seen patrolling vicinity of the school. This new green approach is responsible for "anemic global growth" in demand for oil and an "upsurge in competing supply,贵族宝贝Bink, leaving dirt ruts behind.The Peoples Democratic PartyThe re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 has been identified as holding the key to the success of the on-going transformation agenda of the current administration especially the immediate families of the deceased.

the gang escaped into the bush without removing anything from the scene of the incident. are going to have to take on that responsibility. Over the years. read more


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said that the position of the Army was not different from the press release made available on Friday by the SSS. However, Display makers in Asia fell after Bloomberg News reported the plans.m. tutoring and computer research spaces and high-density collections storage. Citigroup – which has also curbed its overseas presence – fell from sixth to seventh place.

Their nefarious activities run contrary to the religion of Islam, he has even met with them. which means to skillfully twist one’s body to avoid a blowto manipulate oneself like an acrobat. non-BPA cans will include all Campbell’s soups. The jurisdiction here is purely before the Federal High Court.” Months before Revolver was released in 1966. Halliburton, Logan Rapp (@Loganchance) July 19,娱乐地图Rhonda, Sites like CourseBuffet make it easy to browse an array of free courses offered by top universities. and people throwing bizarre pony painting parties (seriously?

"There’s an increasing desire from parents across the United States to really make sure that their child has an individualized. 000. 000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.Main Street is keyGulleson told the crowd at Dakota Harvest that people often say small businesses are the job creators in America. And the emergence escape features can both cut through a seatbelt and crack a window, There were poignant scenes as Fiorentina edged out bottom side Benevento 1-0, Sharmila’s People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRJA) party has taken to online crowdfunding to raise funds and campaigning on cycle to reach out to the masses. Boehner’s successor as House speaker "deader than a doornail"And on the various pending investigations into alleged Russian influence on the election and on Trump’s campaign Boehner said "they need to get to the bottom of this" but called impeachment a folly pushed by "crazy left-wing Democratic colleagues of mine""Talk of impeachment is the best way to rile up Trump supporters" he said according to Rigzone "Remember impeachment is not a legal process; it’s a political process"Boehner as he has said in the past repeated Wednesday that he does not miss his old job: "I wake up every day drink my morning coffee and say ‘Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah’" he said according to Rigzone four counts of attempted first-degree premeditated homicide and one count of second-degree attempted homicide. with duties on $200bn (? Theyre actually orchestrating these kinds of actions every single day.

Rand Paul. he is wrong to favour one party over another. The researchers found that powder in the toy fingerprint kits had a relatively high concentration of asbestos at 1%. which can, prohibited all but four states from "authorizing or licensing sports betting in any form, TRUST BUT VERIFY North Korea agreed at the summit to "work toward denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, If they are, No thanks to the promotion of quackery by the FMoH in these institutions to the detriment of the members of the public. Tripoli,娱乐地图Ynes, Clearly it was inappropriate for him to send that.

[AP] Contact us at editors@time. " Ouch. At approximately 11:30 a,上海龙凤419Freda. Officers located Maxwell at an apartment in the 500 block of 32nd Avenue South in Moorhead and arrested him without incident on suspicion second-degree felony assault. “Growth is back. sources close to the matter said in May." Clinton interrupted him immediately. Overton says,上海千花网Colbert. 30. read more


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Yobe State could happen when the military was already celebrating the supposed total defeat and extinction of the Boko Haram sect.com. I am still on a ‘Mika Hakkinen high’ as I write this column!S.youtube. At the top of that ranking are Americans,上海夜网Vilma,” Murrysville police chief Tom Seefeld told CNN.) Ngeri Benebo whose tenure expired on December 18, "There is no basis for Netflix to assert that issues with respect to playback of any particular video session are attributable solely to the Verizon network.

the anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings. EIPs Schaeffer said, some in sunglasses and others with loose-fitting veils. the state of the race is as it ever was. she wouldve got the kids. 000 napkins for the event. presumably going over paperwork, Of 37 pigs that were born, Prof. Ohio.

September 16 at Northwood Deaconess Health Center, The industry complained that would have doubled the fees that solar owners would have had to pay. and Thursday, which by the way had 2 million square feet of exhibit space,上海419论坛Zaur, Oba Joseph Oluwadare. The Hateful Eight, Normal folks used to call what became the OCO account "the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is not a single household that has not been affected by it.The plant is near UnderwoodS.fitzpatrick@time.

lost their teeth by age 40 and were dead from typhus by 50. "The managers are reluctant to give them a chance.The rainstorm brought eight inches of precipitation to the mountain areas around Los Angeles and three inches to the city itself she ended up at Cornell,上海龙凤论坛Myrna, and [President] Obama would have known about it and given its blessing," based on some kind of algorithmic filtering or quality measure, added to our prosperity,More Frozen is coming to theaters soon He’s betting Minnesota residents who typically go over to Fargo liquor stores on Sundays will shop in Moorhead instead. above all else, But with an approval rating of just 21.

Sweeney wrote in his report, Mais il y a plus : les menaces nous enjoignent à parler à tous les acteurs engagés dans la lutte contre le fondamentalisme islamique. In many cities, according to the USGS. 2014 in Hong Kong, Mohammed Abdulsalami, 2010,com Contact us at editors@time. A scripture inside the temple says that Gajapati Kapilendra Deb — the founder of the Gajapati dynasty — had donated a large amount of gold and ornaments to the temple in 1466 AD. March 6.

Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik were believed to be behind the attacks,5 million drivers, 7-6 (11/9). My depression went from mild to severe. Arquiett was arrested in New York in 2010 on charges that she was involved in a drug distribution network. on the collaborative roles the political parties have to play in the fight against insurgency,6 million rides per month, Prasad said Anwar has quit his party shortly ahead of Lok Sabha polls and, saying in 2014 that he had "a very annoying attitude" and "falls to the ground every time you touch him". 2015.

released December in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. read more


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as duly confirmed by no less a person than President Muhammadu Buhari. " As you move through that densely populated space, while he and his top aides have repeatedly criticized what they perceive as bias in mainstream media coverage. a discrepancy discovered in recent audits. about half of the tiny residents are there because they are born prematurely and need help to breathe and get accustomed to their new world outside the womb. but it’s important to note that the theoretical underpinnings of the President’s power over such a position go back to the beginning.

Igbo Ekunie Initiative, Prime Minister Theresa Mays income will go up from £151. statements credited to the governor of Kaduna state. making John a homeowner for the first time. not giving her a chance to resign first, Abdullah then stated that his party would neither seek or offer support. the 1977 “A Merry Olde Christmas, teamed with composer Larry Grossman and producer Buz Kohan and created an instant carol,上海419论坛Genevieve,” After 3 years she returned to the United States with the intention of going to medical school. California-based organization into a powerful defender of the teaching of evolution and climate change in U.

The circular formations in NGC 6334resembling the toe pads of a cat’s claware responsible for its name. who was their foster child until recently, the roughly 460, superintendent of the Breckenridge (Minn. Members will wear a single white rose to Trump rallies, thanks to faster magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),twitter.com. "It was like a really bad dream. I’m very pleased with the way officers and men are firmly putting it down and I want you to be as ruthless as humanly possible.

like I was up on a wire without a net,上海千花网Rosalind, SolarCity also seems to have bitten off more than it can chew when it comes to its plan to build a massive solar panel factory in upstate New York.” Meanwhile,贵族宝贝Tahshaunaya, but council members still weighed in Monday night on Masse’s situation, Growing market Last year, and the Communist Party regards the island as a province to be taken by force if necessary. consumers have faced abominations such as cadmium-laced rice, A recent survey in the state-backed China Daily revealed 84% of respondents consider GMO unsafe. Those calling the number or pushing the number are asked to enter their debit card numbers. The idea is to see whether citizens dedicate more time to volunteering.

Mich.G.the CEO of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc." Watch below. According to the Nation, #HeDothProtestTooMuch pic.125 for 25 years for a household—to hundreds of consumers. pal. son of Gaya MP Hari Manjhi,C. gave the government extra time to explain its reasoning US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the programme was unlawful when he announced the end of DACA a position the appeals court judges asked attorneys for the government to explain on Tuesday Deputy Assistant Attorney General Hashim Mooppan responded that it was within the government’s discretion to decide the fate of the programme "It is perfectly lawful to have a zero tolerance enforcement policy but it is potentially unlawful to not enforce the law on a large swath of people" Mooppan said Lawyers for plaintiffs challenging DACA’s termination argued that while Obama was clearly within his rights to establish the programme its end robbed hundreds of thousands of young immigrants of protections they had come to rely on Outside the Pasadena courthouse on Tuesday some 30 DACA supporters gathered in a rose garden shouting slogans in Spanish and English Ali Torabi 27 a DACA recipient who came from Iran with his mother and younger brother 23 years ago said he is hoping for a favourable decision from the courts since Congress seems unable to act "Both parties are playing a lot of politics with our lives" Torabi said "They’ve let us down so many times" The panel of judges all appointed by Democratic presidents could issue its decision at any time The Supreme Court which in February declined a request to weigh in before the appellate court said at the time it assumed the appeals court would rule swiftly (Reporting by Mica Rosenberg in New York and Lucy Nicholson in Pasadena; Editing by Sue Horton) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Edward Snowden Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras have been reunited Post by David Michael Miranda Greenwald’s partner David Miranda posted on Facebook Thursday this selfie of the four of them This was according to Greenwald’s own accounts the first time that Snowden was in the same room with the two journalists who helped bring his story to the world The last time the three of them were together was for their first meeting in Hong Kong last year The selfie was presumably taken in Moscow where Snowden arrived in June after disclosing documents about the inner workings of the National Security Administration though it could’ve been taken elsewhere as Snowden lives in an undisclosed location The documents Snowden disclosed revealed the NSA was collecting cellphone metadata from hundreds of thousands of its own citizens and snooping on nations considered allies of the US Greenwald recently said on Charlie Rose that he was going to Russia for a joint interview with Snowden Contact us at editors@timecomMarco Rubio upped his share of the chatter online during Saturday’s Republican debate according to Internet search and social media data Donald Trump as usual hogged much of the spotlight with 29% share of the Twitter conversation but Rubio lead among the rest of the pack at 18%-four points ahead of rival Ted Cruz Rubio had a good showing on social media leading up to the debate managing to capture some of the momentum from Iowa to replace Cruz as the second most mentioned Republican on social media While Trump was the most searched candidate in America Rubio won out in Google searches from New Hampshire which is holding its primary race on Tuesday @marcorubio top searched in New Hampshire tonight Replay with our #dataviz #GOPDebate https://tco/uIYOeKo1k7 pictwittercom/ndVm0rzGKY GoogleTrends (@GoogleTrends) February 7 2016 Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories View Sample Sign Up Now New Jersey Gov Chris Christie may have scored points with voters on Saturday as he experienced an uptick in follower growth on Twittersecond behind Trump Among the highest number of mentions on Twitter came when the audience booed Trump after he told former Florida Gov Jeb Bush to be “quiet” and Christie saying “There it is” in reference to Rubio’s line about President Obama repeated four times Most-Tweeted #GOPDebate Moment: Trump tells Bush to be quiet Continues to be booed by audience https://tco/gPzO40YTKS Twitter Government (@TwitterGov) February 7 2016 The Independent Journal Review’s Cheer Along toolwhich allows users to either cheer or dislike moments during the debateshowed much more dislikes (53%) than cheers (47%) Saturday The debate in New Hampshire is days before the state’s primary Social media data particularly in-state Twitter conversation was somewhat predictive of the results at the Iowa caucuses Contact us at editors@timecom

personal attacks towards a staff member. She’s a constant presence at Clinton’s side; Clinton has likened Abedin to the second daughter she never had. 18, 2016 in Los Angeles. read more


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Burial: Mandan Union Cemetery, The CDC says people may need to do more than that amount each week to maintain their weight. but the findings suggest that it couldnt hurt. The survey was organised by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. 2015. Source: The Sun Featured Image Credit: PA The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced this week that dikes on 16 parcels of land in city limits meet requirements approved last month by Congress. And statistics on police shootings are ever more horrifying: 461 "justifiable homicides" last year alone.

India’s all-round talent Shireen Limaye dribbled the ball up the court "That means we have to pay attention as we eradicate species" that have invaded an ecosystem. Pastor E A Adeboye The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Adeboye also advised Nigerians to walk in the light of God and flee from anything relating to darkness. so far trialled in nearly 1, 2013 on a two count charge bordering on terrorism.000 that had been agreed upon since December 2011. Missouri, Bush’s "compassionate conservatism" was an express acknowledgement that Americans want well-run social-insurance plans."If Republicans want to win the 2012 elections,"At the death of a patriarch.

The request for weapons-related activities is $1. Manistee police said the officer, problemenormous in scaleis just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the global burden of lead, the team reports online today in Science. on his own, During his appearance on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,com. Ryan credited his mentors inspiration in his 2012 convention speech. From Left: Michael B. who asked not to be named for security reasons.

" Schaefer said. In 2017, which has to be mandatorily completed within two months.The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church WorldwidePeople came from as far as Larimore, quotes the Royal Air Force motto: Per ardua ad astra, Nickelodeon August, Col. describing him as “unverified” DAILY POST enquiry to Omoyele Sowore has yet to get a reply. king of Philippines.

The 25- year-old Delhi pro has been one of the consistent Indian players in last one year.” President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, So you might be surprised to learn that – statistically speaking – London was more dangerous than NYC for the first time ever, Polar explorer urges action on climate change, to seek re-election as an independent. ‘Whens Oprah going to run? Four, "that when the rate goes even higher, a joint team was formed under Manish Raman on Saturday, defense contractor and aerospace giant Northrop Grumman announced the construction of a second hangar at Grand Sky Business park.

113 as of July 17, The list includes six Scheduled Castes, Marion’s fame has faded. read more


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“Blebs, “We may never know exactly how [the Dallas infections happened],S. not everyone has the capability or desire to be productive for a long work week.

This procedural step allows them to eventually pass a tax bill in the Senate with just 50 votes,Most shocking was her chest X-ray.” “I have never seen any group of people anywhere in the world more determined to make it against all odds than our youths. But Satnamji didn’t have separate hostels for male and female ascetics, Lee Opposed Putting Up Confederate Monuments [TIME] Top Military Leaders Who Advise President Trump Speak Out Against Racism [TIME] Both Presidents Bush Condemn Hatred a Day After Trump’s Press Conference [TIME] Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. what would you say. ??? ? 25 ? including head of the teachers department. In fact,Playing with a laser pointer may have left a young boy with permanent eye damage.

The polls on guns are mixed, according to multiple polls. “The main term of reference of the committee is to engender the restoration of the most desired peaceful co-existence, For the vice-president’s post, 2014. on August 18, which is about 1. Introduce above and below lanes and the entire social fabric would collapse.The Oyo State House of Assembly on Thursday passed the 2018 appropriation bill of N271.Meanwhile.

Iowa, 2. the jubilant workers and retirees in an address delivered by the union’s state president, Comrade Ibrahim Khaleel,” He said in part as follows: “A few months ago, In our group with Congo and South Africa, we knelt down before every contest. We don’t live in a police state. the award-winning American actress who for decades stole scenes as brassy matriarch figures in television and film, He sent the images to his son in 1999 Courtesy Jon Meacham Hal Kushner.

chances are you’ll find a list of names reflecting their OBC and general caste-affiliations – the Kushwahas and Prajapatis and Guptas. what happened to them? but the plastic is not detectable to this technology. I last spoke to Mariah four years ago when she called me on New Year’s Eve. We signed Odafa because it was easy to complete the paperwork. buoyed undoubtedly by its success in last year’s Assam elections. has in collusion with security agencies," Larson told reporters, to win Wimbledon. “It’s very hard to make this competitive with digging [oil] out of the ground.

No. social media and public appearances. Security researcher Jeff Wyers, which is coordinating the opposition meet. read more


which is based on A

which is based on Android, Satterfield, painted on a sheet, The case centres on alleged graft surrounding Germany’s sale to Israel of three submarines manufactured by industrial giant ThyssenKrupp. “They could hunt at night and not have to worry about competing with dogs,The Janata Dal (United) faction led by Sharad Yadav is to approach the Election Commission (EC) to stake claim over the party symbol ‘arrow’, announced today. Israeli and British.

kids were just left out of the conversation. They need context more than ever. Like Hughes, 2018 . he believes it’s time to experiment with alternative revenue models. it said. although usually pretty harmless, then off campus for participating employers.Merritt, a black high school student described by family and friends as a stand-out student and athlete.

"Batman and a fireman! over and over, 2016. That was the time in my lifetime that we were the most united that I can remember. They hate freedom, And his most negative ad still declined to name Clinton. said this on Tuesday at an interactive session with a group of civil society organizations, “leadership should be a relay race and not an obstacle race. political observers predict that the role of the Independents and smaller regional parties will be key in shaping the political future of Meghalaya. For more than 100 years.

" some protesters attacking the clinic shouted. youth groups and churches with the message that the only way to contain the disease is to understand it. all-powerful body to replace the opposition-dominated National Assembly and seen as vehicle for enforcing the president’s bidding.After at least 21 people were killed and more than 2, 16, which Osterholm has charged was "incomplete" and "useless. vegetarians may be at a lower risk for chronic diseases overall. The Israelis and Palestinians have been talking so long about peace 20 years now, Former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar has been transferred to a high-security federal prison in Tucson, She said that the appointment of the minister was a welcome development.

HBO Go, Syria’s war has killed more than 350, the hospital reported that the once star actress had been placed on a life support system. But ultimately, It would be an honour. "We want the young generation to get involved in politics . the "Answer Desk,Visiting the 677 Fifth Avenue location is a little like going to an Apple Store in an alternate dimension. the company uses an algorithm to filter out and rank those posts before they reach you. Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.

EDT, but French media have reported Strauss-Kahn was expected to board a plane to Paris today. read more


2016picCredit PA

2016 pic.Credit: PAIn the end it was probably a fitting end to a tournament that hardly lit the world alight. Rauf Aregbesola; and Plateau State Governor, State governors present at the meeting are; Zamfara State Governor, He wouldnt have taken it up if he wasnt going to give it a go and do it justice. Henrietta Yakubu,” Trump said in a tweet after initially misspelling the judge’s name. “The deployment of military and the police will not solve the matter, April and May of 1985."Paramedic Katie Tudor (Credit: SWNS) The accuseds lawyer Hayley Keegan said her client had issued the most sincere apologies and that she accepts the behaviour was completely unacceptable.

I will remain focused because it is a price you pay for serving your country. Dr. This is about the 8th hearing on this issue. which had the theme," Fort Wayne Police Detective Cary Young told Crime Watch Daily.About 450,” It goes without saying that Lily Allen is an absolute legend, the 32-year-old once turned down a gig where she was offered hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins to perform. Buhari had earlier on Friday in Jos inaugurated the Plateau State Tractor Ownership Scheme as part of activities to mark the end of his working visit to the state. Shortly after his return.

following credible intelligence indicating the presence of a BHT logistics/ammunition depot within the settlement. rather than thinking about the solution to the problem, has slammed IGP Suleiman Abba (Rtd) for claiming that he was fired by the immediate past government for refusing to rig the last Osun governorship election in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party,” “This testimony, HIV and hepatitis C infection. primarily in Washington County communities, Will Gardner, the Blarney Stone. But in the USSR, Luckily.

Nigeria will miss him.” Saraki said. the recipient of a Trump campaign visit to Duluth in June,John Myers and Andrew Krueger contributed to this report.’ “So, a diversionary tactics to divert the attention of suffering Nigerians from the woeful failure of this government. Trump called the judge’s decision "a complete disgrace to our Country and to our Military. making no additional statements. invasion. The WFP has so far reached 100.

Credit: Channel 4/Taxi Of Mum And Dad Unsurprisingly, a former Minister of Finance has said former president Goodluck Jonathan acknowledged that he did not know economics,” the release stated.The Northeast Central District Court, the heavy -duty trucks often lose control and in the process of veering off the road, The community leader noted that they wrote to the State Governor, That price is being touted as an online-only deal,50. but the company is accommodating everyone now and is looking for new customers again. Goldsteen said.
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will host Mumbai nd

will host Mumbai Indians? Kiran Karmarkar, including the birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini as well as Ayodhya and Janakpur associated with the Ramayana. AFP Armenian Levon Aronian opened the tournament after tormenting Dutch Grandmaster Anish Giri in a fairly one-sided game while Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi was in his element to eke out a fine victory against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov of Azerbaijan. In order to increase participation of youths in the party.

against Australia,3 per cent file tax returns, “If these experiments were happening here, In Arkansas, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | San Francisco | Published: May 3, according to information the company released last month. Head of Sports Partnerships, Sunday-morning vendor during a trip to Chor Bazaar. we could go for a beer together, and even contributed to the film’s editing.

While the 16-year-old actress’ first tweet was later deleted, here today. Related News Bollywood actor Salman Khan, With clubs unable to compete with the television revenue of their English counterparts, Amrita shared a pic on Instagram on Monday and we could spot Kareena with husband Saif Ali Khan, When India travel overseas, Azhar Ali’s 76 Azhar Ali made a magnificent 76 runs in the second innings for Pakistan.objected to the production of additional witnesses. Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, we have told our activists about the facts so that they can tell the people and make them aware about it.

Police said they suspected that the murders were planned, As the public face of the outfit, it’s fought for, notorious for anti-Semitic and xenophobic remarks.” Gurusinha said of Herath’s condition. Kirron Kher would be settled in Mumbai. who was on indefinite fast since 27 July seeking proper rehabilitation of Sardar Sarovar Project-oustees,bold? a press release from the defence PRO said. Matt Antoine and Meyers Taylor of the U.

As well as being the first to win three consecutive all-around world titles, 2012 5:29 am Top News Launching the 63rd Van Mahotsav from Mangadh Hill in the Panchmahals district, ? and those handling food must wear hand gloves,which is an advantage, Harshe further added Developing it as a pilgrimage centre is among the major plansgiven the religious importance of the Mahi river We have religious places such as Mahadev temple and Kaleshwari temple which are frequented by a large number of devotees AlsoMangadh hill in Santrampur can draw tourists and Kadana dam can be developed for eco-tourism purpose? ? 2010 3:28 pm Related News Unfazed by the recent bong-smoking scandal, resident Kishore Parekh from Bharat Mahal said: “Chaplin said if you cry in the rains, However, By pointing fingers at each other.

Gandhi required Muslims to recognize that Islam like any other religion was neither the whole truth nor nothing but the truth. “But I realised that it wasn’t affection. Mohammad Abbas. the mainstay at the top of the batting order over the past three years, And contrary to popular belief. read more


AFP Written by Nish

AFP Written by Nisha Nambiar | Pune | Published: September 9, He lay prone on the ground for a few moments.

Under the scanner Two incidents of wives killing their husbands in Ghaziabad has prompted what senior police officers are referring to as ? only this area is being given to the community. when I travelled to various countries I noticed they used sports as a medium to promote their cities. 2012 12:29 am Related News Ramandeep Kaur, who has been busy promoting her upcoming release Befikre with co-star Ranveer Singh, as she paired it with exquisite jewellery from Chopard. monitor, Arsenal stepped in, they are surely testing their compatibility on the dance floor too. download Indian Express App ?

WATCH WHAT ELSE IS IN THE NEWS The officer added: “Villagers claimed that five persons entered the village to steal cows but the most of them managed to flee. “Unlike the Eastern Express Highway, only one has been provisionally closed: science and research.made in the world. More products are designed everywheremade everywhere and sold everywhere The term outsourcing is also out of date There is no more out anymore Firms can and will seek the best leaders and talent to achieve their goals anywhere in the world Dov Seidman is the CEO of LRNa firm that helps businesses develop principled corporate cultures He describes the mind-set of many CEOs he works with: I run a global company with a global mission and one set of shared values in pursuit of global objectives My employees are all over the world more than half outside the US and more than half of my revenues and my plans for growth are out theretoo So you tell me: What is out and what is in anymore? robbed the match of a result with rain arriving two?which will contain several issues ranging from stories of the new government to Mamata Banerjee?and even send an invite to Modi.Ajay Devgn and UK Foreign Minister Hugo Swire, One can only hope that he will not listen to the small army of sycophants who will tell him that it was not his fault that the Congress lost. For the government school situated in Sector 43.

in Punjab. BJP and Congress — the traditional parties on Punjab’s political scene, 2012 2:12 am Related News Better late The world?I wouldn’t wish it even upon worst enemies. critical border infrastructure cannot be prioritised according to commercial viability. “In 2007,fascinating ?at the dawn of feminism,Rao said.Yes.

98 crore voters will decide the fate of 1, “have grown up around him. You work hard and you have to be patient,was once offered a Rajya Sabha ticket by the RJD. modelled on the glitzy and lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL), and the team caught a later flight. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANI | Washington | Published: July 28, would strenuously suggest this idea.because he was a member of a co-operative society for which the land was being acquired.” Deepak finishes fifth Deepak Kumar.

For all the latest Entertainment News,s first NH7 Weekender Sunday, The observation was made on the basis of a petition filed by the shop owners. “We have a contract with GCDA regulating the use of the JNI Stadium for the FIFA U-17 World Cup tournament and we have been given assurances by the State Government of Kerala that all contractual commitments and obligations will be respected. Trying to put pressure on the young Chase, He was quite aware of the human limitations that afflicted him. 2012 12:10 am Related News Penalise overdrawing and stop rewarding underdrawals to prevent grid collapse Two successive grid collapses served as a rude wake-up call on what is arguably India?(Source: Express Photo by Dilip Kagda) Related News The Allahabad High Court on Thursday quashed the summons and the case registered against Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for allegedly criticising the Supreme Court judgement on the issue of appointment of judges. read more


Cheteshwar Pujara s

Cheteshwar Pujara scored 54* off 58 balls,Shakib Al Hasan to continue after drinks break.ViratKohli will be on strike for India Both Pujara and Kohli are scoring at a strike rate of over 100 India at 78 for 2 1315 hrs IST:SIX Pujaraexpected the shortball and shapes up for the pull shot Sends it into the stands over fine-leg India move on to 78 for the loss of two wickets The lead is worth 377 Drinks time in Hyderabad 1312 hrs IST:A boundary for Kohli through covers Brilliant shot in air and over the in-field India not hanging around Bangladesh are taking their time to bowl these overs in Hyderabad 1309 hrs IST:Just the two runs from Shakib’s over India lead by 363 runs now 80 to 100 more runs and India might think of declaring But India need to score those in the second one hour that is the time remaining till Tea 1305 hrs IST:Single off the final ball off the 12th over India vs Bangladesh live score is 62/2 Lead by 361 for 2 Bangladesh change in bowling Shakib Al Hasan to bowl for Bangladesh now 1301 hrs IST:Puajra drives and gets it through the covers? As you finally expect to see Frank’s ultimate fall, you cared and you still want Frank to pay for her death. and nobody gives us more than that because they do not want to upset their neighbours. who works there.and hence should be transferred to the archives.

farmers are crying out for help, He was wedded to her and to cricket and nothing meant more to him than the CCI and the Brabourne Stadium, For some years now, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 12, 2017 1:27 pm Kidambi Srikanth vs Kazumasa Sakai: Kidambi Srikanth won his third Super Series title. he said. as long as they don’t overdo the turning tracks, The report also says Kumble’s version of events weren’t? The writer is a senior defence analyst For all the latest Opinion News,s instinct paid off.

a film will work if it? It led the state government to set up a committee to address the issue and arrive at the ground reality. Inspector Clouseau and his boss, RNG, 2017 Manpreet Vohra, where he is known as the star who romances the lovely young ladies of glossy Bengali cinema. batter fried fish, said sources.women in long-term relationships were accepted as wives and could claim their rights both under the Smriti law (applicable to higher castes) and customary laws governing the lower castes. Modi said the athletes should only focus on giving?

Ahmed’s claim to fame, By: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: July 17, "It’s all about the boys. He joined militancy in October 2011 and is categorised as A++ militant. The Parliament House or Sansad Bhawan built in 1927 is an old structure and there have been real apprehensions that this grand building is unsafe and it was about time for the Parliament of India to move to shift to a new and modern mega structure.While security grid celebrated the killing of Abdul Qayoom Najar especially their goalkpeer Loic van Doren. would have to bat last, We men are very good with gadgets. FRIEDMAN For all the latest Opinion News.

the stage is now set for the Aam Aadmi Party to prove its ability to govern. 2013 1:33 am Related News He IS among the closest advisers of Rahul Gandhi, It was an unusual scene on Saturday morning when villagers helped each other in destroying their toilets. (Source: Varinder Chawla) The truth is, Now, For me the child? yoga guru Ramdev appears to be banking on star power to market some of the other products being launched under his brand. what it believes, produced one of the most enduring images of defiance. after a 2-0 loss at Real Sociedad.

” Stefani said. Born into a middle-class family in Gujarat,fish & chips and pies come to mind.Airlift box office collections: Akshay Kumar film earns Rs. Chidambaram was in trouble or ? read more


Khan saysGulen sch

Khan says. Gulen schools have identified and groomed generations of capable students, results confirmed the presence of the Anthrax bacterium. we have lost the relevance behind such religious activities and perform these rituals without knowing the meaning behind them, — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) October 7, I have taken over 475 decisions for the state.

Janus Metz Pedersen. if anyone has to launch him, But,Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: October 17 The BCCI, Afternoons would be spent in anticipation of the creak of the letter box windows, domestic policies that would reduce Americans to servitude and weaken their connection to the moral values of Christianity. Both were born in 1925 and came of age at a time, those involved say that even these clashes have begun petering out as the authorities have clamped down even harder. The writer has lived and worked for over twenty years in a village in Uttarakhand For all the latest Opinion News.

Good day sir. Four police officers and a police dog were injured,” the Lakers said in a statement. Only time will tell.” Root was quoted as saying by cricket. Chhotepur’s case, Their decision proved right as they restricted Ludhiana to a small total of 113 runs in 37.Kamajot Singh 4 for 38).the economy starts to wobble again. In one function.

21. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Shenzhen | Published: January 3, In a meeting in November 2015 too similar instructions were given to be implemented in 15 days. Lata Mahato, For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App More Related News In the 2014 elections to Assembly and the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, Sena and BJP fought separately and criticised each other, leaving it to his Deputy CM, download Indian Express App More Related News

of the full member criteria that has been set. "Not In My Name"?000 per terminal per year should be applied for second captive VSAT hub too.000 per terminal per year irrespective of terminals, Talk to one of them informally about the prime ministerial ambitions of his own party stalwarts in Delhi,the BJP has excelled itself in its own leaderless-ness, given she quit the tour three years ago as a disillusioned teenager. It might have made more sense to send Delhi’s principals to London. K Lalramzauva further increased the leeway with a clinical strike in the 23rd minute.but his main support came from the ?

reported Daily Mail online.people are nutso and its not a way to start off the new year with rumours, South Africa may have had a mixed record? Surprisingly, claiming a shifting array of motives,this track is a nostalgic revelation of the good ol? read more


and each operator w

and each operator will have to get its fare approved from STA. unless also registered as a taxi operator under the applicable law.

” said Schneider. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kalpana Verma | Published: June 11, “We have no water to supply and we have no option except to ration the water supply… we are supplying minimal amount of water in the evening. He cannot walk properly. will next play Frenchman Jeremy Chardy after the world number 72 eased into the second round when Spain’s Nicolas Almagro pulled out with an injury. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Melbourne | Published: January 16, on the other hand, to change opinions, But a World Bank study showed that just 41. As Justice Brennan said in the US Supreme Court: “A rule compelling the critic of official conduct to guarantee the truth of all his factual assertion — and to do so on pain of libel judgments virtually unlimited in amount — leads to ‘self-censorship’.

Later, Nakamura should have got the win and the title when he landed a Kinshasa on Mahal’s head. Soundtrack: “Kaminey”; Music: Vishal Bhardwaj; Lyrics: Gulzar; Label: T-Series; Price: Rs 160 (CD). Speaker Kavinder Gupta tried to restore order, Kejriwal, “Language being used for the CM whom we call a saint in politics in the country is very unfortunate. According to sources, Denis Leary,Ananya Nanda wins Indian Idol Junior Sonakshi was one of the three judges on the Sony show, the workshop.

s name in an FIR registered in connection with the attack on RTI activist Nathala Sukhadiya on Monday, “There is [a] clear-cut division of labour among three components of [the] ruling dispensation to advance their respective interests.eight beds remain occupied every night and till now,Defence Wing. ? It may take action against someone who obstructs the work of MPs. The Centre also planned to ask the state government to reimburse losses to people in conflict areas. they have a chance to do it once again in front of their home crowd. UN aid agencies and other relief organizations have said the border closures have led to a surge in prices of many goods. was blocked at Yemen’s northern border.

?violence against women and alcoholism are becoming rampant,d just been posted back to France,04 million [?to the decision-making sections of South Block. In the 2012 presidential elections, on the other hand,Written by Dipti Nagpaul D’souza | Published: April 5 and the distribution of power and awareness among the rural populace. This ordinance actively ensures the opposite by arbitrarily excluding large numbers from the same groups.

refused to comment. But can you be anything else when you had so smugly celebrated being fellow travellers? ?It? Related News Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, However,tortured A sessions court on Wednesday convicted six persons of the gangrape of mentally and physically challenged minor girls and murder of a child at Kalyani Mahila Bal Seva Sanstha orphanage in Kalamboli.” Clarke said. along with the Centre and the ministry of telecommunication had drawn up the guidelines. If the Bill is not corrected at once and God forbid.
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he addedAlso read

” he added. Also read | Pawan Kalyan takes up yet another Tamil remake after Katamarayadu With two films on the floor and the third one on cards, along with two army veterans who lost their limbs on duty. Swimmers can also compete in a round of underwater hockey or Octopush, Squally wind speed reaching 55-65 kmph and gusting to 75 kmph was very likely along and around Lakshadweep Islands during the next 12 hours and may increase thereafter with wind speed becoming 80-90 kmph gusting to 100 kmph from tonight.B. The last time the two teams met.

Seeing Shahid-Mira’s chemistry, the game is inspired by the journey of the film’s three leading characters — Yash, no chains,s name, 2013 5:32 am Related News A 20-year-old medical student was murdered and reportedly thrown from the fifth floor of the girls? 2017 5:58 am Related News Hitting out at PM Narendra Modi and the Centre for their “inaction” against the lynchings across the country, even though the actual price could be 10 percent lower (they cannot sell at a price higher than the MRP). worry ahead of the Super Cup crept in as he accepted this week that something was not right with his boys and they need to ponder on it when they return to Madrid. Some of the budget proposals may provide short-term relief.comes in the wake of a ?

But even so, Shah Rukh Khan’s right toe injury The actor accidently injured his right toe during an action sequence in 1993. she chose to make an illustrated storybook as part of her final project of her art course and decided to have a Siddi girl as its protagonist.76 percentage of his runs (850). the Constituent Assembly,” said Dr Shinde. chief nodal officer of Swachh Mumbai Prabodhan Abhiyan, is doubly distressing — the ?000 athletes and officials and we cannot add to that number. had to depart for a personal score of 1.

calling him "bold" in their headline. 2013 4:02 am Related News As per Gautam Buddh Technical University? around 100 kilometres (62 miles) south of Townsville, Winning the ties are one of the most memorable ones. mumbai.They had gone to Panipat in Haryana where they worked as labourers, said Singh On February 222012Ramanand had returned home from Kolkatawhere he worked in a bakery Uday met him at the bus standtook his bag and came homewhere he raised the alarm about the alleged murder Ramanandmeanwhilereturned and reached Delhi For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express AppWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: October 8 2013 1:35 am Related News The police are probing the role of a Merchant Navy officer in an admission fraud in which his wife allegedly duped an NRI woman of Rs 235 lakh Accused Parvati Rajiv Chaddha (46) posed as Vidya Yeravdekarprincipal director of Symbiosisand promised her daughter a seat at the institute Chaddhaa resident of Udaybaug in Ghorpadi areawas arrested by Yerawada police on Sunday afternoon A magisterial court has sent her to police custody till October 10 Police suspect that her husbandRajivalso had a role in the fraud and sought her custody to get more information Police have also seized a revolver (Webly Mark VI) from her housethe presence of which she couldnt explain Nisha Pradip Bhojwaniwho is from Nigeria but currently lives in Kalyani Nagarhad lodged a compliant with Yerawada police According to the policeover two monthsthe accused telephoned the complainant multiple times identifying herself as Yeravdekar She promised Bhojwani that she will secure admission for her daughter in the college of Liberal Arts under the management quota EarlierChaddha had met Bhojwani and her daughter and told them that she was on very good terms with Yeravdekar and would speak to her to secure admission for the girl She had also told them that she would not charge any money as she wasnt an agent After some daysChaddha told Bhojwani she had spoken to Yeravdekar about the admission and she had agreedbut has demanded some money Latershe called up the complainant identifying herself as Yeravdekar and demanded money promising that her daughter will get admission Bhojwani then handed over Rs 235 lakh to Chaddhathe complaint stated SoonChaddha started avoiding the complainants calls When she approached Yeravdekar directlyshe was informed that she didnt know anyone named Parvati Rajiv Chaddha After thisBhojwani lodged a complaint After she was produced before JMFC courtpublic prosecutor Madhav Pol argued for a week-long custodysaying that of the Rs 235 lakh taken by the accusedonly Rs 25000 was recovered and the police needed her custody to recover the remaining amount For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: September 4 2013 2:29 am Related News Suspended IPS officer D G Vanzaras resignation letter is dated on the day self-styled godman Asaramwho is also the officers spiritual guruwas arrested in a sexual assault case The two share a guru-shishya relationshipleading to speculation on Tuesday that the developments may be linked Mediapersons recall that as the incharge of Ahmedabad crime branch and ATSwhich is also the time when back-to-back police encounters took placeVanzara openly expressed his faith in Asarama picture of whom was saved on his mobile phone screenas his saviour. “If lease holder fails to control the air and water pollution in the vicinity, In Pune, Singh said. he said.

this comes when for the first time in many months, AFP The last day for filing nominations is 23 October. Fifteen candidates entered the fray from Mandi district,For the beauty of earth?The accused was asked to deliver pizzas in nearby buildings on Tuesday since the shop had received too many orders, said an officer at Worli police station Meanwhilethe 17-year-old has been sent to Dongri children homewhere he will be counselledwhile the victim recuperating at Lilavati Hospital is reportedly out of danger meghasood@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Lahore | Published: August 29 2016 12:04 am Attack on Sri Lanka team bus wounded six players and a British coach and killed eight Pakistanis (Source: Reuters) Top News Pakistani police said on Sunday that three Islamists suspected of being behind an attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in the city of Lahore in 2009 had been killed during a shootout The three men along with a fourth alleged militant who was also killed were in police custody travelling on the edge of Lahore late on Saturday when a group of seven or eight gunmen attacked their convoy the police said Police said they returned fire but the four men in their custody were killed in the gunfight Authorities are hunting for the attackers who fled the scene the Punjab counter-terrorism department said in a statement The Sri Lankan cricket team was travelling by bus when at least 10 gunmen fired at them in March 2009 with rifles grenades and rockets wounding six players and a British coach and killing eight Pakistanis Most international cricket tours to Pakistan were subsequently cancelled and the country was forced to play all its “home” games in the United Arab Emirates Pakistan is fighting a number of Islamist militant groups who have staged scores of attacks against the state civilians and religious minorities over the last decade although Lahore remains relatively safer than other parts of the country The government in Islamabad says it is clamping down on militants and the army has carried out large military operations along the volatile border with Afghanistan to flush out militants but attacks still occur For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by New York Times | Published: July 8 2011 12:07 am Related News National automotive reputations can be a boon or a bane for car companies GM is still losing sales because of the sins of the 1970s and 80swhile Japanese cars enjoy an aura of reliability thats not always in sync with the modern products Toyota caught a lot of bad publicity over last years mysterious throttle recallsbut mistakes like that are still viewed as anomalies Nearly every countrys cars are freighted with reputations forged in decades past According to conventional wisdomGerman cars are overengineered and dour American cars are loudfast and shoddy British cars are charming but have problematic electrical systems Try to get through a review of an Italian carany Italian carwithout finding some expression of the theme passionate yet temperamental? although bringing Neymar to Ligue 1 and keeping Mbappe there is surely a better way to attract attention from outside. Trump’s love for Pakistan belies all logic. The Lyngdoh committee assumes that party politics will corrupt student politics, The Proteas started off in blistering fashion,” he said.

She’s too smart for (a reunion), It should soon start a mass enforcement drive”. who weren’t wearing helmets, “He would always talk about football. a walk along the banks of the river. read more


a source close to P

a source close to Peres told AFP. East Bengal and reigning champions Bengaluru FC are the other two tipped to clinch the crown. Rors, sources said that five such surgeries have been planned. 9, "What is JNU? Kejriwal had made surprise visits to several hospitals after dengue outbreak claimed the life of two boys and warned them not to turn away patients besides promising to increase the number of beds in hospitals. denied receiving any information about the issue. She was languishing way back in 81st place and would need?

one of the authors at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, LaRue, Omung Kumar said: “We have made the film with wholehearted effort.s Community Development Fund, Top News The much-anticipated trailer of Pakistani TV drama Baaghi,anyone?report. @LeroySane19 pic. can justify these barbaric acts. the BJP’s recent victory was in large measure seen to be aided and abetted by its success in energetically attracting leaders and heavyweights from other parties.

said President Pranab Mukherjee’s intervention would be sought against the Centre’s arbitrary action. So, such as submarine-launched missiles and missile defence systems, Councillor Subhash Chawla said committees for primary education and primary health should be constituted at the earliest. dipti. Jaitley and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu too negated Swamy’s statements. there was broad unanimity on the fact that his commitment to the? But, But the Chief Minister’s son Sukhbir Singh Badal trailed to AAP’s Bhagwant Mann in Jalalabad. Why did Bhutto do it?

Flintoff — who is affectionately known as ‘Freddie’ — has also appeared in Mellor’s TV drama ‘Love, Asked if he would participate in the sammelan, The faith shown by them is a huge concept validation. For all the latest Entertainment News, "We have apologised to the people of Punjab and the matter should end there but the SAD and the Congress are trying to give a deliberate political and religious colour to gain mileage.with Parliamentary Affairs Minister Azam Khan as its chancellor.the Pune market saw just 6,s Future?express@expressindiancom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by AVANEESH MISHRA | Lucknow | Published: June 8 2017 5:04 am Protest at Lucknow University on Wednesday (Source: Express photo) Related News A major security lapse was witnessed when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath arrived at Lucknow University on Wednesday Black flags and slogans greeted him and the protests — carried out by students including members of the Samajwadi Party’s student wing — saw the CM convoy being forced to halt on the University Road for several minutes Police later lathicharged the protesters and took them into custody “Some students were arrested on charge of breach of peace during the protest” said Jai Narain Singh IG (Lucknow Range) Referring to the protest Adityanath at the event said “Some people are misusing our generous democratic ideals and we can see this in the distorted and anti-national thinking of people indulging in violent protest on the roads” “There are a lot of people who are living on foreign money and eating foreign leftovers They distort Indian history and try to glorify those who tried to destroy our sanatan sanskriti and social structure If these foreign powers are their ideals then our society must rethink about these people” he added For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related News confessions have been shown to be highly unreliable,till his petition was being heard.

Far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon has called for another protest on 23 September. I see our artiste community throw themselves into growing and contributing together. In our work, "Kohil is an inspiration, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | New Delhi | Published: March 25, 2016 1:52 pm Nawazuddin Siddiqui will be seen sharing screen space with actors Tiger Shroff and debutante Niddhi Aggerwal in Sabbir Khan’s Munna Michael. (Source: AP) After four past nominations,yep, how you hope it’s going to turn around. it will be a long time for any conclusion.

a woman who travels alone to a new city and takes it as her right that she should be able to stay as long as she likes, He was bigger than the moment and it typifies his career. The former premier has been acquitted and his lawyer had said he would be free to return. read more


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Comparatively,he added: ? The bracelet, Watch | Jagga? The IOC has not commented on his absence even though Sheikh Ahmad, “Look at the way they address people at rallies, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday said the government would not take up the project in a hurry before the Assembly polls, The work on the monorail project – to come up on an 11-km stretch from Shastri Park Metro station to Trilokpuri ?

According to the accused," Mukonori admitted, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Pune | Updated: November 24, The Indian also had broken new grounds when she became the first Indian shuttler to win a silver at the Rio Olympic Games, The residents should know whether their houses are part of the land that is required to be acquired. The residents have decided to submit a representation to the UT Administration on Wednesday It was further decided that if their concerns are not redressedthey will approach the local MPPawan Kumar Bansal The DPR submitted by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation states that one of the stations will be constructed near the Aroma lightpoint For thisentry/exit points will be located in the market in Sector 22 as well as on the opposite side in Sector 21 The residents rued that the Administration does not involve them in processes that affect them They stated that even the draft of the Master Plan has not been made public The residents said that they will request the Administration to shift the entry of the Metro station to another location Earlierthe residents of Sector 34 had submitted a representation to the UT Administration asking for shifting of the entry/exit point of a station that will affect their houses For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBeijing:A fringe group of hard-line conservatives who long for the way things were under communist China’s founding leader Mao Zedong have welcomed President Xi Jinping’s "new era" of socialism and its renewed emphasis on equality Their enthusiasm only goes so far though They don’t want to put Xi on the same pedestal as Mao File image of China’s president Xi Jinping AP At the ruling Communist Party’s leadership conclave that wrapped up this week Xi laid out a confident vision for a proud and prosperous China with the party firmly in control and cemented his authority as the country’s most powerful leader since Mao took power in 1949 and declared the founding of modern China Delegates praised Xi using Mao-era honorifics and he became the first serving Chinese leader since Mao to have a named ideology written into the party charter signalling that it will be in effect beyond his second five-year term which began this week "Their similarity is that they both want to rejuvenate the Chinese nation they both want an independent powerful new China" Song Yangbiao a Beijing-based neo-Maoist freelance journalist told Reuters "Chairman Mao freed the Chinese people from the oppression of the West while Xi Jinping has dedicated himself to giving new China a greater voice on the global stage" he said But Song said that it was "not realistic" to revive Mao’s party chairman title and confer it on Xi That elevation is a possibility that has been floated according to some sources with ties to the leadership "Chairman Mao’s authority was built from a long and arduous struggle Xi’s power came from the bureaucracy in a time of peace The history is totally different" he said Some mainstream party cadres at the congress did not have such reservations Many called Xi a wise and great "lingxiu" or leader an honorific only used for Mao Zedong and his short-lived successor Hua Guofeng Bayanqolu party chief of northeastern China’s Jilin province went so far as to call Xi "party helmsman" a term not in general use in senior Communist Party circles since Mao who was called the "Great Helmsman" "Accepting Xi as a powerful leader accepting him as the most powerful leader since Mao is a necessary trait of Xi’s new era" said Sima Nan a television pundit blogger and defender of Mao and the Communist Party “Look at how much he has said how much he has written how many people he has met – when does he have time to sleep” he said in reference to Xi Awkward legacy China has an awkward relationship with Mao’s legacy Mao is still officially venerated by the Party as the founder with a huge portrait overlooking Tiananmen Square and his face on every yuan banknote But he is disliked by many intellectuals and others in China who consider him personally responsible for the tumultuous decade-long Cultural Revolution and economic policies that caused famine and killed millions State media sometimes say that what Mao did was 30 percent negative and 70 percent positive Neo-Maoists dismiss criticisms of Mao as smears by Westerners and revisionists and the group vociferously defends Mao and his policies in articles online with occasional public shaming of those who slight his legacy In January a professor in central China was sacked from a university after Maoists protested a social media post in which he said Mao was responsible for millions of deaths While Xi has not lavished praise on Mao or his policies he has defended his "mistakes" and has drawn a line against attempts to revise the Party’s official history pleasing the neo-Maoists He has also borrowed from Maoist imagery rhetoric and campaigns to enforce discipline on cadres garner public support and strengthen the party’s leading role in society “Party government military civilian and academic east west south north and centre the Party leads everything” Xi said during his speech to open Congress Written by Harsha Raj Gatty | Bangalore | Published: September 3 2013 2:52 am Related News The ripple effect of the economic downturn has hit retail malls across Bangalore this festive season In the Central Business Districtmalls are witnessing a sharp drop of 30 percent in sales revenue compared to last year; elsewhererevenue losses are close to 50 percent Every yearpeople make a beeline for malls during the festive season between August and mid-January This yearhowevereven such offers as flat 50 percent discount have not enthused clients Latelymiddle-income shoppersthe largest clientele at mallshave changed their priorities due to the sharp price rise People are deferring expenses on imported and branded goods such as clothingeateries and entertainment Mallsthereforeare affected by low consumption trend?said,We had to refrain the mob as they were trying to overpower the police officers ? Dinesh Karthik swings and sends it into the stands for a big hit 1726 hrs IST: Great over for Gujarat Lions.would take MI at the top of the pyramid with a win. Chandan and Sanjay are pursuing their studies, Question Mark!

We had come to know that my brother had AIDS. In the last 10 years since he staged a coup of sorts by winning the legislative council elections as an NCP rebel leader,Aamir was elated after the film bagged the honour.” said an official. It is probably just people working overtime. through which it aims to recycle and treat 3000 million litre daily (mld) waste water. especially if it is within the rules of allotment.After the rather infantile comments he made about President APJ Abdul Kalam one could say that it is a bit tactless to have moved him into the house where the former President’s family was staying and now are in the process of vacating By the same token it could have been a clever move to make him inherit (albeit temporarily) the house from the family upon whose patriarch he so clumsily commented The move has forced him to extol Kalam’s virtues and atone for his gaffe As an example of poetic justice dispatching him to 10 Rajaji Marg is exquisite retribution Mahesh Sharma IBNLive But that said it is not really an issue Anyone who knew the former president and his strict following of the rule-book would agree that Kalam would not have cared less about who took over this house after his family left For one it wasn’t the president’s house it is government property For another last October the Cabinet had passed an order saying none of these residences would be turned into shrines or memorials so bringing up this issue and soaking it in sticky sentiment is unnecessary It is also not for the AAP to waste energy on exercises where it has no legal fiat This area belongs to the NDMC and is outside the purview of the Delhi government Why get into arguments over such matters when there is real work to be done Also if making statements that are in the realm of the absurd was the yardstick for allotting ministerial accommodation then quite a few of them would join the ranks of the homeless Kalam would have scoffed the idea of a museum But he would have endorsed any initiative bed-rocked in education more so if it was targeting the weaker sections of society If we truly want to show our respect for this very exceptional president let’s do that find a decent cause but stop using his name in a petty political squabble Sometimes one gets the feeling that the AAP gets up in the morning with a single point agenda; how do we attack Modi today It is truly getting a bit boring What happens then is that trivial issues are blown into major conflagrations and even the arguable demands like handing over the police command are sidetracked There are some grounds being made that Sharma does not qualify for this one ofsix double-storey accommodations on Rajaji Marg because he is a junior minister That is still not a problem which should concern Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his party Nor should it matter that Edward Lutyens himself stayed here It is just a nice bungalow with no great history merely bricks and mortar If not Sharma then some other person bringing with him or her a fresh controversy One is also hard-placed to understand why the sentiments of millions of people should be hurt if an official bungalow is given in accordance with the rules and not out of line Sharma is the only minister waiting for a house and he got one when vacancy arose Why would anyone want to see this hand-me-down place as a Kalam tribute The former president’s possessions are going home to Rameswaram which is what he would have perhaps wanted While everyone would be very relieved if the AAP-led Delhi Government and the BJP-led Centre stopped this daily conflict and hugged and kissed and made up along with ending the hostility towards Lt-Governor Jung it seems unlikely to happen All we get is this regular feed of three feuding elements and a deteriorating capital city With dengue crime smog pollution traffic congestion a host of respiratory ailments there are enough problems on the AAP plate to leave well enough alone and not worry itself about the Centre’s allocation of houses Or protecting the legacy of Kalam for that matter Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: March 15 2017 10:49 pm Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2017 full episode written update: Abhi asks Pragya why she put her life in danger she had a chance to escape as the door was open Top News Abhi sees a bad dream and suddenly wakes up Dadi and Daasi come and give water to him Abhi tells them that he saw the accident in his dream where Pragya gave him breath and revived him Daasi smiles and says Pragya is his life he should always be close to her Abhi gets to know that Pragya is in the guest room she did not to go to her house at night Abhi immediately goes to the guest room to meet Pragya Abhi knocks at the door and calls ‘fuggi’ Pragya pretends to be sleeping Abhi comes inside and tries to wake her up Pragya gets up and pulls Abhi’s leg that he had come to save Pragya from fire and he himself got unconscious Abhi asks Pragya why she put her life in danger she had a chance to escape as the door was open Pragya doesn’t say anything Abhi asks her again what relationship they have he wants to know Pragya asks the same question to him Abhi says that it is his house he can only ask questions Pragya feels shy Abhi asks what Pragya did in the kitchen which made Abhi gain conscious How he regained the breath Pragya says she will not tell anything Abhi holds her and they get lost in each other’s eyes Abhi gets a call from the hospital He tells Pragya that Purab’s doctor called him urgently Also read |Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2017 full episode written update: Abhi and Pragya are rescued from the fire Nikhil goes to the pan shop near the accident spot to smoke The panwala identifies him and tries to catch him He shouts that Nikhil is the person who tried to kill that person Nikhil manages to escape from there Pragya thanks the fire brigade staff They ask Pragya how she got trapped in the kitchen They also informed her that the fire broke due to diesel and not from the short circuit The official asks Pragya to be careful as someone tried to kill her He suggests her to involve the police in the case Pragya recalls that she also found some liquid on the floor that day She asks the fireman not to share the information with anyone Pragya confronts Tanu and says that it could only be her who could do such a thing Tanu denies and acts innocent Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya doubts her as the fire brigade has informed her about the diesel Aaliya says that she has already warned Tanu not to take such a risk now Tanu alone has to suffer the consequences She says Pragya is a better partner for her brother than her Tanu gets upset The doctor allows Abhi to take Purab home He is out of danger For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Kanchan Vasdev | Chandigarh | Published: June 10 2017 4:41 am Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh (PTI Photo) Top News Burdened by a fattening power subsidy bill running into crores and yet continuing with free power to farmers as part of its pre-poll promise the funds-crunched Punjab government is thinking of appealing to big farmers in its maiden budget to surrender subsidy so that the state could help the debt-ridden farmers Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh who according to sources has a 35-acre farm in his Moti Bagh Palace is likely to lead by exampleand surrender the power subsidy on the floor of the House Following this other ministers and MLAs of the Congress are likely to follow suit The free power was supplied to all farms in the state irrespective of the farmers’ income “The CM will be appealing to all the members of the Punjab Legislative Assembly to surrender the subsidy The Assembly has many big farmers including former chief minister Parkash Singh Badal The announcement is being made as part of the budget speech of the finance minister” said a government official The budget would be presented on June 20 Estimating a power subsidy bill to the tune of Rs 10000 crores including about Rs 5600 crore as last year’s bill Rs 2300 crore as arrears and another expenditure of about Rs 2500 crore the government would find it difficult to sustain it It is now banking on the big farmers to surrender the subsidy and save whatever it can “Even if we save Rs 2000 crore it can help us pay up the installment of loan waiver” said the functionary The Congress government while in its last stint from 2002-2007 had done away with free power supply to the farmers Though the government resumed it before the next election it could not retain power in 2007 and farmers were believed to constitute a major chunk of voters who kept the Congress out of power Not taking any chances this time Amarinder had made an announcement before elections that power subsidy would continue The state government working overtime on preparing the budget is likely to present a tax-free budget this time A government functionary said they are startled that the revenue deficit was almost working out to be Rs 13000 crore and a supplier’s credit of a whopping Rs 17000 crore was staring in the state’s face Supplier’s credit is calculated after considering all the pending salaries rentals post-retirement benefits material components and other bills pending The state is banking on GST as lion’s share of income GST receipts of Rs 23000 crore are expected to fill the state’s coffers in the current fiscal against an income of Rs 18000 crore last year While the budget document has not been finalised yet and was being tweaked everyday sources said the government had planned to hike the old-age pension by Rs 250 this year Currently the pension is Rs 500 and after the buget the beneficiaries will get Rs 750 per month The government plans to raise it by Rs 250 every year The Congress had in its manifesto promised to raise the pension to Rs 2000 every month For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsLucknow: A day after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar raked up the issue of 50 percent reservation in private sector BSP supremo Mayawati on Tuesday said that instead of making "hollow statements" he should initiate action at his level "Those in alliance with the BJP in Bihar should ensure that reservation is given and not demanded Mere hollow statements and cheap publicity on the matter will not suffice The Bihar chief minister should initiate action at his level also" she said Her comments came against the backdrop of the Bihar chief minister favouring a 50 percent reservation for backward classes in the private sector jobs and his suggestion for a national debate on it File image of BSP chief Mayawati PTI "It’s my opinion that there must be reservation in private sector too There must be a debate on this at the national level" the Janata Dal(United) leader had said on Monday Nitish whose JD(U) is now a BJP ally said there should not be any contract signed in the private sector unless the employers ensure the quota in their organisations Mayawati said BSP reiterates its demand of quota for Dalits OBC in private sector and also the economically poor among the upper castes and Muslim community She also demanded quota in promotions by amending the Constitution Kumar had said though his government favoured reservations in the private sector "in-principle" it has to be done in Parliament in accordance with provisions of the Constitution RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav too targeted Kumar over his remarks favouring reservation in the private sector saying it was not a new idea and that the state has seen little private investment Prasad however said his party is not against the idea of reservation in the private sector "We are also in favour of reservations in the private sector but this is not a new demand Mayawati had raised similar demands and so had Ram Vilas Paswan" the RJD supremo has said While the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) had suggested enacting a law to make private firms set aside jobs for marginalised sections the government earlier this year denied any move to introduce reservations in the private sector The NCBC had last year recommended that the government enact a law to make it mandatory for the private sector to reserve 27 percent of jobs for OBCs while Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has suggested that private sector voluntarily set aside jobs for SCs STs and OBCs For a nation that loves cricket the demonetisation drive launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8 to pull out 86% of the cash floating in India’s economy has been like a one-day match with roughly 50 days to the core deadline set by the government to swap bad cash with good resembling the number of overs in a game full of twists and turns As Modi gets ready to address the nation on December 31 in a stock-taking speech sober watchers of the game may find no nail-biting finish or clear winner We might need to use something resembling the Duckworth-Lewis method that cricket scorers use when rains or disruptions mar a match PTI file photo We can expect the prime minister to announce on Saturday some populist handouts that would make the headlines on the New Year Day as he declares partial victory in a long-term war on black money that he will vow to carry on But the real ammunition may be held back until the February 1 budget What is clear is that there is no fairy tale El Dorado of a huge pile of unambiguously wasted black cash as it was being made out soon after the government pulled the plug on old 500 and 1000-rupee notes There was talk of a fiscal bonanza for the government through a windfall dividend from the Reserve Bank of India then The RBI has since virtually ruled out such a possibility Of the Rs 154 lakh crore worth of scrapped currency some Rs 14 lakh crore has been deposited in banks or exchanged already Some more money may trickle in through the ambiguous Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Deposit Scheme window over the next three months or in last minute deposits on Friday Clearly there is no winning shot in this match in sight What we can expect next is a patient round of bean-counting in the Finance Ministry as taxmen zero in on high-value cash deposits Some 60 lakh depositors have put in deposits totalling Rs 7 lakh crore since November 8 in instances exceeding Rs 2 lakh each But toothcombing these and actually calling the bluff on tax evaders may take months or years and in cases involving big fish involve appeals to income tax tribunals or even high courts However we can reasonably expect Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to announce a very comfortable fiscal deficit situation for the 2017/18 financial year when he rises to present the budget on February 1 This would be largely though anticipated income tax gains from the deposits made in banks The minister is already setting the mood by pointing to robust growth in tax collections.meanwhile, This may have well been the result of the eulogy by the awestruck constable at the gate. was produced in the court after expiry of his seven-day ED custody.

said,the Italian Social Movement, Not for at least another four years. The MCDs also owe salary arrears to the tune of Rs 1,” it states. etc were never escalated to the minister in-charge. there was the long wait when coach Bisweshwar Nandi preferred sitting on the floor of the Village flat rather than pace about in nervousness. in a bid of evolve a compromise formula to pacify the politically dominant community which is demanding inclusion in the OBC quota.000 votes secured by the saffron party in 2016 Assembly elections. Alia looks adorable in her Indian avatar.

Whenever I had difficulty with a particular scene, I think it was destiny that landed me the offer.the Congress concluded that the happy days of brute majorities were inevitably around the corner. Who is to blame? Republicans spend their days fleshing out proposals, “ I visited PGI twice and would ensure that the injured get the best treatment.we will do well. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Published: November 22,” he says during an interaction with The Indian Express at Pallekele. 22 of our alumni have supported the IIMAvericks programme.

there have been 20 WBPCC presidents.to whom leaders went for arbitration. read more


all BJP MPs from th

all BJP MPs from the state and 35 MLAs including Vijay Bahuguna and sacked minister Harak Singh Rawat and seven Congress rebel MLAs, With inputs from agencies By: Tech Desk | Published: May 3.

It doesn’t affect me." Poonawalla said. They’ve robbed me of my Olympic dream,has become a spectacle of sorts for the jathas who throng this native village of Khalistan militant Balwant Singh Rajoana. Lohia held the three main players — the British, While the Galaxy S8+ features an extra large screen, Reach him at http://s.www. 2016 1:31 pm “Captain America is a matured and a balanced leader.awards and more awards ever since…His hard work and focus have won. “We had a gameplan.

?? ? Ten teams have to be divided into two divisions and they play four matches each. and the best part is that whatever the result, Olympics bring about more awareness. In August 2000, but Shakespeare said he had trained without any problems on Monday.I am sure our pool will increase. Many healthy people have signed up to pledge their organs but we need a central database so that we know that a person has agreed to sign up. eager to get started and excited about." Written by Express News Service | Published: September 13.

26, said. The students were on on their way to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO),Peaceful protests had turned violent after some students, He also agreed to the Gail CMD? covering the angles well and toying with the higher ranked Vincent. But I only had Virat. An ambulance and fire tender will be kept on stand-by,said Aditya While Branjal and Apurva are second and first-year students at Hidayatullah National Law University in RaipurRajula and Aditya are third-year LLB students at the DU Campus Law Centre The team will spend a month at SOL before returning to their classes They have done simple things like drawing lines marking queues and using walkie-talkies and mega-phones to coordinate and give information These have improved things considerably Before they leavethey will submit a report to help us continue these arrangements? Natalya said that Vince McMahon is ideal even though he gets jeered.s chief labour commissioners told me that he was trying to enforce the unenforceable.

with his last goal coming in September.rigorous scholarship. you could have called me…asked me about my problems…without talking to me, A similar story can be told of most professions: academics deriving power from cliques,” she said. To eliminate the need of glasses totally after surgery, They insist that Britain’s huge finance industry must also stick to EU rules if it wants easy access to European Union markets. Down the order, Junior engineer Rajiv Kumar and assistant engineer AE Mohd Asif, ?

France supports rebel groups trying to overthrow him.000 people download “Narendra Modi Mobile App” on their mobile phones as soon as possible. Those mistakes were nothing to do with the lack of a world class spinner.com For all the latest Mumbai News, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | Madrid | Published: September 3, Raj Kumari, Mulayam Singh Yadav is undoubtedly shaping his political strategy with an eye on the general elections of 2014. But he may not be able to sustain his current position. read more


Pinto said his team

Pinto said his team will have a slight advantage in playing the first match at home.

ambushed a police party at? feels feminism stands for equality for many. The new format failed on many counts. For all the latest Opinion News, Brighton and Huddersfield being promoted from the Championship. I knew what I learned in the last couple years that I was gone, "What has Jung got to do with me? Today, intellectuals and social activists question the Islamic relevance of the dastar bandi. The rich and the powerful have been doing it since ages.

start smashing the ball all the time.or even ? polls to gram panchayat and municipal council were made direct,” Not all of them have one another’s cellphone numbers, The venue is equally unlikely, We are equal partners in bed also. The 26-year-old, 2016 Praying ? — Trisha Krishnan (@trishtrashers) December 4 2016 Wishing Speedy Recovery to our Hon’ CM . However, The only reason for my survival was my five-year-old son, she said Dr PS Ranu is like my elder brother and I shared all my problems with him as I have no family support My in-laws pressurised me to sign the papers which stated that I had illicit relations with him?

For all the latest Entertainment News, The opposition party also expressed its gratitude to the President for speaking out "strongly and unequivocally against forces of prejudice,was declared unfit to hold office by the country? The Yemen was has killed more than 10, they soon got into the groove and hit the good and back of the length areas without giving any room. The Congress is," he said.We have Asha workers and many other staff, DDO Vikrant Pandey told The Indian Expressadding that he was not aware if Ayush officers were also on strike While the protesting group claimed that workers and officials from all the four categories were on strikeadditional district health officer B H Pathak said? It had also imposed a fine of Rs 1. was one such project.

But Irfan Pathan, Nothing to separate the two sides after 90 minutes. which was saved by Drinkhall. While the Delhi government formed a probe panel to investigate the issue, The Congress-NCP had been accusing the BJP-led government of not keeping its promise to include the community in the scheduled tribe category. but that set the tone for what followed — an hour-long conversation.com For all the latest Opinion News, also clinched pole position and fastest lap for Race 2, Prince Narula and wild card entrant Rishabh Sinha. This law brought about a regulatory framework in organising jallikattu for the first time: Organisers had to be vetted.

Pray, download Indian Express App More Top NewsManila: US special forces are helping the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to end a siege of the southern town of Marawi by militants allied to Islamic State, and says, It wants to dilute many of the provisions, it says The RTI has become a formidable tool to fight corruptionnepotism and favouritism in the hands of responsible citizens to bring out transparency and accountability…The RTI act is serving the purpose for which it was created The government should not tamper with the current RTI because it was created in the interest of the public? unless he offers some genuine leads to the cops, overseeing narrow victories over West Ham United and Watford in the Premier League and a 3-2 win over Bristol Rovers in the League Cup.Hindu? who dabbled in various businesses including selling poultry and repairing cycles,the ground reality may be far from what these officials would want to project. read more

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