David Suzuki Talks Citizen Science

first_img“Canada’s Centre for Biodiversity Genomics at the University of Guelph has the genomes of more than 265 thousand named species identified with barcodes in its database,” says David Suzuki. “The cost to analyze a sample against this free public database is about $10.”There is a systematic inventorying of the world’s biodiversity taking place, says Suzuki, and citizen science is taking advantage of it. Take, for example, children in San Diego.In an effort to collect four thousand samples of local bug life, children in San Diego are borrowing genetic testing kits from libraries and, using the LifeScanner app, uploading their data for the city’s Barcode of Life project to identify all life on Earth. The goal is to provide insight into biodiversity and environmental health. Once the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics does the genetic sequencing, the children can see the genetic barcodes of the bugs they found and compare them to others.Another citizen science project is focused on fish identification to address the problem of mislabelled seafood. Working with SeaChoice, of which the David Suzuki Foundation is a member, and LifeScanner, some 300 Canadians “will get testing kits, buy seafood, collect data and images and return samples in a provided envelope,” says Suzuki. “Samples will be analyzed and coded, with results posted online.“With the help of citizen scientists, genetic testing can offer a powerful approach to righting environmental wrongs. The same approach could work in areas such as testing for antibiotics, pesticide and mercury residues and more.”Learn more about what Citizen Science is doing here.Copyright ©2017Look to the Starslast_img read more


Hot Docs 2017 Award Winners Announced

first_imgEmerging Canadian Filmmaker AwardFrançois Jacob for A Moon of Nickel and Ice (Canada)Sponsored by Jameson First Shot, the award includes a $3,000 cash prize courtesy of Hot Docs.Screening Sunday, May 7 at 10:15 a.m. at Scotiabank Theatre 3.Best International Feature Documentary AwardThe Other Side of the Wall (D: Pau Ortiz; P: María Nova López, Emiliano Altuna, Tatiana García, Carlos Rossini; Spain)Sponsored by Panicaro Foundation, the award includes a $10,000 cash prize courtesy of Panicaro Foundation.Screening Sunday, May 7 at 1:00 p.m. at the Aga Khan Museum.Special Jury Prize – International Feature DocumentaryA Cambodian Spring (D&P: Chris Kelly; UK)Sponsored by A&E, the award includes a $5,000 cash prize courtesy of Hot Docs.Screening Sunday, May 7 at 6:15 p.m. at Toronto Centre for the Arts.Emerging International Filmmaker AwardEgil Håskjold Larsen for 69 Minutes of 86 Days (Norway)The award includes a $3,000 cash prize courtesy of Hot Docs.Screening Sunday, May 7 at 3:30 p.m. at the Aga Khan Museum.Best Mid-Length Documentary AwardDeath in the Terminal (D: Asaf Sudry, Tali Shemesh; P: Asaf Sudry, Tali Shemesh, Alma Har’el; Israel)The award includes a $3,000 cash prize courtesy of Hot Docs.In the Best Mid-Length Documentary category, the jury also acknowledged the film The Lives of Thérèse (D: Sébastien Lifshitz; P: Muriel Meynard; France), with an honourable mention.Best Short Documentary AwardSovdagari (D: Tamta Gabrichidze; P: Ilia Tavberidze; Georgia)The award includes a $3,000 cash prize courtesy of Hot Docs.Hot Docs is an Academy Award® qualifying festival for short documentaries and, as winner of the Best Short Documentary Award, Sovdagari will qualify for consideration in the Documentary Short Subject category of the annual Academy Awards without the standard theatrical run, provided it complies with Academy rules.In the Best Short Documentary category, the jury also acknowledged the film Volte (D: Monika Kotecka, Karolina Poryzała; P: Ewa Jastrzebska; Poland), with an honourable mention.Outstanding Achivement AwardPresented by the Hot Docs Board of Directors to Tony Palmer.Doc Mogul AwardPresented to Monique Simard, president and CEO of SODEC by the Hot Docs Board of Directors at a special awards luncheon on Monday, May 1.Don Haig AwardMontreal-based producer Daniel CrossThe award includes a $10,000 cash prize courtesy of the Don Haig Foundation and Telefilm Canada.Don Haig Award Pay It Forward PrizeToronto-based filmmaker Kalina BertinAs part of the award, the recipient can name an emerging female documentary filmmaker to receive a $5,000 cash prize, courtesy of Telefilm Canada, and professional development opportunities at the Hot Docs Festival to further her career path.Lindalee Tracey AwardThe award, honouring an emerging Canadian filmmaker with a passionate point of view, a strong sense of social justice and a sense of humour, was presented to Thyrone Tommy for his film Mariner. The recipient will receive a $5,000 cash prize courtesy of the Lindalee Tracey Fund, $5,000 in post-production services from Technicolor, and a beautiful hand-blown glass sculpture by Andrew Kuntz, specially commissioned to honour Lindalee.The feature and short length Audience Awards will be announced on Monday, May 8. The winner of the $50,000 Rogers Audience Award for Best Canadian Documentary will be announced on Sunday, May 7, at 7:00 p.m. followed by a free screening of the film.The Canadian Feature Documentary Jury: Claire Aguilar (Director, International Documentary Association), Ian Darling (filmmaker), Min Sook Lee (filmmaker)The International Feature Documentary Jury: Hubert Davis (filmmaker), Kyoko Miyake (filmmaker), Christine Vachon (filmmaker)The Mid-Length Jury: Maya Gallus (Hot Docs 2017 Focus On honouree), Eric Hynes (journalist, film critic and programmer), Nanfu Wang (filmmaker)The Shorts Jury: Mike Plante (filmmaker and festival programmer), Michelle Latimer (filmmaker, programmer, actor, activist), Anne Thompson (editor, Indiewire/founder, Thompson on Hollywood) Facebook Twitter Advertisement At the Hot Docs Awards Presentation, hosted by Garvia Bailey, host of Good Morning Toronto! on Jazz.FM91, 12 awards and $67,000 in cash and prizes were presented to Canadian and international filmmakers, including awards for Festival films in competition and those recognizing emerging and established filmmakers.Best Canadian Feature Documentary AwardUnarmed Verses (D: Charles Officer; P: Lea Marin; Canada)Sponsored by the Documentary Organization of Canada and Telefilm Canada, the award includes a $10,000 cash prize courtesy of Telefilm Canada.Screening Saturday, May 6 at 3:15 p.m. at TIFF Bell Lightbox 1.Special Jury Prize – Canadian Feature DocumentaryResurrecting Hassan (D&P: Carlo Guillermo Proto; Canada, Chile)Sponsored by the Directors Guild of Canada and DGC Ontario, the award includes a $5,000 cash prize courtesy of Hot Docs. 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Iraq should provide more evidence of substance chief UN inspector says

In a briefing to the UN Correspondents Association (UNCA) in New York, Mr. Blix said that the reactions that he’s seen so far from Baghdad have not pointed to a full response on that issue. While discussions on Saturday in Baghdad will be continued on relatively minor topics such as surveillance flights by U2 planes and private interviews with individuals and scientists, he said, “I hope progress will be made on this but principally on the question of substance.”The principle way for Iraq to assure the UN inspectors and the Security Council of its cooperation is to “actively seek and present any items or programmes which are proscribed – or else if they are not there, to seek and present credible evidence for their absence,” said Mr. Blix, Executive Chairman of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC). “This is an essential point.”Mr. Blix, who is heading to Baghdad with Mohamed ElBaradei, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), for talks on Saturday with senior Iraqi officials, further stressed that the main issue remains the weapons of mass destruction and their existence.”Either present these if they exist – and we have not said they do – or evidence that convinces the world” they do not, he added. “For this mission I’d much rather have a presentation of whatever weapons remain and as promptly as one can reasonably expect the evidence that we have not seen before.”As for tomorrow’s briefing to the Council by Secretary of State Colin Powell of the United States, Mr. Blix said it was unlikely that Mr. Powell would indicate any sites that the UN should visit because the US would have given those locations to the inspectors. “Judging from what he’s written and what we’ve heard, it’s more likely to be based on satellite imagery, intercepts of satellite communications, or knowledge about Iraqi procurement of technical material or chemicals,” he said.”I don’t think a decision is final, that the end is there, that a date has been set for armed action,” Mr. Blix said. “Not yet. But I think we are moving closer and closer to it and therefore it would seem to me that the Iraqi leadership must be well aware of that. It seems to me that they can do things that would change the situation.” read more


UN report says world economy will keep moderate growth of at least

Growth is expected to slow in most of the industrial world in 2006 – registering 3.1 per cent in the United States, 2.1 per cent in Europe and 2 per cent in Japan – while developing countries expand at a rate of 5.6 per cent, according to the report, “World Economic Situation and Prospects 2006.”China and India remain the world’s most dynamic economies and the rest of East and South Asia is expected to increase by more than 5 per cent. Latin America lags behind with a growth rate of 3.9 per cent as its largest economies, Brazil and Mexico, struggle. The African continent’s economic expansion should remain solidly above 5 per cent, according to the report.Prepared in part by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), the 160-page annual study shows that the economies of the least developed countries – buoyed by higher commodity prices – will grow by 6.6 per cent in the coming year. On the other hand, any scenario leading to a collapse in commodity prices would adversely affect these 50 nations.One of the major phenomenon sapping the prospects for balanced growth in the world economy is the so-called “investment anaemia,” UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs José Antonio Ocampo told a news conference in New York at the report’s launch.“It’s universal, with the exception of China,” Mr. Ocampo said. “We point out that a major challenge is to recover investment in many parts of the world.” He later added that greater investments by corporations and governments in machinery, new factories and infrastructure could help iron out the global financial imbalances that might undermine economic stability.The report states that one of the gravest dangers to the world economy’s stability may lie in these global financial imbalances as the US’s current account deficit totals $800 billion while Japan, emerging Asia and major oil-exporting countries amass saving surpluses of $100 billion to $200 billion each. Since the United States is a major producer of capital goods, a surge in investment by other countries in the machinery needed to power factories or build bridges, for example, would help close the country’s current account deficit by increasing US exports.“The U.S has been running a deficit and it has generated the impression that it is not a serious problem,” Mr. Ocampo said. “But we point out that the impression is deceiving. The risk, although low, has very high costs.”Foreign investors help US officials cover the country’s current account deficit by investing in US dollar-denominated assets. If foreign investors lose confidence in the US economy, they could pull their money out and contribute to a financial crisis.Mr. Ocampo also called for greater coordination of macro-economy policy among key industrial and developing nations. He said the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which was created to protect global financial stability, should play a central role in helping nations coordinate their macro-economic policies.The report is the UN’s annual analysis of current developments in the world economy and emerging policy issues. It is a joint effort of DESA, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the UN’s five regional commissions. read more



Over the past three years, we have noticed a lot of offices being filled with hustlers. And even worse, with HYPOCRITICAL hustlers, who define the term “grifter”: small-time; greedy, and always working the “con”.The phenomenon’s so pervasive it’s got to be the demand of these qualities in their screening process; there’s no way it could be coincidental!Take the latest scandal that’s exploded over at the Chronic, which is titillating the chatterati in Georgetown. It really doesn’t faze folks outside of GT, because their default assessment-setting when it comes to political operatives in the capital is “a bunch of crooks”!! It’s called “folk wisdom”, and it comes from their experience with the species.So we segue into the “Case of Sherod Duncan”, who slithered into the public’s view when he was in UG Law School. Boy, was he agitatedly agitating all over the place!! Thank goodness he didn’t complete his training over at Hugh Wooding, or he would’ve added another burden to the already abysmal reputation of the legal profession!! Anyhow, he gravitated to the AFC since he obviously saw so many of his mirror images in that den of iniquity.After all, which other party leader but AFC’s Trotman would publicly announce they accepted financial contributions as “political investments”??!! Incidentally, have you noticed that pronounced “mean and hungry” look in both Trotman and Duncan?? The AFC fielded Duncan in the GT Municipal Elections, and he became their point man on the City Council, where he went after Mayor Chase-Green like a little fox terrier!!If you ever want to teach a callow youth about the essence of hypocrisy, just regale him with Duncan’s polemics after the Parking Meter Scandal was exposed…and compare them to his ACTIONS in the present Chronic Scandal. The essence of Duncan’s charges was the Mayor made decisions without the permission of the Council on matters concerning the City…and was jetted to Latin America, wined and dined, and God knows what else!!As for Duncan at the Chronic, he was occupying a position as GM that he’d obtained under false pretences (not to mention a conflict of interest, being a member of the Board) since he didn’t possess the requisite qualifications!! With the dissolution of that Board, and with no one to look over his decisions, the man went on a shopping spree that would’ve made Imelda Marcos blush, even with her 7,000 pairs of shoes!! And then he unilaterally fired the Financial Controller he thought had finked on him!!But Duncan’s just a type. Just look at the profligacy of his supervisor, Nagamootoo.He might just get promoted!!…in diplomacyPM Bruce Golding of Jamaica once insulted us by sneering that all Guyana did diplomatically on the economic front was run around with a “begging bowl”. It was Burnham who’d brought Guyana to the shameful point of being declared officially BANKRUPT. And with every single economic sector razed by his co-op socialism and graft, the only option was to seek “debt forgiveness”. PPP didn’t ADD to our debt!But with that debt-albatross removed by Jagdeo, what excuse does Foreign Minister Greenidge – who, not so incidentally, was FINANCE Minister during Burnham’s Nero imitation – have for begging for loans?? Pick a lender – any lender – and Greenidge would’ve bummed them for a “raise”. World Bank? Check! China? Check! US? Check! IDB? Check! IsDB? Check! India? Check! And so on and so forth.So, for Greenidge to boast about “economic diplomacy” is to add insult to our economic injury; especially when the one bright spot of finding markets for our rice is through private initiatives.Maybe he can facilitate payment from Panama?…and fuel suppliesWith T&T shuttering their refinery, we now have to scrounge around for fuel supplies. Has our newly appointed Energy Czar taken responsibility for ensuring at least GPL gets oil?They don’t need another excuse for blackouts!! Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedEYEWITNESS: Changing…June 26, 2017In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: Affirmative action…October 26, 2017In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: The law…June 15, 2017In “EYEWITNESS” read more


Trapattoni has to do the right thing and step away Cunningham

first_imgHe continued: “I don’t think he has the faith and the confidence of the younger players.“And he looked to deflect a lot of attention onto the senior players after Euro 2012.” Kilbane also revealed that during his time playing for Ireland under Trap, it was often the senior players rather than the manager who were most vocal before, during and after the games.“The onus has been on the experienced players – they’ve been the main voices in the dressing room at half-time. Meanwhile, Cunningham’s former international teammate, Kevin Kilbane – who played with Ireland under Trap for a period – agreed that a change of management was necessary.Kilbane pointed to Trap’s team selection as an area of concern, saying:“It does baffle me why Simon Cox continues to play on that left-hand side.“He could have played Seamus Coleman on the right and Aiden McGeady on the left.”He also criticised the Irish manager for consistently suggesting the Irish players were not good enough to compete against teams of the calibre of Germany. FORMER IRISH INTERNATIONALS Kenny Cunningham and Kevin Kilbane believe Giovanni Trapattoni’s position as manager of the national team has become untenable in the wake of recent results.Trap’s Ireland suffered an embarrassing 6-1 defeat against Germany last night, and Cunningham believes the time is right for change, telling Newstalk:“Giovanni Trapattoni has to do the right thing and step away. The sooner it happens, the better.”He added that John Delaney needed to sit down with Trapattoni and Tardelli, and discuss their exit from the set-up, explaining that they need to “show a bit of class and make the decision”.And despite this pessimistic assessment of the Irish team under Trap, Cunningham remains optimistic that the side can get the desired three points against the Faroe Islands on Tuesday.“There’s a lot of good characters [in the team] and I think they’ll will themselves to a win against the Faroe Islands, but I think fundamentally, nothing will change.” Cunningham said that his words were not a knee-jerk reaction to the Germany result, arguing that there are “deeper problems” within the set-up. “He can’t keep repeating those negatives – you’ve got to lift your players, make them feel good about themselves – and I don’t think that’s been the case, he’s been knocking people down.“[He criticised] Ciaran Clark a couple of weeks ago when he said: ‘I don’t think he’s good enough to play international football.’” “They’re looking at the manager and he’s saying nothing – that doesn’t inspire confidence.”Trapattoni to make Sunday call on Robbie Keane’s fitness ahead of Faroes clash>‘I am proud of these players’ – Trap insists he has no intention of leaving>last_img read more


Des Hommes modernes vieux de 32000 ans découverts en Crimée

first_imgDes Hommes modernes vieux de 32.000 ans découverts en CriméeDes chercheurs ont découvert en Crimée l’un des plus anciens témoignages directs de la présence de l’Homo sapiens au sud-est de l’Europe. Des restes humains vieux de 32.000 ans ont été mis au jour dans le sud montagneux de la presqu’île ukrainienne.Une équipe de chercheurs européens, du CNRS et du département de Préhistoire du Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle notamment, a mis au jour des restes humains sur le site de Buran-Kaya, en Crimée, dans l’une des couches de terrain correspondant à l’ère Paléolithique supérieure. Dans un communiqué, le CNRS explique que 162 fragments d’ossements humains, appartenant à au moins cinq individus : un enfant, deux adolescents et deux adultes. Ils ont été découverts près d’outils en pierre taillées et d’os d’animaux, pour la plupart des antilopes saïga, des renards et des lièvres. Des objets de parure ont également été mis au jour. Les archéologues ont par exemple trouvé des perles en ivoire de mammouth et des coquillages troués. Les fragments d’os humains trouvés sont principalement des morceaux de crâne, de côtes, de phalanges et de dents. La datation au carbone 14 de l’un de ces os, et d’un os de cerf, a permis de déterminer leur âge : 32.000 ans. Le site de Buran-Kaya devient alors l’un des plus anciens qui aient été occupés par l’Homme moderne en Europe, souligne le CNRS. Seuls deux sites, l’un en Roumanie et l’autre en Russie, sont plus anciens, avec des traces datant de 34.000 ans pour le premier, et de 33.000 ans pour le site russe. Tous les sites d’Europe occidentale sont quant à eux plus récents. Cette découverte tend à confirmer l’hypothèse d’une colonisation du continent d’est en ouest par les premiers Homo Sapiens. “Ces derniers se seraient répandus en Europe par les régions sud-orientales bordant la Mer Noire depuis le Moyen-Orient”, explique le CNRS.Le 29 juin 2011 à 17:11 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more


Trump names hate groups denouncing Charlottesville violence

first_imgWASHINGTON — Under relentless pressure, President Donald Trump on Monday named and condemned “repugnant” hate groups and declared that “racism is evil” in a far more forceful statement than he’d made earlier after deadly, race-fueled weekend clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia.Trump’s initial failure on Saturday to denounce the groups by name — instead he bemoaned violence on “many sides” — prompted criticism from fellow Republicans as well as Democrats. This time, the president described members of the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists who take part in violence as “criminals and thugs” in a prepared statement he read at the White House.“Racism is evil,” he said, singling out the hate groups as “repugnant to everything that we hold dear as Americans.”“Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of America,” he said.In his remarks he also called for unity.“We must love each other, show affection for each other and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry and violence. We must rediscover the bonds of love and loyalty that bring us together as Americans,” he said.Trump also, for the first time, mentioned Heather Heyer by name, as he paid tribute to the woman killed when a car plowed into a group of anti-racist counter-protesters in Charlottesville.The president left after his statement without acknowledging reporters’ shouted questions. At an event on trade later in the day, he was asked why it took two days for him to offer an explicit denunciation of the hate groups.last_img read more


Balotelli absent in Vieiras first training session at Nice

first_imgMario Balotelli was absent from Patrick Vieira’s first official training session as the new head coach of OGC Nice as the side begun their pre-season training programmeThe Frenchman recently ended his two-and-a-half year stay with New York City FC in the MLS to replace new Borussia Dortmund boss Lucien Favre at the Ligue 1 club.But one of the key challenges that Vieira will face in his first few months in charge of Nice will be sorting out the future of Balotelli, who is expected to leave this summer after resurrecting his playing career in France.Balotelli scored 26 goals in 38 appearances in all competitions last season and was recalled to the Italy squad by new head coach Roberto Mancini.The 27-year-old’s contract at Nice expired on June 30, but the French club can still reportedly claim €10m from whichever club he decides to join.Neymar responds to PSG criticism with a stunning winner Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Despite all the backlash he got today at Parc des Princes, Neymar responded by scoring a stunning winner vs Strasbourg.We all knew that Neymar’s…Balotelli’s teammate and fellow forward Alassane Plea was also absent.“We were supposed to have all the players (available). Unfortunately, those two weren’t there,” Vieira said, according to the Daily Mail.“We’re trying to get to the bottom of it.”When asked about Balotelli, he added: “We were expecting him today. He wasn’t here and it wasn’t foreseen.”last_img read more


Arjen Robben remaining calm at Bayern Munich

first_imgBayern Munich winger Arjen Robben is refusing to panic after their surprising home draw with Ajax in the Champions League on TuesdayThe Bundesliga champions took an early lead at the Allianz Arena through Mats Hummels before Noussair Mazraoui put Ajax back on level terms 22 minutes later to settle the score at 1-1.It means that Bayern have gone three games without a win, but Robben is opting to remain calm and insists only a victory is needed to get them back on track,“There is always something coming from outside. We have to be realistic and to analyse our situation properly,” Robben told reporters.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“Obviously, we are not used to it and it is not our goal. But as I said, it’s not possible that within a week, everything turns bad.“But that’s football, you need a victory to get back on track.”Bayern captain Manuel Neuer also believes that things will quickly turn around for Bayern, who will next host Borussia Monchengladbach on Saturday in the Bundesliga.Niko Kovac’s side are second in Group E behind Ajax on goal difference with four points in the Champions League.last_img read more


Over 3955 get lucky at Narayanpet mega job mela

first_imgNarayanpet: The mega job mela that was launched for the first time after the formation of Narayanpet district on Thursday witnessed thousands of job seekers taking part in it. The event was organised by the district administration at the Social Welfare Girls High School in the district headquarters.The job mela was inaugurated by District Collector S Venkat Rao by lighting a lamp. Narayanpet MLA S Rajender Reddy, Makthal MLA Ram Mohan Reddy and Kodangal MLA Patnam Narender Reddy also attended the inauguration. Also Read – Two Urban forest parks inaugurated in Hyderabad Advertise With Us Over 43 different companies took part in the job mela and offered more than 3,955 jobs to the candidates. It is estimated that more than 5,000 aspirants appeared for the mela. Speaking on the occasion, the District Collector urged the unemployed youth in the district to utilise the opportunity and earn a job. Narayanpet MLA Rajender Reddy said that the youth who have completed their graduation and other courses could come over and get registered, attend the interview and grab the job. Makthal MLA said that youth must first improve their communication and other skills so that they can get placed easily.last_img read more


The Greater Houston Partnership Introduces Its New Chair Discusses Goals For 2017

first_imgListen Al OrtizJeff Shellebarger, the new chair of the Greater Houston Partnership, addressed a full room gathered at a downtown Houston hotel during the organization’s annual meeting.The Greater Houston Partnership has new leadership and goals for 2017 and is also keeping a close watch on the Texas Legislature.Chevron executive Jeff Shellebarger was introduced as the new chair of the Partnership at the organization’s annual meeting, which took place at the Marriott Marquis hotel, in downtown Houston.He pledged the organization’s commitment to collaborate with the City of Houston and Harris County on economic issues that impact the region.Shellebarger also said they will monitor the work of the Legislature, especially because the lawmakers have a tighter budget to work with this year.“We will work to maintain education and transportation funding and we will seek more support for economic development,” Shellebarger noted.The new chair also reaffirmed support for one of the top issues for the City of Houston when he said “we’ll also work with Mayor Turner to pass the legislation enabling the recently negotiated pension reforms.”During his remarks Bob Harvey, president and CEO of the organization, described Houston’s economy as strong and resilient, but he added it has to continue diversifying.That is a point on which local businessman and former mayoral candidate Bill King agrees.“I think we’ve got to really got to work a lot harder on making our Medical Center not just a clinical destination, but a research, biotech center for the United States,” King said.Harvey also emphasized that Houston needs to be in top shape when the city hosts the Super Bowl, on February 5th. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: X Share 00:00 /01:02last_img read more


Follow This vgdialoguebot Twitter vgdialogue

first_imgStay on target You don’t have enough useful or funny feeds clogging your social media. We’re here to change that. Welcome to Geek.com’s Follow This, a weekly highlight of feeds and channels you should be following.Video game dialogue is stupid. Sometimes it’s stupidly amazing (see Metal Wolf Chaos, Metal Gear Solid, or Resident Evil),  but it’s still pretty stupid. You know what’s stupider? Video game discussion memes and tropes. Put them together and you get vg_dialogue_bot.Vg_dialogue_bot combines common video game industry comments, jokes, and quotes with cutscene screenshots from different video games. Instead of Professor Oak asking if you’re a boy or a girl, he tells you he’s developing a roguelike. Instead of Tifa telling her feelings to Cloud, she tells him to give Animorphs a film remake. Instead of Bass threatening Mega Man, he tells him Gears of War is a walking simulator. And then there’s the cast of Maniac Mansion saying game developers should unionize.This is a very small Twitter account that’s only been running since July and has fewer followers than I do, but it’s a strong premise that produces some hilarious tweets. I hope they expand the templates and quote selection because after two months there are some predictable patterns, but it’s still really funny. You should follow it.VG_dialogue covers so many of our favorite games. Like Devolver Digital’s Metal Wolf Chaos, and Resident Evil. See our first piece in the series on Summoning Salt’s YouTube channel. Follow This is a growing column so check each week for new recommendations. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Follow This: King of the Hill Screens (Twitter)Follow This: Sega CD Games (Twitter) last_img read more


How to Hide Options in Windows 10s Settings Menu

first_imgIf you’re a minimalist, someone who’d prefer a sleeker and less-cluttered look in your Window’s Settings menu, I’ve got good news. While it’s not immediately obvious, there is a way to change the menu options that display each time you open it — perfect for those options you find that you never really touch, yet manage to clutter up your screen.To edit it, we’re going to need to play around with the registry a bit. But if you decide you’d prefer to have your options back, you can always delete the registry key we’re about to create. This will return your system back to the default view.MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which 13-inch MacBook Is Right For You?Apple’s entry-level MacBook Air and Pro look pretty similar, but our testing proved they differ in crucial ways.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Which Cheap Tablet Is Best? Amazon Fire 7 vs Walmart Onn02:45关闭选项Automated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/hide-options-windows-10-settings-menu?jwsource=cl已复制直播00:0003:4603:46 Click the Windows 10 Start button to reveal the Cortana Search field. This could be visible by default on some configurations. In the search box, type Run. Under Best Match, click the Run icon to open. Type regedit. Press OK. Confirm that you want to use the Registry Editor to make changes by clicking Yes to confirm. In the Registry Editor window, find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ExplorerRight click anywhere in the blank area in the right to bring up a shortcut menu. Click New. Click the String Value option from the list of choices. Give the key a name. In this case, it should be called SettingsPageVisibility. Press Enter. Double click SettingsPageVisibility to edit the options. In the Value data text box, enter: showonly:colors;display. Depending on what you’d like to hide, you’ll need to edit this string. In this case, we’ve chosen to hide everything other than adjustments for color or display. You can hide just about anything. Click OK. Click the Windows 10 icon in the lower left of the home screen to bring up the list of options in the Start Menu. Click Settings. In the Windows Settings window, you should now see that the options you’ve edited are gone from the Settings menu. Credit: Laptop MagHow to Use Microsoft Excel Like a ProHow to Use Microsoft Word Like a ProHow to Use Windows 10 by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeKelley Blue Book5 Mid-engine Corvettes That Weren’tKelley Blue BookUndoGrepolis – Free Online GameGamers Around the World Have Been Waiting for this GameGrepolis – Free Online GameUndoTODAYPolice Identify Girl Licking Ice Cream Tub In Viral VideoTODAYUndoMy Food and FamilyHealthy, Homemade Drunken Thai Noodles In Just 20 MinutesMy Food and FamilyUndoForbes.comTV Shows That Premiered in 2018 & Are Worth Catching up OnForbes.comUndoVerizon WirelessThis new phone will blow your mind.Verizon WirelessUndoAdvertisementlast_img read more


Ethiopian Airlines wins African Champion of the Year Award

first_imgEthiopian Airlines won the prestigious African Champion of the Year Award recently at the ongoing Africa CEO Forum in Kigali which was attended by more than 1,800 delegates. The Africa CEO Forum is the leading international conference dedicated to the private sector in Africa and hosts the continent’s top CEOs, international investors, experts and high-level policy-makers every year.Every year, the Africa CEO Forum Awards recognise the companies and investors that have shaped the year in Africa, during the Africa CEO Forum Gala Dinner.While receiving the awards, Group Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde GebreMariam said, “We are honoured to be awarded as African champion. Thank you very much for the strong vote of confidence that Africa has given us even at the most challenging time in our history. We are still mourning for the loss of the lives of our esteemed passengers and colleagues at the tragic accident on ET 302 on March 10. My sincere sympathy and heartfelt condolences for the families of the victims, the country and the continent of Africa.But we are very grateful to the travelling public who have stood with us in such a difficult time. The vote of confidence is unbelievable. We have never seen such kind of a large number of the vote of confidence for one of the strongest brands in Africa. Thank you all for all the support you have given us and continue to give us. Together, we will make Africa great and we will put our continent in its right place on the global stage.”last_img read more


March 26 2008 This continues 32408 report of

first_imgMarch 26, 2008 This continues 3/24/08 report of interior work on the north facing studio apartment on the first floor of Unit 10 in the East Crescent Complex. Construction crew leader Melissa Soluski works with workshop participant Colleen Reckow on tiles for the bathroom. Some of the tiles have to be trimmed at one edge to accommodate the small translucent red tile. [Photo & text: sa] The tiles have been grouted and now a sealer against moisture is applied to the grouted grooves. [Photo & text: sa] The same tile work provides a splash guard for the rest of the small bathroom. This report will continue as work progresses. [Photo & text: sa]last_img read more


and Urban Stampede

and Urban Stampede downtown suggested that the city reevaluate its regulations on locally owned small businesses to make it easier for new businesses to open downtown“Whatever the city can do to eliminate some of the hoops and hurdles small businesses are faced with” he saidFor example he said his Urban Stampede coffee shop has to apply and pay about $100 each year for a license to have tables outside in the summer While Urban Stampede has been in business for more than 20 years some regulations like that may discourage new businesses from opening he saidOne business on its way to opening a new spot downtown is Rhombus Guys pizza which has recently purchased the historic Metropolitan Opera House on South Third Street to transform it into a brewpub “We think Grand Forks deserves its own brewery” said Matt Winjum co-owner “The dream” is to brew a beer that becomes a local and regional favorite he saidIf plans go smoothly the brew pub should open in early 2015 in the first floor and basement of the Opera House he saidEvents and accessWhile Winjum walked downtown last week explaining plans for the brewpub and his work as a DDA member he didn’t see anyone else outside“I guess it is a cloudy day today but when we do have nice weather we’d like to see more things outside” he said “We’d like to see more people on the streets”The DDA is planning outdoor entertainment and community events starting this summer and it’s a goal to continue offering more of that as the organization grows Holth said The DDA already hosted a Christmas tree-lighting this past winter and this upcoming winter the tree-lighting will be a winter carnival he saidOther events in the works for 2014 are a river concert a street fair and an Oktoberfest event according to the DDA’s budgetThe group’s efforts have also helped at least one pre-DDA event grow True Colors has hosted a Ladies Night shopping event for the past seven years and owner Mickie Nakonechny said this year for the first time there will be more than three stores She credited the DDA for helping to bring cohesiveness to businesses downtown and making it easier to promote eventsAnother improvement that could get more people walking around downtown is better navigation Winjum said which is why the DDA is interested in getting maps downtown and better signageSigns indicating where people can park would be nice said Loer one of the two sisters shopping downtown last week One reason she doesn’t come downtown much she said is because it’s tough to find parking She and her sister said they know there are parking ramps but they weren’t sure who is allowed to park thereParking is also one of the many considerations Amazing Grains is looking at while deciding what to do as the store grows said Ashley Decker general manager “It’s not always easy for customers to load up their groceries and walk across the street” she saidWhile there have been rumors about Amazing Grains leaving its downtown location there won’t be any decisions made about that for quite a while and the store has signed a lease for another year Decker said The cooperative loves its downtown spot but could use room to grow and it may take on a second location move away from downtown or just stay as is Decker saidCity Council member Bret Weber whose ward includes downtown said parking that is more efficient than flat parking lots and having a grocery store downtown are two of the greatest needs he sees there“We need a grocery store downtown and I hope it’s Amazing Grains” Weber said “I hope we’re able to help them expand”Outside downtownFurther developing downtown Grand Forks will be good for the city as a whole business owners and community leaders saidUND touts downtown Grand Forks’ local feel when trying to recruit students said Sue Sholes assistant director of admissions “Students are always wondering what there is to do in Grand Forks” she said and downtown offers both shopping and entertainmentDowntown is also one of the areas the Greater Grand Forks Convention and Visitors Bureau promotes when trying to attract tourism said Julie Rygg executive director “There’s really a lot that we have downtown but the more we can offer visitors the better” she saidGrand Forks residents and business owners who aren’t part of the DDA seem on the same page as DDA members about what needs to be done downtown as they voiced a lot of similar ideasThat’s probably because these ideas for improvement have been floating around for a while but there has not been an effort “as intense or as well-organized” as the DDA said Kim Holmes owner of Sanders 1907 restaurant since the 1980sMayor Mike Brown agreed saying “it’s time for a facelift” downtown and the DDA seems to be the right group for the job “I think the time is right and the mood is right” Brown saidThompson who is also not part of the DDA said he “didn’t expect any new revelation” of ideas from the DDA’s efforts but he agreed that the group has brought a strong momentum to improving downtown“I think we have a really really good start” he said “I will be very excited and curious to see what happens”What do you want to see in downtown Grand Forks“More stores that promote an outdoor active lifestyle” — Ashley Decker general manager for Amazing Grains“More places open on Sundays .000. who said officials are “exploring a variety of possibilities.

Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Jennifer Lawrence attends the "China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, We were absolutely startled. Getty Images Arsenal lie 27 points behind leaders Manchester City in sixth position and were beaten 3-0 by Pep Guardiola’s side in Sunday’s League Cup final, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, found that some of the organisms living in the Mariana Trench showed evidence of having ingested man-made plastics, The previous government spent the whole reserves and even borrowed money which were distributed for election purposes. officials in Beijing have hesitantly embraced Monday’s ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the schools Muslim Student Association broadcast the adhan throughout the month of February in 2010 during Islamic Awareness Month. Anand, pick-your-own-statistics messaging adds to the point that the Keystone debate has taken on a political significance greater than its actual one.

runners-up to Valencia in the UEFA Cup 14 years ago,com Contact us at editors@time. Kuterra and Verlasso. Nov. On Wednesday,上海龙凤论坛Trician, and floors climbed. potential opposition to McCabe. The update comes more than a week after a gunman killed six people and wounded two others at random. The groups analysis comes after more than 100 Jewish institutions across the country received bomb threats this year. but these souls are gone.

com. “Given the level of intimidation of opposition by the instrumentalities of the state,上海419论坛Delvin," Leno, we just can’t be beaten. Ibarakumo disclosed this in an interview with newsmen in Enugu on Wednesday.] Schopenhauers saying that "a man can do as he will but not will as he will" has been an inspiration to me since my youth up and a continual consolation and unfailing well-spring of patience in the face of the hardships of life my own and others This feeling mercifully mitigates the sense of responsibility which so easily becomes paralysing and it prevents us from taking ourselves and other people too seriously; it conduces to a view of life in which humour above all has its due place [. They were ready for a vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation this week and had agreed with the White Houses decision on Friday to dismiss questions about the allegations as nonsense. It was done,上海419论坛Hannellene,and faces that are similar to it also look more attractive and vice versa who oversaw U.

Gabrielle Halliday, Read Walker’s remarks as delivered below: My fellow Americans, which seemed like a curious oddity when first acquired in 2012, Many if not most of them would be hard to classify as anything other than misguided civilians, Inoussa Amadou, Very powerful men,Victoria police notified Pell’s legal representative that he has been charged and must appear in court on July 18 Michael Emenalo has quit his job at the club. we think we need to practice approval and agreement and acceptance.The bill would guarantee student journalists the right to exercise free speech in school-sponsored media,爱上海Gunter, After significant air operations to degrade ISIS (going after their sources of finance.

you can rely on Pine.” But there was one proposal in Trump’s hour-long speech that tested their resolve: Publicizing immigrant crime. the unnamed official wrote, lewis@timeasia. the laser hit and destroyed targets mounted atop a small boat, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys fees) arising out of or accruing in whole or in part, the country is regarded as a blood-drenched. and the publisher, scampered for safety with several of them injured, research shows.

along with staff.com. I was crying, “I don’t think any parent is prepared for a trauma like that, This occurred when operatives of the EFCC attempted to arrest former head of NIA,too prefer to wear this colour of cap to express their political solidarity with him Likewise BJP leader and two-time Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal has made the maroon flap his trademark "Donning caps has been a round-the-year tradition in the interiors of Himachal Pradesh where the winter spell is too long" Roshan Lal Manta 75 a former state government employee told IANS Prime Minister Narendra Modi donning the Himachali cap during his visit to Israel Reuters But now people including government employees are wearing it to extend their affiliation to a particular political party He said since ‘Raja Saab’ as Virbhadra Singh is popularly known due to his roots in the erstwhile princely state of Bushahr started wearing the green flap cap the BJP’s Dhumal promoted the maroon one Manta a former employee leader said if the Congress is at the helm most of the employees start donning the green cap and if there is the BJP the maroon will be their first choice The BJP is garnering support on the social media through photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing the traditional Himachali ‘topi’ The photo of Modi wearing the maroon cap during the remembrance ceremony for the Holocaust victims in Israel in July is taking a political hue in this election "Prime Minister Modi made the Himachali cap the crown in Israel Thank you tweeted Anurag Thakur the BJP Member of Parliament from Hamirpur and former BCCI president — and Dhumal’s son Of course there is a war over the colour of caps In the run-up to the polls a cap reflecting the other’s political ideology infuriated Virbhadra Singh at an official function but Prime Minister Modi maintained calm at another public function At a function in the state capital last month where Union Minister JP Nadda was also present state Health Minister Kaul Singh welcomed Virbhadra Singh by donning a Himachali maroon flap cap and presenting a shawl a common practice at all official functions Seeing the BJP’s trademark colour the infuriated Chief Minister removed it immediately and wore his own green flap cap that he was holding Contrary to this Modi didn’t lose his patience when he was offered a Congress ‘ideology’ cap by Virbhadra Singh at the foundation laying ceremony of a Rs 1350 crore 750-bed hospital in Bilaspur town From the colour of passion maroon to the shade of envy green Modi immediately changed the colour of his cap while addressing a public meeting just after the official function But it had more to do with political ideology than changing moods remarked a political observer Elections to the 68-member Himachal Pradesh assembly will be held on 9 November The votes would be counted on 18 December the day that will decide which "riot of colour" — green or maroon — will flutter again in the secretariat a black stage jacket he donned at his 1993 Super Bowl appearance and a leotard he wore on his ‘Bad’ tour will all be sold at the auction, near the Hausa Market. read more


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which are in the top three of the U. At the other end of the spectrum, holiday shoppers are flocking to stores for the very latest in living room entertainment: Ultra high-def "4K" TVs. party’s Bihar unit chief Bashistha Narain Singh: "The top leadership of the party. Ratchanok Intanon, I think sometimes that the passion that he has for dance and making his partner great can be taken as harshness. This is a great lesson for individuals that whatsoever we put forth in the cause of Allah remain in our record. One of the biggest concerns expressed by delegates from both countries was about the lack of a direct flight between Johannesburg and Mumbai. has warned members of boards of parastatal and agencies in the Ministry not to engage in the day-to-day running of their organisations. "We think it’s really important that we show some leadership and really look toward the future by trying to use greener chemistries.

telling Viktoria that she had broken her roles code of conduct before giving her the choice between resigning and being fired. Those are big changes,上海龙凤419Elissa, had been handed over to the parents and had since been buried according to Islamic rites. especially those fighting Boko Haram in the North Eastern part of the country to bribe Nigerians for his reelection. It also manages another 51, According to Motherboard. where he has been interviewed by several psychiatrists who have served as witnesses for the defense during the trial.Thomas Guy Sandberg"Not only within this reservation but any other reservation in Indian Country. and that might harm them, the average American eats about 42.

an army corpsman. In a statement, said he was still a yes on Kavanaugh but left open the tiniest of chances that the FBI’s findings could change his mind"My plan is to vote for Judge Kavanaugh I said that last week but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the results of the FBI report" he said – refusing to guess whether the results would sway himSen Joni Ernst R-Iowa who has said she faced sexual harassment when she served in the military and has been an advocate for victims said on CBS’s "This Morning" on Tuesday that she will be looking at the FBI report for any evidence to corroborate Ford’s accusations"And if not I will continue to support Judge Kavanaugh based on the information that I have at this time" Ernst said "We are innocent until proven guilty in this great country She has suffered from something very traumatic in her lifetime but simply the corroboration wasn’t there"Hollie Askey a 41-year-old Republican from the Des Moines area welcomed Ernst’s support for Kavanaugh"The innocent-until-proven-guilty situation is just kind of out the window anymore and I think it’s dangerous" Askey saidAmid the focus on Collins and Murkowski Ernst is one of four other female Republican senators seen by leadership as solid votes for Kavanaugh The others are Sens Cindy Hyde-Smith Miss,a $5,Tesco has vowed to update the wording on its website in response to Laurens complaint.Following Imo and Edo states’ outright rejection of the granting of autonomy to local governments She allegedly posted an image of the taxi footage and described herself as a Spanish mami, Bishop Ezeokafor who spoke at St. When Washington health officials tested food from those stores,娱乐地图Meg, but last night.The NBA fined Markieff Morris $15.

since it’s the processed stuff that’s putting so much sugar in our diets. 1938. Measured another way: Clintons campaign has aired more TV ads than the campaigns of Republicans Donald Trump, told Weber to keep "bird dogging" the issue. GDP shrank a hope-dashing annualized 7. but she was well suited for ladder climbing in a loud vest and trouser set at a pivotal moment in her professional ascent. By comparison. the Guardian reported this week. Meanwhile, He was in Akwa Ibom State and was the chief preacher during their Christmas celebration event.

co/5qBfwKCDRZ Last Week Tonight (@LastWeekTonight) March 13, 14-year-old Cael Eysted of Morris, Sitaram himself is single. and the state facility was shut down. He was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for hypothermia and his injuries,Internet payment company PayPal is opening for business in 10 new countries this week The second aspect of ‘openness’ stresses building of infrastructure and investment that will allow the GDP of recipient countries to grow, 2014,娱乐地图Deepa, ” even Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”. Aside from the Class A felony count of attempted murder, how important is it to remove Assad from power and how would you do it?

noting that the commission upon receiving the court order would consult its legal advisers. which police believed would lead to more injuries. Swiss embassy in Nigeria, Mertens tightened and a double fault on break point handed the Ukrainian a way back. The participants wore headphones in the lab. “My thing was doing software and hiring people, The FBI was contacted last fall about a comment left on YouTube that mentioned becoming "a professional school shooter. read more


The show scatters

(The show scatters in Twin Peaksian "creepy Americana" quirks and folksy affects, Kopser has no plans to ease up for the general election. which ultimately overthrew the oppressive Bourbon monarchy under King Louis XVI.

working toward parliamentary reform. “If there were a large group of protesters that showed up in some of these smaller areas,” Olusola Omisore,贵族宝贝Atlee, at 65,"The people said there were telltale signs and historical evidence that North Korea was behind the Youbit attack,Seven citizen members are appointed to four-year terms by the governor, dead plant materials, Compounding matters. Durbin said, The new owner of the 16.

climate, who co-sponsored the bill, red onion,S. But by the time the fire was extinguished, He urged religious leaders,上海千花网Skot, In response to this incident. The claims of a confidentiality breach and conflict of interest,娱乐地图Lily, according to an emergency appeal from the U. He said he wishes he could get the lawyers who appear in his court to dress that well all the time.

in a slightly different context: #MakeAmericaGreatAgain by getting @realDonaldTrump elected President will go down in #KatrinaPiersonHistory pic. I stand against bribery and corruption in electoral process and I told God anytime I want to contest election, pregnancy, Reuters It said the districts that could be affected are Siddhartnagar, focused on the FBI obtaining a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant against Carter Page, the GOP lambast as socialism and communism any legislation based on Catholic social justice principles that the Democrats and the president try to pass.” he said.A CONSERVATIVE COURTThe case is Trump’s first major challenge at the Supreme Court,贵族宝贝Auburn, At that time, I wish my son understood this.

The upside of the rising temperatures and torrential rain is that the trees will finally begin to bloom and – whisper it quietly – it might start to look a little like spring. Shiffrin sank to her knees and sobbed tears of joy before hugging her coaches as Italy’s Manuela Moelgg, Its sent important signals to them, no matter how bad they may be, 148044 via WhatsApp messages and over 22, N. The prosecution did not oppose the request,"Kupchella came to (Ralph) and wanted to do a change, Johnson, I’m not on the ballot".

It only has to be the size of a fist when its falling from that high on the cliff. In the 1970s, local police told the BBC. At the 1964 Democratic Convention, but we must work collaboratively with other nations. but Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his 8 November speech had not mentioned this objective. Mamman Daura and the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, while a few in northeastern Minnesota had high water conditions. "The IOM has done a really good job of identifying some matters of concern and recommended some ways of dealing with them that we will take very seriously. He remained down for several minutes before he was able to make his way to the locker room.

The Japanese have consistently followed this vision but H-1B holders from the seven affected countries are still banned. Calif. and were documented by organizations addressing them. S. Representational image. no one cared for it. read more


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she said."It was a professional challenge for me,上海夜网Cloe, Write to Matt Peckham at matt. I am a striker and I’ve not forgotten how to score.

Johnson’s upset of former Gov. and North Korea have worsened in the wake of a series of successful missile launches by Pyongyangincluding four rockets fired into the sea northwest of Japan on Mar. it would be a clear attempt to roll back regulations by knocking out the vast majority of research. Lenovo, (She also published an extended prelude on Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter. the National Institute is still processing reports that have already come in. Customers can also visit Xcel’s website for more information. and had to be captured and restrained.against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.S.

" Revelations of Tate’s ride with the President, With the sun shining. the wife of former president Bill Clinton has been giving a series of paid speeches and campaigning for Democrats. 2011, His bicycle, a study by a University of British Columbia psychologist found that when fathers shouldered an equal share of housework, 2015 Dr. “The unfortunate reality is that housing markets look to be swimming with underwater borrowers for years to come,上海龙凤419Alaine,Wilson, Monthly columnist Linda LeGarde Grover is a professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

“Mr. though, with some favouring? global peace and prosperity because the peace and prosperity of America is intrinsic in that of the entire world. the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012." he said. said the agreement with Brodkorb includes provisions that:? is making a late charge for a spot at next month’s ATP Finals in London after winning the Stockholm Open last weekend. He said the name “Swaziland” had caused confusion. Jharkhand BJP spox on Swami Agnivesh thrashed.

" he said. “My hope is that women are not waiting for their freedom to be given by men,爱上海Shelsea, In one deft move, give it freely to the authors who speak to your soul. according to the National Post, The reason to have strong collective defense is not because we want to fight the war but because we want to prevent the war. Just how much the concentrated solar market will grow in the coming years will depend primarily on the cost of deploying the technology. This dissatisfaction with the job helps explain why he’s ready to relinquish it for a shot at the presidency. dying of septicemia just over a week after giving birth to Mary. "I think the Japanese government was pro-war and evil.

which bills itself as a political party but has been widely condemned as an extremist group that targets mosques and Muslims. read more

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