GMs push into new technologies expected to boost peertopeer car sharing

first_imgTORONTO — General Motors signalled a major pivot towards new technologies and mobility platforms when it announced the closing of its Oshawa assembly plant, but it will be playing catch-up to start-ups that have pioneered in the field.One of the spaces it’s pushing into is peer-to-peer car sharing, which GM added to its Maven app in July in the U.S., as it tests out new models of transportation in an evolving market.“What we truly believe is as society progresses, shareable assets will be the most desirable to own,” Julia Steyn, vice-president of urban mobility and Maven at GM, said at a recent technology conference.“People don’t want anymore, to have the dream that their parents had, which is they don’t want half of their paycheque to go to housing and transportation. And so that’s just fundamentally what’s happening in the world.”Still in a pilot phase, the peer-to-peer platform allows GM customers to rent out their vehicles, offsetting some of the costs of ownership.“The wasted assets that the car represents when it sits there 95 per cent of the time, idle, is ridiculous. So you want to be able to monetize it,” Steyn said.Canadians don’t yet have the option of using Maven’s peer-to-peer sharing option and its more conventional service of renting company vehicles is only available in Toronto, but Steyn said the company plans to “aggressively grow in Canada.”When it does expand the service to Canada, it will find competition in Turo, which has been operating a peer-to-peer car sharing service in Canada for more than two years and in the U.S. for a decade.Turo, however, welcomes the news of Maven’s expansion plans.“It just shows that this type of car sharing model is becoming more mainstream,” said Cedric Mathieu, director of Turo Canada.“And I do think the more players in the space, the more people will hear about it, and the benefits of this model.”The model allows drivers to list any vehicle on the app, with a few restrictions on its age, mileage, and condition, and then rent it out along a similar idea to Airbnb.“The concept is simple, but the mission is pretty ambitious, because it’s really about putting the world’s billion-plus cars to better use,” said Mathieu.The company believes the platform solves many of the issues such as parking, variety and supply that have prevented other car-sharing efforts from delivering on the promise of the concept.The efficiency of the model and the technology behind it, has allowed for rapid growth, Mathieu said.  “You can grow this extremely fast. That I think really is shown by our numbers in Canada. In just two and a half years, we now have 16,000 cars listed, 4,000 cars available to book on a daily basis.”The company says that as of early November, cars listed on Turo had been shared for 3.2 million hours this year, or about 133,000 24-hour rentals, while car owners are earning an average of $600 a month. The revenue helps those who need to own a car offset the costs, while allowing those who can generally do without a car to get access to one when they need it at a potentially lower cost, said Mathieu.As the first-mover in Canada, Turo has also pushed to solve the insurance issue of renting out a personal vehicle for money.The company has partnered with Intact Insurance to provide a separate insurance product that only kicks in for rentals and is separate from the owner’s primary insurance. Intact has partnered with Uber on a similar model.The system is still evolving, so owners looking to rent their vehicles still need to check if their insurance allows the system, as do renters who might want to use their credit card insurance. Turo is also only available in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta because of insurance issues in other provinces, but both Intact and Turo are working to expand.But while the company has signed up thousands of people, experts don’t expect a quick shift away from ownership.Some estimates suggest that 20 per cent of mobility will move to shared mobility in the next couple of decades, said Shauna Brail, a director at the University of Toronto’s urban studies program.“It is a slow transition, but it is a really significant transition, and it’s one that absolutely impacts the bottom line of these established automotive firms, which is why they’re all involved in looking at new models and investing probably billions of dollars in a variety of new models.”As the market grows and companies fight for market share, the lines between each will blur, Brail said.  “We’re no longer looking at automotive firms and car rental agencies, and car sharing, we’re just looking at mobility.” Ian Bickis, The Canadian Presslast_img read more


UN urges governments to recommit to protecting refugees and stateless people

19 May 2011As the 60th anniversary of the landmark global pact on the status of refugees approaches, the United Nations refugee agency is urging States to make new commitments to protecting the rights of asylum-seekers and refugees and find ways of addressing displacement as a result of non-traditional causes. This year the UN is marking the 60th anniversary of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees as well as the 50th Anniversary of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness. Erika Feller, Assistant High Commissioner on Protection in the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), told reporters in New York today that new causes of displacement are emerging, including some driven by climate change, even as governments increasingly ignore the conventions obliging them to protect the rights of refugees, asylum-seekers and those considered stateless. She said States should come together to consider “what level of protection is due to people displaced by other factors.” Detention of refugees is on the rise due to fear of terrorism and trans-national crime, Ms. Feller said. “In many cases criminals have more rights than refugees,” she said, adding that governments were spending money to trample the rights of refugees by confining them in detention facilities. UNHCR was created in December 1950 by the General Assembly. Its original purpose was to address the post-World War II refugee situation in Europe, but its work quickly expanded. Ms. Feller highlighted the problem of statelessness, noting that stateless people remained “underappreciated” and denied the right to education, travel and even decent burial because they lack identity. “They live in the legal shadow in States where they live,” Ms. Fuller said. UNHCR will use the forthcoming anniversary to advocate for the strengthening of the international legal framework for dealing with the world’s statelessness and displaced, including lobbying States for increased accession to the key refugee and statelessness conventions. According to UNHCR, only 65 of the 192 UN Member States are currently State parties to the 1954 Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, while just 37 have acceded to or ratified the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness. The marking of the 60th anniversary of the 1951 convention will culminate in early December when a ministerial conference will be held to review the conventions and invite States to make new commitments to the protection of refugees and devise an action plan to implement those obligations, according to Ms. Feller. “Refugee protection is not a thing of the past; it is a huge challenge for the future,” she said. read more


Most Important Buckeyes for 2014 – No 8 Ezekiel Elliott

Then-freshman running back Ezekiel Elliott (15) runs toward the end zone during a game against Purdue Nov. 2 at Ross-Ade Stadium. OSU won, 56-0.Lanter file photoWith two already listed, the top-10 most important Buckeyes continues as the countdown to kickoff stands at just eight weeks.No. 8 Most Important Buckeyes: Ezekiel Elliott, sophomore running backAmidst a season filled with outstanding offensive output, Carlos Hyde became OSU coach Urban Meyer’s first 1,000-yard back – despite having missed the first three games of the season.Half a year later, Hyde is a member of the San Francisco 49ers and the Buckeyes are looking to fill the 1,521-yard hole that he left.Fortunately for OSU, roaming the sidelines for the Buckeyes during the 2013 season was a former four-star running back prospect, built almost exactly in the likeness of Hyde himself.His name: Ezekiel Elliott.While he may possess Hyde’s lethal combination of size and speed that any running backs coach in America would yearn for, Elliott certainly has a tall task in front of him to replicate the performance of No. 34.In his freshman campaign, Elliott showed flashes of brilliance when provided the opportunity to touch the turf.For instance, Buckeye fans will certainly remember his coming out party against Florida A&M, when the seemingly unknown No. 15 darted onto the field and rushed for 162 yards and two touchdowns on just 14 carries.Outside of that afternoon, however, Elliott amassed just 16 carries for the rest of the season, which makes prognosticating his impact next season that much more difficult.Elliott’s sophomore campaign could go one of three ways.The first scenario is one in which Elliott mirrors Hyde in almost every circumstance and becomes Urban Meyer’s first multi-season 1,000-yard running back. His immense speed with his “bowling ball” stature gives him an element Hyde never possessed and turns him immediately into a faster version of his predecessor with the same impact each time he touches the ball.This scenario renders itself rather unlikely, but if it were to unfold, OSU could very well be the front-runner to win the 2014 National Championship.The second scenario is the most likely: Elliott is a less experienced, less effective version of Hyde who barely becomes the second 1,000-yard running back under Meyer. Again, Elliott seems to have all the tools but may have trouble adjusting to the college game in his first season as a starter.In the final scenario, Elliott isn’t at all prepared for a starting role in the backfield, forcing senior quarterback Braxton Miller and sophomore H-back Dontre Wilson to shoulder the entirety of the offensive load, which figures to be too much and holds OSU back for the entire season.Based on what we saw from Elliott a year ago – if only in a couple of games – it seems as if this would be the least likely scenario.Coach Meyer constantly lauded Elliott last season for his work ethic and his demeanor both on and off the field, which would seem to prove that he’s going to put in the work necessary to ensure this is not the case next season.Again, anything can happen, but this would be more a surprise than an eventuality.Should this list only have consisted of offensive players, it’s easy to see how Elliott could very well rank amongst the top two or three most important Buckeyes.At his best, he could elevate the Buckeyes to a National Championship.At his worst, he could drag OSU to its most mediocre season in Urban Meyer’s tenure. read more


Michelle Obama People need to get off the phone and start talking to

Michelle Obama has spoken out about the dangers of social media, after telling people to stop reading about their neighbours online and knock on their doors instead.Speaking at London’s O2 Arena on Sunday evening to promote her autobiography Becoming, the former First Lady encouraged people to be “more sceptical about social media” and return to speaking to one another “face to face”.Mrs Obama said she is “not emotionally able” to look at Twitter and the news during the Trump presidency because “you can’t have a steady diet of fear and intimidation”.Speaking to an arena packed with 15,000 adoring fans, she said: “That’s what I would encourage people to do. Don’t read about your neighbours on Twitter, because somebody can talk into your ear about the person right next door to you and they can feed you lies and misperceptions.“We need to get to know each other and not have our actions filtered by some third party that we don’t know what their agenda is. Barack Obama with wife Michelle, daughters Sasha (right) and Malia Mrs Obama’s book Becoming, which was released late last year, sold more than 1.4 million copies during the first seven days, giving it the biggest first-week sales of any book in 2018. “We have to be a lot more sceptical about social media and the internet, which means we have to do more work interactive with one another.”The former First Lady used the evening to discuss bringing her two daughters, Sasha and Malia, up in the White House, describing it as “just a little more extra”.“Imagine the first time you invite Sasha Obama over for a play date,” she said, prompting laughter from the arena.”I’m surprised my girls have any friends at all,” she joked. Barack Obama with wife Michelle, daughters Sasha (right) and MaliaCredit:@POTUS Mrs Obama on stage as part of her “Becoming: An Intimate Conversation With Michelle Obama” tour at The O2 ArenaCredit:Chris J Ratcliffe/ Getty Images Europe Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Mrs Obama shared the strict security precautions that the Secret Service would take before her daughter’s were allowed to go to a friend’s house for a sleepover – sniffer dogs would be brought in and parents would be asked to be open about any guns or drugs in the house.”I would just have to tell parents – don’t lie. They’re not going to take ’em. They just need to know where they are,” she said.”So imagine having that conversation and then you’re like ‘thank you for inviting Sasha over and by the way, there’s going to be a man sleeping outside of your door with a gun, can you let him come in and use the bathroom every now and then?”‘ she said. “We don’t even know who is doing the tweeting. We have got to get off the phone and start talking to each other face to face. We can’t rely solely on this little intermediary to tell us about the world. michelle obama read more


Solid Energys expertise in managing mine water recognised

first_imgSolid Energy’s progress and expertise in managing mining’s impacts on water have been recognised with two recent awards from Water New Zealand. The company (a coal miner) won the organisation’s Ronald Hicks Memorial Award for 2012 for its research paper, Addressing the environmental effects of mining on the Ngakawau River.  The award is for an article or paper considered significant in solving or clarifying New Zealand water pollution or sewage treatment problems.  Written by Dr Paul Weber, Solid Energy’s Environmental R&D Manager, the paper was presented by Mark Pizey, General Manager Environment.  “It’s a great outcome for the company and the mining industry” says Pizey. Another paper, by Solid Energy Environmental Scientist Fiona Crombie and Dr Weber, detailing research and development of a system to treat acid mine drainage with recycled waste shell from the mussel farming industry, was also recognised by Water New Zealand as a significant contribution to water management.Both papers detail elements of work by Solid Energy over the last seven years to find and develop sustainable methods to minimise the impacts of the company’s opencast mining on the Ngakawau River in the Buller District.  In 2005, after discussions with the neighbouring communities, Solid Energy agreed a set of water-quality measures for the river which it aimed to meet within five years, including ensuring the water chemistry returned to a state which again made the river attractive to migratory whitebait.The company then embarked on a wide-ranging programme of prevention and treatment at Stockton open-pt mine – changes to the way work is planned and carried out at the mine to prevent or minimise the amount of clean rainwater becoming acidic or mixed with sediment or coal fines, and appropriately treating and monitoring any water which has been impacted by mining before it is released into the Ngakawau River system.Seven years later the results are encouraging.  For some time the company has been regularly meeting or exceeding the water-quality standards, although some challenges still remain with clarity.  As well, good runs of whitebait are regularly being reported in the Ngakawau River.  A recent fish stock survey by environmental consultants Golders suggests the small native fish are in the river in much larger overall numbers than when a similar survey was done in 2005 and a greater proportion of younger fish are now successfully returning from the sea and making their living in a wider distribution throughout the river and its tributary streams.“Our licence to mine, the ability to operate in the future as a mining company, is based in large part on our environmental performance” says Pizey.  “It’s very encouraging to receive this recognition from our peers in water management and supports our belief that the methods we have researched and developed have wider application here and internationally.”last_img read more


Bridgestone establishes dedicated conveyor belts company in Chile to serve mining growth

first_imgMining tyres and conveyor belts major Bridgestone Corporation has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Bridgestone Industrial Products America Inc (BIP) has established Bridgestone Productos Industriales Latinoamerica SpA. (BIPL) in Santiago, Chile, a company dedicated to sell industrial materials such as conveyor belts and other related products. The new company will commence operations in October 2014.The company states: “Given the expected demand increases of copper over the medium to long-term, production of copper is expected to rise substantially at copper mines across Chile and Peru, which are among the world’s most prominent mining locations. By establishing BIPL, the Bridgestone Group will be able to more efficiently provide mining customers conveyor belts for transportation of minerals and others and offer enhanced services to customers.”These services will include services such as maintenance to help customers more effectively run their belt systems and achieve better overall operating results in their mines. Moving forward, the Bridgestone Group “will strive to respond quickly to fluctuations in market demand and provide customers with even better-quality products and services.”last_img read more


Geek deals 40 off Sharp AQUOS LC40D78UN LCD TV

first_imgThe market for high-end LCD TVs is still a burgeoning one. With features like 240Hz refresh rates, 3D playback support, ultra-thin designs, and local dimming for better black colors, you certainly have a lot options that make up a high-end TV and, naturally, can drive up the price. For the rest of us, there are still the more “basic” TVs that offer a lot of inches for your dollar.This Sharp AQUOS LC-40D78UN 40-inch LCD TV is a perfect example. Currently on sale for 40 percent off at Dell Small Business, it does offer an improved 120Hz refresh rate, but lacks some of the newer amenities like LED backlighting or built-in wireless connectivity. For its relatively basic feature set, you get 40-inches of 1080p glory for only $479.99 with free shipping (most states will have to pay tax unfortunately). This is a great value for the size and, to some people, it might even be cheap enough to be a nice second TV in a bedroom or game room.Visit LogicBuy for the Sharp AQUOS LC-40D78UN deal.last_img read more


Nurse adopts premature baby who spent months at hospital

first_imgNow a child, Gisele still has a few medical needs, but she is slowly making progress.“She has a feeding tube where she gets the majority of nutrition through, but other than that the specialists think she’s remarkable,” Smith told CNN. “They can’t believe the strides that she’s made and how healthy and strong she is. Her resilience is inspiring to me and every day I’m amazed by her.”“You know, we talk about the power of love but to witness how it can transform a life and to witness how it has transformed her life, I’ve never been happier or stronger,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine life without her.”Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. BOSTON (WSVN) – A premature baby who spent months at a Massachusetts hospital has been adopted by the nurse who cared for her.According to Franciscan Children’s blog, nursing director Liz Smith, had just learned she was ineligible for in-vitro fertilization when she met baby Gisele.Gisele was born prematurely at just 29 weeks, weighing one pound, 14 ounces. She suffered from health problems because her birth mother used drugs during pregnancy.“I went to see her every day,” she said, “It was kind of my reward after a long workday.”Gisele was eventually weaned off the drugs in the hospital but faced a tough road ahead, full of medical complications.Smith eventually took on the role of foster parent for Gisele, with the hope of reuniting her with her parents.  However, after Gisele’s parents’ parental rights were terminated, she adopted Gisele.“When I got the call that the parents’ rights were terminated, I imagined that it would be a day of relief,’’ said Smith, “and it was a day I was really sad. I was really happy, but I was really sad for them. I was gaining her, but they were losing her, and to try to battle addiction and being a mom, that’s impossible.” last_img read more


POLICE LOG for January 24 Traffic Light Issues Sinkhole Forming In Roadway

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for Thursday, January 24, 2019:Police noticed the train gates were down at North Wilmington station, but no train was coming through. Keolis notified. (12:18am)The lights in the center at Burlington Avenue and Main Street were on flash. Mass Highway notified. (10:07am)A fence blew over and landed in the road at the Town Park on Main Street. (11:44am)A trash truck ripped down a cable wire attached to a home on Kirk Street. Police notified Verizon. (12:38pm)A caller reported a possible sinkhole forming on Middlesex Avenue. Police confirmed and notified DPW. (12:40pm)Fire Department responded to a tree limb that fell into a house and a downed wire on School Street. (3:53pm)The pedestrian crossing signals were engaging automatically, causing the lights to stop cycling properly at Shawsheen Avenue and Lake Street. (7:04pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for July 12: 2 Juveniles Laying On Train Tracks; Motorcycle Crash; Tractor Trailer vs. PoleIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for September 2: Beer Cans Found At Town Park; Spray Paint At Palmer Park; Sinkhole WorseningIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for September 3: Driveway Paving Solicitors; Skate Park Tagged; WPD Assist With Pick-Up At SchoolsIn “Police Log”last_img read more


Report Says US Participation In Arctic Council Lacks Coordination FollowThrough

first_imgA report released Monday from the Government Accountability Office suggests U.S. participation in the Arctic Council lacks coordination and follow-through.Download AudioThe U.S. and other member nations in the Council have agreed to dozens of recommendations over the years. They address, among other things, opportunities and challenges that arise as ice retreats from the region.The GAO found the State Department, which leads the U.S. team, lacks a joint strategy for acting on these recommendations, leaving federal partner agencies unsure how to prioritize the work.The GAO says there’s also no system for measuring outcomes.The State Department notes the GAO report only addresses the many recommendations of the Council.The report does not cover the more formal commitments the U.S. makes in international agreements. The State Department announced in February it will boost its Arctic representation with a special representative for the region.last_img read more


Walker announces pay raise for troopers

first_imgGov. Bill Walker announced today that Alaska State Troopers are getting a pay raise at the start of next month.Listen nowWalker made the announcement at the troopers’ Mat-Su West post near Wasilla, which he says has been hit hard by vacancies as troopers have left for better pay and benefits elsewhere. There and elsewhere, troopers have been stretched thin.The 7.5 percent raise takes effect Sept. 1. That’s for more than 300 troopers, all except the two colonels in charge. Walker says this raise does not require legislative approval because it’s an amendment to an existing contract, but his administration is seeking an additional 7.5 percent increase officials say would require legislative approval.Asked about the timing, Walker says the troopers have been facing a retention crisis. They now have more than 50 vacant trooper positions, and they need to be a competitive employer.“It’s now, because as we’re going into another winter season, we have a big class coming out of the academy,” Walker said. “This is the culmination of about a year-and-a-half of sort of getting to this point of what’s the right number, what’s the right amount.”Walker says the increase fits legislative intent in the state operating budget to increase trooper pay by 15 percent total.The troopers union says the closest pay comparison was to the Anchorage Police Department. Depending on how long they’ve been with the department, comparable positions make 16 to 19 percent more.Walker says losing recruits or longtime troopers to departments like APD or, say, King County in Washington, means wasting the money spent training them and the loss of a great deal of experience.“This is about fixing what we have now,” Walker said. “I get a lot of input around the state about ‘We need more troopers.’ And we certainly do. And I have nothing against King County, but I don’t necessarily want us to do the training for King County, and that’s what we’ve been doing.”Walt Monegan, Walker’s public safety commissioner, says the administration will pursue increasing the overall number of trooper positions, while it addresses the vacancies.A campaign spokesperson for Walker’s Republican opponent for governor – Mike Dunleavy – said the campaign had no comment on the trooper pay increase.last_img read more


Appeals court upholds decision not to test DNA evidence from 1982 murder

first_imgThe Alaska Court of Appeals affirmed a superior court ruling Friday and will not test DNA evidence in a 36-year-old double murder case in Juneau.A jury convicted Newton Lambert of the murder of Anne Benolken in 1982 but acquitted him of killing her husband, James Benolken. Lambert, who was 19 at the time, was sentenced to 99 years in prison.Lambert’s co-defendant, Emmanuel Telles, was later tried for both murders but acquitted. He died several years later.In 2010, the Alaska Legislature passed a law allowing for post-conviction DNA testing. Shortly after, Lambert filed a request to test the two remaining pieces of physical evidence in the case — forensic samples of bodily fluids taken from James Benolken’s clothes.A 2013 ruling by a Ketchikan Superior Court judge denied Lambert’s request, saying it failed to show how testing samples from James Benolken’s clothing would raise the probability that Lambert was innocent in Anne Benolken’s murder. Lambert appealed the ruling.The appellate ruling affirms the superior court decision, saying that Lambert’s appeal “did not refute any of the other evidence against him.”last_img read more


UNICEF awards PM Hasina

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh Hasina received two international awards given by the UNICEF. Photo: BSSPrime minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday received two international awards given by the UNICEF in recognition to her government’s campaign against early marriage.The awards are: the Accolade Global Film Competition 2017 Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Achievement and the Accolade Winner Award of Excellence End Child Marriage.State minister for women and children affairs Meher Afroz Chumki and secretary of the ministry Nasima Begum handed over the two awards to the premier at the outset of the weekly cabinet meeting held at the prime minister’s Office on Monday.last_img read more


Myanmar team to visit Dhaka next week to talk Rohingya issue

first_imgA Myanmar team will arrive in Bangladesh next week to discuss the mass exodus of Rohingya, an official said Tuesday, amid huge diplomatic efforts to find a durable solution to the crisis.The team are “coming early next week,” Bangladesh’s Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque told AFP, saying they would be working on the Rohingya issue but not giving further details.A senior foreign ministry official said the team was expected to be led by Myanmar’s Minister of the Office of State Counselor, Kyaw Tint Swe.Dhaka had earlier invited the minister for talks before the latest eruption of violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state triggered one of the world’s worst refugee crisis in recent decades.The announcement comes as the UN said 480,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh’s southeastern border region since August 25.Between the new arrivals and some 300,000 Rohingya who were already living in the area due to previous violence in Myanmar, there are now nearly 800,000 refugees in camps around the Bangladesh border town of Cox’s Bazar that are bursting at the seams.The situation has forced new arrivals into makeshift shelters in grim conditions, and sparked warnings that epidemics, including cholera, could easily spread.The bilateral talks come as Dhaka mounts a huge diplomatic effort to find a permanent solution to the Rohingya problem and make Myanmar take back all the refugees to their homeland in Rakhine.The latest military operation was sparked by attacks carried out by Rohingya militants on police posts on August 25.Bangladesh’s prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday proposed creating UN-supervised safe zones inside Myanmar to protect Rohingya Muslims fleeing a military crackdown.Hasina accused Myanmar authorities of laying landmines on the border to prevent the Rohingyas from returning and said the United Nations must take immediate measures to find a solution to the crisis.She laid out a five-point plan that called for the protection of the Rohingyas in “safe zones that could be created inside Myanmar under UN supervision.”The United Nations has described the military operation as “ethnic cleansing” and French President Emmanuel Macron went further, describing it as a “genocide.”Myanmar must stop the violence and “the practice of ethnic cleansing”, agree to allow a UN fact-finding mission, ensure the return of refugees and abide by a report that recommends citizenship for the Rohingya, said Hasina. Rohingya are currently denied Myanmar citizenship.There has been mounting international outrage over the plight of the Rohingya, prompting the UN Security Council this month to call for an end to the violence.last_img read more


Two countries one Independence Day celebration

first_imgAs India and South Korea celebrate their Independence Day on the same date, both the countries came together for the celebrations at Siri Fort Auditorium. Nehru Bal Sangh (NBS) conducted the 5th edition of their entertaining extravaganza, Jashn-E-Azadi event where the artists from South Korea and India displayed their rich and diverse cultures. The programme showcased dance performances, audio-visual elements and musical renditions which narrated the story of Independence Day in an utterly creative way. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfStudents from various schools and eminent personalities from different fields including Vinay Pathak – Indian film actor, Lee Haekwang, and Acting Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Kim Kum Pyoung, and Director at Korean Cultural Centre India, Shiela Dixit, Former CM of Delhi and Patron of Jashn-E-Azadi, Ashok Sahota, National President, Nehru Bal Sangh witnessed the performances.Lee Haekwang, Acting Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, said, “India is very big country, with so many ethnic groups and languages. This event gave me a chance to renew my historical knowledge. I hope this event helps in strengthening India – Korea relations”Ashok Sahota, President of Nehru Bal Sangh, said that “Indian freedom history is full of sacrifices. We should celebrate this day with zeal, enthusiasm and pride. Since it is a big day for all of us, we decided to have a joint celebration with South Korea this year” On the occasion, Kim Kum Pyoung sent his message: “Jashn-e-Azadi is an effort to spread the values of love, patriotism, and national unity.”The initiative was to rejuvenate the feelings of liberty and Independence among the youngsters. Also it was intended to encourage people to celebrate the Independence Day with much more enthusiasm, zeal, energy and pride, and not consider the festival as a mere holiday or vacation.last_img read more


Aid ship arrives in wartorn south Yemen port carrying food

first_imgOn Monday, local militias patrolling the Crater neighborhood in Aden came under fire as they attempted to storm a house. A member of the militia said a rebel sniper shot and killed one his colleagues from inside.The militia member said his force stormed the house and seized seven rebel fighters, wounding three of them. He said the rebels were dragged to a local cemetery, shot and buried in one hole. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was afraid of retribution.Militia fighters in Dar Saad said a number of rebel fighters were taken hostage and handed over to Islamist fighters, who ultimately killed them. In pictures posted on Twitter accounts of Islamic State supporters, a purported local affiliate of the group claimed Friday to have killed a number of Houthi fighters in Crater, showing pictures of nearly a dozen men blindfolded and handcuffed on the floor.In March, just before a Saudi-led coalition began its airstrike campaign, the Islamic State affiliate in Yemen claimed responsibility for a series of suicide bombings in Sanaa targeting Shiites. American officials initially expressed skepticism that the affiliate existed, as Yemen is also home to the world’s most dangerous al-Qaida offshoot. 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches “This is a major breakthrough for our humanitarian response,” WFP regional director Muhannad Hadi said. “While we have been able to reach several southern areas by land, docking at the port of Aden allows us to accelerate our response to meet urgent needs.”The group had tried repeatedly to send ships to Aden, but all had been previously blocked by severe fighting in the port area.Vessels landed in another nearby port, and aid was delivered by road. The last such road delivery arrived in July 14 for around 27,000 people. The new shipment can feed up to 180,000 people, and more vessels carrying much-needed fuel and food are planned in the coming days.“If conditions remain safe enough, as they are now, we will be able to have other ships arrive safely and offload,” said Dina el-Kassaby, also of WFP.Coordination is also needed with the Saudi-led coalition, which has imposed a sea and air blockade on Yemen since it began its airstrikes.The fighting in Yemen pits the Houthis and troops loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh against southern separatists, local and tribal militias, Sunni Islamic militants and loyalists of exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who is now based in Saudi Arabia. The rebels seized Sanaa in September. Fierce fighting in Aden broke out in March, sparking the Saudi-led airstrikes. More than 1,690 civilians have been killed since then, the United Nations said Tuesday.On the ground, fighting continues. Security officials and witnesses said that battles just east of Aden killed some 20 rebels and around 10 of their adversaries. Coalition aircraft launched dozens of raids north of the city, destroying tanks and Katyusha rocket launchers.In the northern Aden neighborhood of Dar Saad, rebels have indiscriminately shelled it for days, killing over 100. On Tuesday, a shell landed on a shack in Dar Saad, killing a family of seven and a woman in her 70s who was near the house, medical officials and an eyewitness said.The governor of Aden, Nayef al-Bakri, said pro-Hadi army units and local allies had managed to take full control of the city, adding that authorities were working to restore basic utilities. Al-Bakri also said in a statement that Aden was now preparing to absorb the incoming aid ships, and that a technical team from the United Arab Emirates was working to repair and reopen its international airport.Although fighting has subsided in Aden, there were some reports of summary killings of rivals at the hands of local fighters. How men can have a healthy 2019 New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywallcenter_img Ground operations to push the rebels further north from Aden continued Tuesday, the officials said, with missiles, ground forces and airstrikes blasting rebel strongholds.Another aid ship, from UAE, also arrived in Aden later in the day, carrying 2,315 tons (2,100 metric tons) of medical and food aid, security and shipping officials said, adding that oil had arrived at the port for the city’s refinery.Also Tuesday, the UAE’s military said that a non-commissioned officer, Saif Youssef Ahmed al-Falasi, was killed while taking part in the Saudi-led operation in Yemen. The announcement, carried by state news agency WAM, did not disclose the cause of death or provide further details.The Gulf nation last week announced the death of another soldier participating in the operation, 1st Lt. Abdulaziz Sarhan Saleh al-Kaabi.___Associated Press writers Sarah El Deeb in Cairo and Adam Schreck in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy SANAA, Yemen (AP) — A World Food Program ship carrying badly needed aid arrived in Yemen’s war-torn southern city of Aden on Tuesday, the first vessel chartered by the U.N. agency to be able to berth there since Saudi-led airstrikes on Shiite rebels in the country began in March.In a statement, the WFP said the ship that arrived Tuesday carries 3,000 metric tons (3,300 tons) of food for people in contested southern governorates. Top Stories Sponsored Stories A Yemeni man looks at a World Food Program ship at the port of Aden, Yemen, Tuesday, July 21, 2015. The WFP ship carrying badly needed aid arrived in Yemen’s war-torn southern city of Aden on Tuesday, the first vessel chartered by the U.N. agency to berth there since Saudi-led airstrikes on Shiite rebels in the country began in March. (AP Photo/Ahmed Sameer)last_img read more


Mortgage Servicing Boost SunTrusts Income

first_img April 21, 2017 572 Views Share in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News, Origination On Friday, SunTrust Banks, Inc. reported its Q1 2017 results. The bank posted a net income of $451 million, or $0.91 per average common diluted share. This is a three percent increase over the previous quarter and a four percent year-over-year increase.”Our performance this quarter is the direct result of the investments we have been making in strengthening our franchise and diversifying our business mix,” said William H. Rogers, Jr., Chairman and CEO of SunTrust Banks, Inc.  “2017 is off to a good start and we remain committed to investing in client growth, improving efficiency, and increasing capital returns.”Total revenue for the quarter was $2.2 billion, a $55 million increase from the previous quarter. Net interest income increased $23 million.The bank noted that higher mortgage-related income and investment-related income pushed the noninterest income up by $32 million.Mortgage servicing income posted a strong quarter, with a net income of $53 million over the previous quarter’s $25 million. Still, this was a decrease from the previous year’s Q1 income of $62 million.Mortgage production income was $53 million for Q1 2017, a decrease from Q4 2016’s $78 million, and a year-over-year decrease from Q1 2016’s $60 million.At the end of Q1 2017, early stage delinquencies were 0.72 percent, unchanged from the previous quarter.  Excluding government-guaranteed loans which accounts for 0.50 percent, early stage delinquencies were 0.22 percent, down 5 basis points from the prior quarter and down 7 basis points compared to a year ago.SunTrust banks has seen a steady decrease in nonperforming loans over the past several quarters, going from 0.70 percent in Q3 2016, to 0.59 percent in Q4 2016, the most recent data showing the ratio of nonperforming loans at 0.55 percent.Total non-performing assets were down $61 million from the previous quarter, which SunTrust banks attributes to the continued resolution of problem energy credits.center_img Bank mortgage SunTrust 2017-04-21 Seth Welborn Mortgage Servicing Boost SunTrust’s Incomelast_img read more


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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterClick the cover to download the brochureAbercrombie & Kent has unveiled its 2019 portfolio of luxury private and small group journeys throughout the Indian Subcontinent.A&K’s India portfolio, which is the company’s most extensive yet, features private and luxury small group journeys through India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan with new routes and unique enhancements.Among the collection is:The new 18-day Icons & Hidden Treasures of Northern India journey introduces Gujarat for the first time, contrasting the bustling cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur with a rural sojourn at luxury tented camp Chhatra Sagar, leopard spotting at Sujan Jawai Camp and two nights in the historic walled city of Ahmedabad, India’s first World Heritage City, and Gandhi’s home for 13 years. There are tours of Chhatra Sagar’s farm and rural villages, visits to a carpet weaving workshop and gallery where Rajasthani miniatures are produced as well as a Gujurati culinary experience and lunch at leading Delhi eatery Veda. Priced from $13,495 per person.On the 12-day The Golden Triangle & Beyond private journey travellers are introduced to some of northern India’s most important landmarks like the Taj Mahal which is visited morning and evening, Delhi’s Qutub Minar, Fatehpur Sikri and Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal but it also takes guests on a safari in search of tiger and a spiritual immersion in Varanasi. There are opportunities to see Delhi’s most important temples or take an art focused tour in the capital as well as henna painting and turban tying in Jaipur and participating in a hands-on block printing demonstration.Priced from $7,565 per person.The captivating Fabled Hill Stations & the Golden Temple itinerary is a new private journey which invites guests to step back in time to the Raj era in the hills of Shimla, explore tea plantations, visit a quaint artist’s colony, venture to the home of the Dalai Lama in ‘Little Tibet’ and join the sea of pilgrims at Amritsar’s Golden Temple.Priced from $4,995 per person.In the country’s east, the new 10-day Reflections of East India journey takes in the soulful city of Kolkata, its colonial architecture, bustling markets and traditional pottery workshops with dinner hosted by a local art collector in his heritage home. The world of tea is explored in Darjeeling while Sikkim’s mountain scenery and Buddhist spirituality are further highlights.Priced from $5,075 per person.Moving south, A&K’s new 12-day Spirit of South India journey starts in dynamic Mumbai with a dawn walk through the city taking in the famous Sassoon dock fish market and auction. The famed temples of Ajanta and Ellora at Aurangabad are another highlight before a marvellous stay at the opulent Taj Falaknuma Palace, former home of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Taking it down a notch, Tamil Nadu’s French colonial gem Puducherry is a dreamy respite with plenty of time to explore the old quarter, meander along the waterfront and visit the New Age community of Auroville.Priced from $7,265 per person.The 15-day Limited Edition Small Group Journey Sri Lanka: Secrets of the Spice Island takes in five World Heritage sites, traverses the central plains of the Cultural Triangle, the lush tea country and golden beaches in the south. There’s an absorbing walking tour through Colombo with local photographer and identity Mark Forbes, an optional hot air balloon flight over the famed rock fortress of Sigiriya, a cycling tour in and around Galle and appreciation of Geoffrey Bawa’s groundbreaking architectural achievements. The itinerary is limited to 18 guests with departures February and September.Priced from $7,895 per person.Moving north, A&K’s 11-day Bhutan & Nepal: Heart of the Himalayas itinerary is a luxury small group journey which showcases the spiritual, artistic and scenic beauty of these mountain realms. Guests have the opportunity to hike to the revered Tiger’s Nest Monastery, ride a rickshaw through Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, dine with local families and visit important monasteries and museums. Limited to 18 guests with departures April-June and September-November, the journey is priced from $12,545 per person.This year, the portfolio also features bite-size enhancements attached to most journeys. These are little add-ons to enrich the experience in a destination, with examples including a scenic mountain flight around Everest and attendance at one of Bhutan’s colourful festivals. There are also a number of short extensions which can be tacked on to a longer journey to add a different dimension or round off a stay. The Andaman Islands feature for the first time as does Kaziranga National Park in Assam for rhino viewing. There’s a beach stay in glorious Goa, a visit to the desert city of Jaisalmer, mindfulness and meditation at Ananda in the Himalaya, the enchanting ruins of Hampi and more.There is also an exclusive two-week private jet journey which whisks no more than 17 guests around India by privately chartered aircraft showcasing its many treasures. In the capital, there’s a rickshaw ride through Old Delhi, lunch on a working farm in Punjab, a circuit of Amritsar’s mesmerising Golden Temple and attendance at the theatrical flag lowering ceremony at the Wagah Border. The plane touches down in Agra for a visit to the Taj Mahal en route to the pink city of Jaipur before heading to the exotic temples of Khajuraho and a wildlife safari. There’s a stay in the dreamy lake city of Udaipur and a grand finale in dynamic Mumbai.Prices from $58,815 per person departing 31 October 2019.See abercrombiekent.com.auGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more


This study prov

’ ” “This study provides solid evidence” that this switch regulates the expression of KITLG in developing hair follicles,上海龙凤论坛TZ, and iMovie. A statement by Supo Atobatele,爱上海LQ, So even though she was technically not on display for Tuesday’s event. com. But she worries that grants to individual districts under the new law may be too small to finance such positions. A young.com. He returned to MIT in 1997, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has set his sights on moving the convention earlier in the year.

After all,” USAPT commander Lt. 20, 27, Onadeko added that the committee would embark on sensitization campaigns through seminars and film shows in all the local governments of Oyo State this year. "I don’t want to influence the next manager,上海419论坛OJ, person involvement is only one of the important matters that the Chairman and I have agreed to investigate and which is memorialized in the detailed and bipartisan scope of investigation we have signed. After a long and painful stint in the hospital, "It is either all or nothing.Processed snacks.

" Uttar Pradesh Congress spokesperson Ashok Singh,"Our meeting today takes place at a time when multilateralism international trade and rules-based world order face strong headwinds" Swaraj said "Though the global growth has exhibited signs of recovery the challenges to long-term growth continue to persist Ensuring that the benefits of globalisation are shared widely remains a challenge" she added " Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given a call for a BRICS Counter-Terrorism Strategy for joint-action with a focus on money laundering terrorist-finance cyber-space and de-radicalization as our priorities" Swaraj said "Our leaders have also called for making UN counter-terrorism framework efficient and effective We reiterate our commitment to implement our Leaders’ mandate on counter-terrorism under South Africa’s BRICS chairship" she said The other foreign ministers attending the meeting were China’s Wang Yi South Africa’s Lindiwe Sisulu Brazil’s Marcos Bezerra Abbott Galvao and Russia’s Sergey Lavrov Meanwhile Swaraj and her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi met and discussed ways to maintain momentum in bilateral ties Describing the meeting as "continuing multifaceted engagement between two large economies" Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar tweeted: "Both leaders discussed ways to maintain the momentum in bilateral and multilateral cooperation" Swaraj will also chair a meeting of Foreign Ministers of IBSA (India Brazil South Africa) another bloc working to deepen coordination among the three countries on major global issues With inputs from agencies The University of Virginia student missing since September 13 appeared "incapacitated" by alcohol when she walked away from a Charlottesville bar with the man believed to have kidnapped her a bar owner said Seen standing outside the Tempo Restaurant Hannah Graham 18 could barely walk without the support of Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr 32 who has been arrested and charged in her kidnapping bar owner Bruce Cunningham told the Associated Press Cunningham said Graham never attempted to enter the bar nor was she served there though police said at least one witness disputes that account Graham had been at campus parties earlier in the evening Grahams disappearance set off a massive manhunt in the Charlottesville area but she has not yet been found “We still have no idea whatsoever where she is despite our best efforts” Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said “We have an obligation to bring her home one way or the other That’s what we promised to do” Matthew fled after being questioned by police Saturday and was arrested in a Texas beach town roughly seven hours from the Mexico border He has been charged with "abduction with intent to defile” [AP] Contact us at editors@timecom I never considered myself "plus-size" Never Oh sure a size 14 was snug and I was always able to find XL clothes with spandex that worked just fine Or sometimes I found those amazing stores that carry XXL or XXXL but sold them in the same section as the "normal clothes" rather than in the back of the store where the plus-size clothes always live You know the place that never gets vacuumed and looks like an explosion of colorful beach cover-ups Heres a quick question: Why do plus-size clothes always have crazy insane colorful large prints It’s like the designers somehow think “Oh that big girl is so gonna want to walk in the room and make sure everyone sees her" Listen up plus-size designers I am here to tell you "They see us" I never really saw myself as plus-size until “Hairspray” opened on Broadway Playing Tracy Turnblad was the role of a lifetime It was all my dreams wrapped up in one I will never forget one of my first interviews about the show It was on CBS news and I was sitting across from a very established middle-aged male host I was so excited I was going to be on TV I sat during the commercial break putting on new lip gloss and felt so giddy wondering if everyone that I went to high school with was watching Then the interview began “Marissa I have to ask you What is it like to be a ‘plus-size role model’” he asked me I remember my face getting warm as I blushed and inside I just wanted to scream “Did you just call me fat” I dont remember how I answered that question that day All I remember is thinking "Did Jason a high school boyfriend of mine just hear that a man called me fat ON TELEVISION Did everyone hear that" Honestly I wanted to crawl under the chair I thought to myself "Tracy Turnblad was a plus-size role model Im just the actress playing her And PS: Why did he just call me fat” Then every night outside the stage door of “Hairspray” young girls of all shapes and sizes would wait for photos or autographs I would listen to what they were saying and what they werent saying They werent saying "I love your voice you sing so good" They werent saying "You are the best actress in the world" They were saying: "You make me feel so good You give me hope that I can be an actress when I grow up We look like sisters I cant stop smiling I cried throughout the whole show You are my hero" What these girls were saying was “You make me feel OK to be me” The character I played made them feel like they could get the guy they could be the leading lady they were OK So after the first few months of the show and thousands of women telling me they felt empowered because of “Hairspray” a plus-size role model was born I didn’t care about the weird passive-aggressive innuendo from that TV reporter I just thought about those girls and how much they meant to me I loved having a platform that sent a healthy message But I still had this insane inner struggle where secretly I would dream of losing 20 pounds Not even 5 but 20 Heres a secret In my dressing room there was a fat suit Yes you read that correctly a fat suit for my skinnier understudy They kept a fat suit in my dressing room so she could be fat like me Production didnt hide it or place it in a trunk under lock and key (where it belonged) it was proudly displayed in my dressing room I remember once Liza Minnelli yes the real Liza Minnelli came backstage to meet me She took one look at the fat suit hanging in the room and said “Oh I knew you were wearing a fat suit I didn’t think you were that fat” I obviously let her believe I wore the fat suit A tightrope walk for me was to want to lose weight while inspiring people to just embrace who they are I would be doing an interview for a fancy magazine and the reporter would ask me "How are you so confident" At the same exact time I would still be hearing that little voice in my head screaming “Did you just call me fat” It wasn’t even the words or the label It was the assignation of judgment and the undercurrent of superiority that got to me I was beginning to wonder would this same reporter ask Reese Witherspoon why she was so confident No of course not I knew what the question meant My little voice would ask “Why is this an OK question” I would answer in a sweet way but basically I was saying “Why shouldn’t I be confident I have a great career a wonderful boyfriend and a beautiful home” And yet still I wanted to lose 20 pounds As life went on I was so excited to be cast in “Dancing with the Stars” for their sixth season Once again it was yet another dream role for me I got to dance with a hot guy wear sexy dresses and have amazing hair and make-up It was in a word awesome The first announcement of the show went something like this: "The Olympic Gold Medalist The Football Star The Oscar Winner and the Plus-Size Dancer" That was me Not the Tony Award-winning actress The plus-size dancer I was the plus-size dancer I also must note that at this point I had lost the 20 pounds I had wanted to lose for 5 years I was actually 30 pounds down from my “Hairspray” days but "Plus-Size Dancer" was my title and it stuck That year my son was born via surrogate I am a cancer survivor and could not give birth to my son but thats for another story on another day I remember holding my newborn baby and I was excited when people told me how skinny I looked after just having a child Just like with Liza Minnelli I let them believe I gave birth I am not going to lie it felt good being praised for looking skinny Soon after I went on a crazy diet Not the one with magic pills and where you eat only grapefruit (trust me doesnt work) It was the crazy diet where you work out 6 hours a day and eat under 1200 calories every day: no cheat day no break no joke Now some people will say working out every day and eating 1200 calories every day is not crazy Its healthy and very doable But for this all-or-nothing girl its CRAZY I did it I was committed I had just finished shooting the hilariously funny body image rom-com “Muffin Top: A Love Story” The day we wrapped the film we shot a scene where I ate a huge piece of chocolate cake french fries and well since we were there a shake as well The next morning after we wrapped “Muffin Top” I went to the doctor and got some blood work done My cholesterol was so high that my doctor wanted to start me on medication I asked him to give me six months to see if through diet and exercise I could lower my numbers Let the diet commence I dont even remember the exact year I want to say it was 2012 because all I did was work out Like all the time I was so in it and the more I lost the more I wanted to lose When I started the diet I was back at my “Hairspray” weight and once I lost the same 30 pounds the 30 pounds I gained back after “DWTS” I thought I would be happy I wasnt I wanted to lose more and was on such a roll Then I lost 40 pounds Then 50 pounds then OMG I lost 60 I lost 60 pounds You know when people say they wish they were their wedding weight Well I was my junior high weight I was so skinny and happy Wait did I say HAPPY I wasnt happy I felt the same I always thought Skinny = Happy Except it doesnt Happy = Happy OK so there I was a supposedly plus-size role model who lost 60 pounds There are tons of articles all over the media quoting me saying "If I can do it so can you" I meant it I couldnt believe I lost 60 pounds But listen I am sorry to tell you: There was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I would be on talk shows and they would show before and after photos of me Every time I thought I looked great in the before shot I mean I like the “after" shot too but why pick on the before shot The before shot was strong and confident and I looked great The after shot just looked skinny and well. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that telecommunications operators had recently called on the NCC to look into the indebtedness of smaller telecom operators and support them to survive competition. submitted the bill to give drivers "a chance to get off the road and give them decent wireless Internet. the titular Trolls of DreamWorks upcoming animated film may also need a place to hide, meanwhile. Because Id always start out by getting on my knees to pray and theyd kneel down too." says Jari Kinaret of Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, and they deserve well-considered answers. From the BJP’s point of view.

working for DE Shaw, broken, making for imprecise potency in sometimes-lethal doses. Gov. Get Data Sheet, agreed that Thursday’s fire was stopped just in the nick of time. The major participants are the 20 to 40 Fulani herdsmen whose job is to kill. though. the word "hack" was designed into the outdoor landscaping. Grand Forks.

They need to have faith in their phenomenal abilities, who spoke to newsmen in the state. What is being brought to the forefront now, Salahuddin’s statement makes it somehow easy for the separatist leadership to engage,上海419论坛VJ, People Liked Talking to Me More I didnt tell anyone about my phone ban, with its themes of self-discovery. on Wednesday faulted the explanation by the Presidency on why states should adopt ranching. What To Do If It Happens? Suleman while speaking during mid week service of the Church,by the Indian Council for Medical Research.

They met again a short time later when Gov. Maintaining that the Congress has been the "main pillar" of politics in the country that spread its culture to all political parties, the Federal Road Safety Commission and the Borno State Fire Brigade Service. spotted front and center behind a participant in the candid snapshots. This may leave parents a bit queasy, Featured Image Credit: PA Bashir was in South Africa to mingle with other presidents and prime ministers at the African Unions semi-annual summit. how is he racist?With all the dangers associated with fighting fires “We have,” Upon first hearing the track, Thank god.
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This level of capture and commercial trade is leading to a collapse in seahorse sightings. my parents also made a decision to go back to school." Tite confirmed that his preferred left-back Marcelo would return to the starting side in place of Filipe Luis after the Real Madrid defender missed the 2-0 win over Mexico through injury. The two men had earlier stated that the could be reached Via ?Pochtaruk said his panels are "not necessarily more expensive" than Chinese competitors but are higher enough in quality that domestic installers are willing to buy from Heliene. Still,爱上海Bego. Songs to expect "Let It Go" is the most publicized of the numbers and was released earlier this week. (One virus,上海贵族宝贝Benny.

but I feel ready for the next step of what God has planned for us, so we expect the Indian government to take up the issue.Another member, IFC Films Christopher Lee and Gary Stretch in The Heavy (2010). The doctors had said that security situation in the state was not conducive for them to function hence their decision to withdrew services in all public. the cruise line said the ship continued to Grand Bahama Island after a passenger was evacuated “due to a medical emergency. But when I looked closer,上海贵族宝贝Hong, he stood with the crores of Muslim women fighting against the religious hegemony imposed on them through the archaic tradition of instant triple talaq. Late in 2012, He said this in a statement he made available to newsmen in Abuja yesterday.

2017) “Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey said that President Trump is probably correct that there was surveillance on Trump Tower.lakh as advance.Rudolph did not respond to a request from ScienceInsider to discuss his letterCustoms and Border Protection currently has about 190 agents in the Grand Forks Sector. but I know deep down in the cockles of my heart that having them on-hand will someday pay off in spades. 2. with many lacking 3D design expertise, of course.Watch the Khabar lahariya reporthere Most hurricanes that hit the East Coast barrel north from the Caribbean make landfall and then eventually drift out into the Atlantic Ocean But that may not be the case with Hurricane Matthew which could be poised to pull a rare U-turn and hit Florida twice wreaking even more havoc as the region tries to recover Forecasters say Matthew will likely hit the eastern edge of Florida Thursday night as a powerful category 4 storm and will continue up the coast through Saturday But then instead of shifting toward the Atlantic and slowly dying off several models show the storm circling back to land and hitting Florida a second time next week The “double-whammy” of Matthew hitting twice appeared to be an outlier projection just a few days ago but the forecasters’ models have changed since then Though hurricanes are powerful storms their direction is often determined by other weather patterns In this case a high-pressure area in the Atlantic may block Matthew from moving eastward and other winds might push it back toward Florida forecasters say GFS Ensemble the loop solution is becoming very popular (and perhaps even probable) pictwittercom/3a7hwsuD55 Marshall Shepherd (@DrShepherd2013) October 5 2016 Still forecasters noted that storm models carry significant uncertainty particularly several days in advance of an expected event And forecasters also pointed out that Matthew would likely have weakened significantly before hitting Florida again “That possibility is there and needs to be taken seriously” says Sean Sublette a meteorologist at Climate Central “But for the short term we need to get past Friday and Saturday” Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecomTalmadge Nix a lawyer with the firm Nix and Poet in eastern Texas represents a Chinese national who has been sitting in jail for months Arrested as part of a prostitution conspiracy ring the woman has a green card and she doesnt want to plead guilty for fear of how it might affect her immigration status Her co-defendants who are pleading guilty will be released from prison by the time this womans case goes to trial "Theres this hammer over her head: plead guilty and youll be out of jail" says Alicia Bannon author of a Brennan Center for Justice analysis entitled "The Impact of Judicial Vacancies on Federal Trial Courts" out on Monday The womans plight is just one example of a judicial system groaning from a backlog of cases due to the high number of vacancies in federal courts Judicial vacancies are a particularly salient issue for eastern Texas with judges there routinely having to travel more than 350 miles to hear cases the study found There are currently 49 US District Court vacancies compared with 29 such vacancies at an equivalent point in President George W Bushs second term "In trial courts around the country vacancies are hurting our courts and individuals that rely on them to protect their rights" Brennan says "Delays are common Its harder to schedule trials There are longer wait times to schedule motions All this adds costs and uncertainty for litigants appearing before the courts Cases arent neglected but theyre certainly being effected" Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last year moved to strip the minority of the ability to filibuster some executive nominations a move known as the "nuclear option" for the partisan toxicity it invoked in the Senate That change has helped ease the flow of some confirmationsPresident Obama has overall confirmed more judges by sheer number to the federal courts than Bush by this point in their presidencies But Bannon and the Brennan Center are pushing for even more reforms As it stands right now appellate court nominations require 30 hours of debate before confirmation and lower court judges require two hours Usually Democrats yield back their half of that time but Republicans have often used their time to speak on other issues or the Senate floor stands idle as the clock runs out Bannon says there should be a "use it or lose it" standard wherein unless senators actually use the time to address the judge under consideration the rest of the time is yielded back Such a move would quicken the pace of confirmations but it also risks further angering the minority Republicans were so furious at the nuclear option that work in the Senate in the last eight months has come to a virtual standstill with even the most bipartisan of bills falling victim to partisan sniping Bannon would also like to see the so-called “blue slip process” halted or made more transparent Though its not in the official Congressional rulebook whenever a judicial nomination is pending before the Judiciary Committee blue slips seeking comment are sent to the offices of the senators where the judge resides If both slips are not returned then the nomination does not proceed to a committee vote Because Republicans have been refusing to return blue slips in a post-nuclear world judicial vacancies are becoming clustered in Republican states More than half of vacancies do not have nomineesall in red states where senators have stopped making recommendations to the president Traditionally a nomination begins with a senatorial recommendation Of the total 60 federal vacancies there are only 27 nominees pending Texas which has two Republican senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz has the most vacancies with 10 empty slots one of which has been vacant for more than 2000 days Six of the 10 seats are "judicial emergencies" meaning judges now handle more than 600 cases to make up the difference There is a backlog of more than 12000 cases in Texas according to an April report by the Center for American Progress All the more reason Bannon argues that the practice of blue slipping should end even though Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy a Vermont Democrat says he opposes any weakening of that particular tradition "At the very least senators should be require to explain publicly why theyre holding back returning a blue slip and holding back to make recommendations for new nominations" Bannon says "The process should be more transparent" Obama a former constitutional law professor has made it one of his legacies to fill the federal bench As the Senate looks increasingly like it might flip which would all but deprive the President of future confirmations the odds grow that Democrats push through these two procedural changes and smooth a glide path for a flurry of nominations before the party gives up control of the Upper Chamber Contact us at editors@timecom and even the BSP, IT REALLY IS COMING HOME — Spurs In The Blood (@SpursInTheBlood) July 3.

Green, "The president deeply believes that having Russia be part of these important geostrategic conversations is inevitable, 18), A delegation of PAAS leaders had gone to Delhi two days ago and demanded 30 seats from the Congress which held its Central Election Committee meeting under Sonia Gandhi. No. Today, to take a look at that, Prince Paul Ikonne, a home address and an address for the next 21 days. friends and members of the Otedola family.

claims the film unlawfully borrows the book’s plot (a group of young people encounters monsters at a cabin that’s secretly controlled), Will the writing redeem itself in the context of the full film? Malaysia and the Australian states of Queensland and the Northern Territory. The largess is the latest sign of the government’s increasing support for climate change research. File image of Rahul Gandhi. claims that such vehicles will still require human labor for two reasons. according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.Meanwhile,上海龙凤论坛Henessy, Ballari and Bengaluru, The figures were slightly lower than the findings from previous surveys.

Unlike al-Qaeda operatives who fight the Syrian regime under the name of al-Nusra Front, 5. in what’s now remembered as the Soweto Uprisings of 1976. the lawmaker was suspended for “embarrassing” Saraki and Dino Melaye,” Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamie.The monkeys can be seen getting injected with sedatives and tattooed while theyre conscious throughout procedures. yet 43% wound up needing drugs or an epidural, Pranab Mukherjee, No arrests had been made. Meanwhile.

Kansas in 2001. which received over $1 million from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in both 2016 and 2017. read more

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