Hello everyone! I’m on a business trip today! No way to stay at the computer, talk about their own experience in doing these years station. I have to let King brother say it for me. In fact, there is nothing more to experience! It’s just a sign of failure. Today, I’m talking about "we’re standing here and making money."".

you might say, who doesn’t know what to do to make money the station? Just don’t know how to do! How the station can earn money! Today’s network development quickly, the term "website", I am afraid as everyone knows, the network makes people get rich, also let people hurt way. Such as Taobao, Sina, 163, Tudou and so on, these webmaster is so rich. Today, websites like this are everywhere, and I’ve been to 123pai for a while, and the site is over 90% of Taobao’s Web site, but 123pai didn’t make a penny while I was working.

so why? Because these stations need credit. People don’t have money to arrive at a do not know old dishonest website to buy things! Now, there’s a certain amount of money to spend on this kind of website, most of which is for sale. Advertising. Not a certain amount of customer groups, it is difficult to do ah.

what kind of website does it make money? After a few months I do stand to reflect, relying solely on a website, specifically for advertising, is unable to live. Because the website is countless now, stationmaster does not know its number. Do refuse station, absolutely not live. When I just stepped into the rank of stationmaster, encountered great setback.

1, website promotion question

2, search engine optimization,

3, sustainable development.

I think there are generally three problems, even more.

the first question: do website promotion, I think the garbage garbage station, such as the number of resources of the network, some of the QQ website, etc.. Should not have this problem, because the stem was equal to the white. Few of these sites have been added to their favorites, and few will ever visit them again. As for the second question, search engine optimization, this is what every webmaster has to do, and have to do. Third problems of sustainable development, the problem is that this website, webmaster can rest? Can stop to maintain the site day in and day out? With these stations, perhaps only those of the service station.

what kind of station is the service station? The service station is the station where you need your help. When I made a website some time ago, I was in the forum and posted it all the time. It always feels endless. Site popularity is a bit, but advertising revenue is still very little. People looked at an open leg AD and won’t come back next time. At that time, I found a QQ group, mass mailing software. They are all trial versions. There is a document, which says, if you join any what site, every day 10>