although the Spring Festival Gala has ended, but the exception is that the annual Spring Festival gala will bring a lot of impact on the Internet community. Of course, many people also get some benefits from these small shocks. We can also get some traffic from the last heat of the Spring Festival Gala,

!After all,

Spring Festival is over, most of what has become a foregone conclusion, we need to do now is to analyze which show the most to attract the audience’s vision and curiosity in the spring, we can start from this program, and then customize a very attractive topic, finally finishing material can released. This method is a lot of friends are often used, but in normal life, we use this method, the effect is not very good, but this Spring Festival Gala activities can bring us a good opportunity Oh,


let me give you an example.

first I can confirm the Spring Festival evening show, Fu Yandong performed the magic show is to attract the audience, so we only need to collect the relevant information about Fu Yandong and his magic, and then finishing it! But we don’t copy Oh, because you want to show the magic of Fu Yandong’s secret, this is not how to comment on the Fu Yandong magic and wonderful or not. You should sum up the process of revealing the goldfish magic on the Internet, and then add some of your own views, which will make it look more exciting.

is the title of this article is also quite important, let me give you an example, the average person will have the title, "goldfish magic secret" Fu Yandong of the Spring Festival, this title is believed to have used by other websites, and if you repeat it, will be at a disadvantage, website search engine your impression is not good, even if you do not like the content, but the title as it is in vain. I suggest you use the "magic of the Spring Festival, Fu Yandong. Goldfish", this title will cause all kinds of people’s attention, people will move toward Fu Yandong about this point and click on the goldfish abuse your title to see


in fact, many people say that these articles are sent to some post bar inside, because there are large traffic flow, but the flow of people does not mean that you can get large flow. Not everyone sees you you have to click on the title, perhaps some of these people are not interested in the subject and so on, so you not only to Post Bar, can also be sent to some big forum, not only the link, you can when a soft article published at the forum, in the article add your link, it can increase a chain

Oh!In fact, the

theme in the Spring Festival evening in the evening to collect data, after all the first-hand information, get more traffic, regardless of whether the subject matter is right or wrong, as long as you are exclusive, you have one big party!