when the tide, before we know who is swimming naked. Known as the world’s largest Chinese blog website "bokee.com", is likely to become one naked. Recently, some media reported that the blog office building was locked in the door and only a few employees stayed at home. A spread of the internet post more hit off describes staff containment chairman Fang Xingdong Taoxin case.

Fang Xingdong is one of China’s most famous people in the IT community. In 2002, the blog was founded in China (later renamed as blog network), becoming one of the earliest Blog websites in china. A group of new web sites represented by blog networks once opened the so-called "Web2.0 craze" on the Chinese internet. However, the Dongxing that they had "no fear and portal competition" Hao language still ringing in our ears, but now it has become the industry in the winter, "the aggrieved party can not let people sigh.

from the United States financial tsunami beginning of the economic crisis, is accompanied by the cold air blowing in Siberia, coming together to the Eurasian continent. The Internet won’t be an industry that can escape winter. Two weeks ago, we issued a doubt: 3C weekly Duanliang winter website to fall in the twinkling of an eye, sentient beings who? The bad news has been hatched, perhaps followed.

industry in the winter, there are always a number of enterprises fell, this is the law of nature, able to withstand heavy battering. This is just like the snow in the winter, there will always be a flock of cold and hungry fell sick, but the natural elimination will make the population more life and growth in nature, from the brink of death struggle to survive and survive, will become the most powerful vitality of the group. Ten years ago, the first time the Internet bubble burst, the Internet industry is also littered with corpses, NetEase, Sina, Sohu and other portals, were all reduced to less than $1 in junk stocks. However, survived the winter, to find a way out, the survivors has now become the pillar industry, will not easily be the next winter.

who lives and who dies is accidental and inevitable. The birth of vertical websites such as blogs has brought fresh air to the internet. However, when Sina, Sohu and other portals soon began to March vigorously into the blogging business, they actually heralded the end of professional blog sites. The reason is simple: the portal blog, the figure is increased in popularity, not in a hurry to profit on it; and professional blog could only rely on it to make money. Fang Dongxing have been groping for five or six years, blog site is still burning money, I’m afraid no one found a truly successful profit model,


on vertical professional site survival problem has always been pessimistic, especially those blog sites, video sites, may not be able to get much advertising from the portal of the teeth. But recently, chatting with an editor in charge of a female web site has greatly revised my ideas. This woman’s website reputation may not have much, but the annual income has 34 million yuan, "is certainly making money".

the Internet world can’t be just a web portal, and vertical web sites aren’t all about it