in 2009, in the twinkling of an eye, I have been in computer work for 5 years, and I have not made any achievements. I am relatively unsuccessful in this respect.

when I was working, I changed my job to three. Has engaged in graphic design, web design, website design, website production, network marketing, actual sales marketing; arguably the entire process experienced, but also in the three units of work done very well. Before and after the production site of hundreds in a large network company (PowerEasy network) also spent two or three years, mixed with a good designer first, then to do business, is also very good, as a medium-sized software company (Yu technology software marketing director), go to the company network stations are not through. To not only plan the good website, also use the advantage of the resources, the company’s business promotion done exceptionally well


I think he has been relatively mature, finally choose their own business, because they don’t cost much, or a choice of e-commerce! Not that do not cost, but because they are too familiar with this piece is really, do stand on their own, it is a few days after all. There is no type work when the accumulation of wealth.

actually, I have been out for a month, finally put the website: unigarden network well, is mainly used to access the web site templates for the production orders, and sales of our own design website template. Of course, our advantage is to do CMS templates, SHOPEX mall templates, where the template is the most familiar system. After the website completes, we carry on the promotion, the internal optimization, increases the chain, goes to each big mainstream popularity forum, the post propaganda promotion. During this period, I continue to help others, answer other questions, perhaps others see our sincerity, and finally there are many people choose to find us site, do templates, do the output, do imitation station. I cherish the hard won customers, and the charge is very low, mostly between 300~800. The sale of the template is only 100 yuan a set. So made several repeat customers. That’s a good start,

if we only rely on a template center station, it is very difficult to develop for a long time, so I had to do the site of Foshan fashion network official operation! I didn’t expect him to immediately be able to profit, but I hope that through our efforts, do 2 years


to be honest, individual entrepreneurs than working hard several times, I often work late at night from 2 to 3, thanks to the support of my family! Sometimes a cup of happy, will make their move! Warmth filled me with greater motivation to work hard! Do it too much. To be busy, my weight was down 8 pounds, later to strengthen exercise, but my heart is very full, because I’m doing what I want to do, that’s enough!

, I don’t know how far my station can go, but I’ll keep it up. I believe that as long as you pay and struggle, success will come……