I am 07 years contact website, now also has a full two years, which has done a lot of basic station, not a stick down, the reason is the theme of the site to choose a big start, I believe that many novice webmaster like me, I’d just started to make the whole. Of course, the idea is good, but too utilitarian, now the Internet mainly to professional, although Baidu also do online shopping, kill me also don’t believe Taobao can do it, the professional is the kingly way.

I am

from 07 years to date, do not know what technology, will only modify some simple code, thanks to CMS Dede, the Empire, innumerable, discuz, phpwind and the like, can be said to do any website can begin preliminary prototyping, but how to select a topic, I still reading. Of course, students’ spare time is more, in addition to the game, I think I didn’t what other hobbies, so I made a Warcraft map download station, that is to say I recommend the novice webmaster do their own familiar areas, even more popular, some websites are not able to do it technology well, for example, there are many people around me that pig, you do this is more powerful than others, at least you can get first-hand experience in pig. Another site like a duck in water.

of course, you may ask others uuu9 (World of Warcraft map famous site) what station do big and full, you do not what the future, of course, this argument has some truth, the Internet is not a single large, the DuoWan had 17173 more than the bright younger generation, no one said do the same website, still have to see how to do. I personally feel that the website on the Internet is a lot of dead station, of course, not including the dumpster, that is to say, a website only provides a service, that some people may think that professional and draw further apart I mean, since a site traffic is good, why no closer and the distance? Forum or QQ group or is a direct or indirect communication with users, the webmaster is a service industry, a person’s thoughts have limitations, why not let your customers to advice? Of course on the Internet is also a platform to communicate with each other.

space for the choice of the domain name, I rented a server in the absence of traffic situations, in order to ensure the running speed and stability of the site, I personally think that the premise of investment is necessary, of course, I am not very encourage novice to do so, but I was desperate, I give myself the first half of the period, up to 2000IP, I give up this industry. I don’t feel any pressure. I can’t.. For the choice of the domain name, now the rice is almost gone, my station is www.emayi.com, E ant Warcraft map download website, finally has a name, this for the development of the website is a good thing, at least better, but also has a certain significance on the inside.