building a site is very simple, but to succeed in operation, so that site survival is really a simple thing. Especially for the domestic first-line small and medium-sized site for the webmaster, development site need to pay more efforts. Because of the operation and development of small and medium-sized sites, there are a lot of limitations. Five major stumbling block below the author discuss the limitations in the small and medium-sized site operators entrenched on the.

: a stumbling block double restriction of energy and technology

I think many small owners are not proficient in technology, while operating a site does not need to have excellent technology, but if you are interested in art or code words utterly ignorant of you will encounter a lot of inconvenience. And to individual stationmaster concerned, trival website operation matters often can let you have physical strength overdraw. The website operation needs to start from the content renewal, the chain, the activity plan and so on, if you do it alone, must be busy. In this regard, personal Adsense is often difficult to adhere to, and I suggest that we can best set a team for operations, in order to make our site to get a more fully developed.

way two: the site’s location is not clear

I contacted many novice webmaster, they sometimes ask the author how to promote the website, the author will answer their question, not now consider, but do station before you need to plan. The author found that the initial purpose now many small and medium-sized site station are unplanned and this prompted by a sudden impulse, the site began to find the direction in the operation after a period of time, do not know what direction to a direction of development. A website needs to have a clear positioning, positioning, including the site to go in the future, direction and profitability issues. So I want to give the vast number of small and medium-sized site a reminder, do before the station should have a clear positioning, so that there is the goal of hard work.

three: no stumbling block features, there is no point

as a small and medium-sized site, because of the limitations of technology, many sites will have no characteristics of the problem. We found that most small and medium sites use some open source free site building programs to build websites. Because the current construction of a website requires space and domain name costs are very low, leading to a very rampant site, many sites not only use the same site procedures, and even copy templates are copied. Of course, in addition to building systems, templates, the entire web site if the topic is the former, then you can say that this site will be difficult. Such a site is difficult to have the opportunity to develop, and there may be considered as a search engine group crisis.

second, many sites in the operation is not a selling point, this point involves the positioning of the website referred to above problems, if our site positioning is poor, no selling, don’t we want to attract and retain visitors. As for this, we must find the selling point of our website as well as in the future