as an incompetent webmaster why think of this theme? Because I was in real life inspiration, we all know that twenty-first Century is in need of compound talents, think of webmaster group, the author thinks that the composite station will be the future mainstream webmaster group. So, what is the status of the webmaster group,


professional knowledge is uneven,

in the Internet field, from time to time will burst Moumou do grassroots webmaster what website success, and many are non professionals in the grassroots webmaster, think about the success of these stationmaster is started relatively early, it is hard for you to make a hao123. Now that the whole grassroots group professional knowledge uneven, small to large to master, absolutely ignorant of, the professional knowledge of the great span, especially some of the more mature CMS, reduce the threshold in this group, but most of them are non professional background.

age spans larger but relatively concentrated

grassroots Adsense group over the ages, ranging from teens to more than 40 years old, but relatively concentrated, mostly between more than 20 and more than 30 years old, and a considerable number of students in school. Part of it is entrepreneurship, and the other part is their hobbies. This situation makes the group of webmaster almost no age limit, as long as you are willing to enter this group at any time.

is full of dreams and passionate

in this group is an ideal and passionate group, no matter whether they are to set up their own business or for their own interests, they can pay a lot, in order to achieve their goals can be all day and night in the global computer, can learn the practical part of the day, because they are a vibrant and full of the passion of the group.

, a blank and determined group,

breakdown, how many webmasters have been at a loss, with a temporary impulse to do the site and revision, built their own blog and give up, they are at a loss. But they have a firm, because always stick to never give up, perhaps at every station is only a stage, people can only walk from here to mature to success. At a loss is not terrible, insist on more valuable, I wish the majority of the webmaster go the better,


is now pregnant situation webmaster group has worried, grassroots webmaster to more and more difficult to succeed, the future owners will be the main composite webmaster, like enterprise needs talents, to succeed in this group, the composite station will have greater advantages more opportunities in the future, because this group has a successful webmaster conditions, they have the ability, knowledge, passion, ideal. And in the next few years will be the rapid growth of the webmaster group, the industry will be increasingly fierce competition, to achieve no comprehensive quality is more and more difficult, so it will promote the whole.