since the first article, the advantages of soft promotion with its low cost and good effect has a space for one person in the advertising market, the freedom of the soft Wen promotion is the traditional hard advertising can not match, but the soft Wen promotion need is a long-term process, which produces from the published utility may take some time, but only in the minds of users to strengthen, to win the trust of users.

a lot of friends in the process of writing soft text, may be out of passion, insist on one or two weeks, found that utility is not too good, would not hold out, in fact, this time, may be a lot of visitors to see your article, but also get some information in your article, just want to continue when continued attention, follow-up you have not been able to continue to publish the article down, causes you to promote the products gradually forgotten, this is actually wasted, you become a MA mouth "died in the evening of the second day of the people".

insists to create results, as long as you do it, may produce unexpected results, take my own example, before writing, are 00 or later released, I noticed the importance of system, published a series of Jerry Mont for the title at the beginning of the tutorial article, only adhere to a month at present, Baidu has included the amount after ten thousand, included the amount of Google on the more, this time discovered that their intention to do things to get results.

adhere to the spirit of every one want to learn the soft of the webmaster sent to help the purpose, a few days ago founded the independent China Adsense exchange BBS, and opened a novice soft Wen QQ group: 85467143. Hope to build such a platform, so that more people to communicate, so that we can progress.

many webmaster friends asked me: "my writing level is not good, sent to the big web site, afraid of being deleted, how to do?


I suggest: let go, according to some basic principles of soft writing write your own characteristics and release to you love release place to be scolded, being Paizhuan not tight, the key is you have to learn from what soft release skills, try a little more, constantly improve their methods, you soft writing level can be improved.

the most terrible thing in the world is to persist. No one can fail you. No one can say you can’t, but on the road, if you give up, you really fail.

is the biggest failure to give up, the biggest enemy is yourself, the biggest rival is the time, my webmaster friends, soft writing way. We should persist and learn from each other and improve each other, we will be able to maximize the function of the soft wen.

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