no matter what is done, I always feel the mentality is very important, as a young master attitude is more important to a person, what kind of attitude makes your life and career, what kind of future, said webmaster here is what kind of attitude to business site will be operating out of a what kind of the site, to a dumpster attitude to business website so your site will be doomed to a dumpster, which in turn is the same reason.

why some Adsense is other than the owners earn more money than other webmaster flow and ranking is better, though not to equate money flow and ranking! But in this sort of personal webmaster group, but that what is clear to everyone that you know in this website than others strong. Some webmaster do a few stations, have good rankings and flow, although not what station, all day on the Alliance for a living, but every day hundreds of thousands of income but let him have been very satisfied and happy, happy to live a full day of high quality of life, it seems that their life is too good than others. Many webmaster every day can only be bustling about living.

actually, there is not much difference between people. So is the webmaster, webmaster status survey of 09 a few days ago Sina statistics, primary income of the webmaster only to Dr. stationmaster income, meaning that education and technology in this circle seems to have really so no longer occupy large proportion. But why do some webmaster can earn money, every day will have been very clear, but some owners are rent utilities every month your worry? Don’t exclude some technical problems here, but the most important is a mentality of


why will create these two types of webmaster, two kinds of mentality decided these two kinds of webmaster life. A philosopher says: "your state of mind is your real master."." A great man said, "either you run your life, or your life rides you.". Do you mind to decide who is the horse rider who is." So as a webmaster should have a what kind of mentality, first I think the mentality of the webmaster to yo peace, at least you haven’t achieve success and win recognition achievement, maintain a calm state of mind is important, don’t put the website ranking look too important, especially now Baidu stable period, do the webmaster to do, everything depends on Baidu! Although the pay is not necessarily return, but we should still believe that pay will be rewarded.

affects the success of the webmaster, not just the environment or technology and money, mentality control your actions and thinking patterns. At the same time, your mental outlook determines your vision, career and achievements. A webmaster success depends on his attitude! Between the webmaster and the difference is: a successful webmaster always use the most positive thinking, optimistic spirit and the most glorious experience to dominate and control their own life. Losers are just the opposite. Their lives are governed by the failures and doubts of the past. In the final analysis, how to look at life, grasp life by >