The concept of

traditional media is emerging in recent years, because with the Internet in our life is extended, so relative to the previous old media, there is a new term, this is the traditional media.

traditional media includes three major categories: first, some print media, such as newspapers, magazines and so on. The two kind is television, and the three is probably broadcast. In fact, before the birth of the Internet, we have access to information, as well as living and entertainment, mainly by these means. It dominates politics and the economy in many ways. It is indispensable to all of us. And after so many years, has formed a complete operating system and business model.

may with the increasing progress of the society, all what two words plus the traditional sense and this does not match the times, will be mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. With the rapid development of the network in recent years, there seems to be a voice, that is, new media will replace the traditional media?. Because the world is developing and human beings are progressing, will the traditional and stable situation keep pace with our progress with the times?. Here, I can say for sure that it won’t. Others have been tired of talking about how they compete and how the fittest survive. In fact, the traditional media and network relationship is like a big brother and little brother, and I think of a Chinese saying, "brother to heart.". Its benefits are cut off by gold.

traditional media after so many years of development, has been relatively perfect, and television, radio, newspapers are always the throat of a country. It dominates the political and economic direction of the country. It is still the main channel for people to understand current affairs. China is a big country of about one billion. According to statistics, Internet users already have three hundred million, but how many people are watching TV newspapers?. How many times should this figure be?. Every morning when we eat breakfast outside, you’ll see someone holding the morning paper or listening to the radio. On the bus home from work, you’ll find all kinds of magazines on the seat. This shows that the traditional media all the time in our lives.

and the emerging network in China is only a few years, and it has many advantages over the traditional media, and many young people like me may live in the network every day. Work requires surfing the internet. Home entertainment or online, and even chat with our friends may be the other side of the ocean yellow hair, green eyes. The network is really quick and convenient. There is no regionalism. The most important thing is to build a great platform for communication and interaction. So I think the traditional media and network promotion should help each other help, just like the big brother with a little brother, this is a very good combination. This is a win-win situation.

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