[core tip], the Internet community has been advocating the simplicity of the design of the sound, but what are the simple design skills


has a lot of books on minimalist design, and the Internet community has also been promoting the sound of minimalist design. Some people say that, to see the domestic design of major portals, all of them are rough writing and functions, is it true that Chinese people are not good at design simplicity?.

What does

products look like? It’s about the audience of the product. When we look at domestic TV shopping, we always sell products in the direction of "how many functions". Maybe our target audience is the big and big stuff, not the designers and product managers. In order to meet the needs of the environment, we have to use a variety of functional points to attract users.


bloated, easily fed up, crude living desire

product function is not a good thing, bloated function will make the product itself positioning and identification of sparse, and at the same time bring visual and psychological pressure. It will make the product seem no depth, it feels like a sudden upsurge of foreplay skip. The initial version, as long as the key features and features that allow the concept of the product to be established.

, however, if the product is too simple and limited to limited usage scenarios, the frequency of user usage will be low and easily forgotten. It’s also a sore spot for most travel sites and App.

is likely to have this problem every time he considers a function point.

can make the product "look minimalist" simple technique

I don’t think foreign App will be less functional than domestic. In implementing the same functionality, the domestic App design did not make the interface look more minimalist.

product design simplicity, the most intuitive feeling is UI design. Here are some of the important techniques I think you can make App look "simpler"



U.S. mission network


is the content of the iambic, inhibiting contrast blowing, through comparison approach can make the amount of information on the vision "is actually less than.

is well organized and has strong and weak information layout, which makes it easier for users to grasp the overall structure at first glance, so that they can quickly find the information they want. Just like newspaper headlines, all kinds of headlines. These changes allow people to read more smoothly. Imagine if the contents of the newspaper were all the same size and font size, I’m afraid no one would have any desire to read.

from the angle of operation >