many years ago, most people have become the community forum said, even now there are still a lot of people still do not know the difference between forum and community, and we are still accustomed to a community called a forum.

today I’m here to give a full account of what the community means and to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the community on the web. First of all, what we need to know is that the forum is just a part of the community, a place for public activities and discussions in the community, and a platform for community organizations and community cultural characteristics.

in real life, the community refers to the regional community of life. To form a community, the following factors should be included: a certain range of regional space, a certain scale of facilities, a certain number of population, a certain type of community activities, a certain characteristic of community culture.

so building a network community, the same five points are necessary. The domain name space and a range of geographical space which is the site of the community facilities; a certain scale refers to the community to provide independent residence, public places and Internet Entertainment (blog, SNS) and entertainment (such as games, forum, etc.) to various services (such as shopping mall, life information, classified information, such as online consultation); a community service in the perfect function it will attract people to live here for a long time.

a certain number of community population refers to the number of registered users of a web site, and the number of registered users does not equal the number of registered users. There is a clear difference between the online community and the real community, that is, the population capacity in the community is limited, but there is no limit to the number of people in the network community. Network community operators through all effective formal means, so that more Internet users to come to this community, and want to retain these Internet users. With regard to the capacity of the population, the Internet community has an irreplaceable advantage. Developers spend billions to build a real community, costing tens of billions of dollars to build a thriving commercial street, but there are also restrictions on the number of communities, commercial streets, shops and homes. But site operators need to build the 1/10 and even 1/100 costs in the real community, creating a thriving community and business street. The flow of people such as the flow of people every day now is not as good as Xidan commercial street in the flow of people even more than the reality of commercial street, although the number of transactions is still a certain gap, but this is only a matter of time. The online community is embodied to record their feelings and life, initiate and participate in a variety of issues, to express their views on some problems and perspectives, various interests, various theme activities, through various methods of expression, talk, dating, trading, people formed in these activities in the social network.

The emergence of the Internet

will completely change people’s lives, the emergence of the Internet community to further integrate the Internet into the lives of people, but also indicates that the Internet is heavy on people