half a year ago, I made my first forum. Although I didn’t earn any money, I didn’t lose confidence and put a lot of energy into it.

some time ago, I found that my forum traffic soared, the PR value reached 3, but soon became 0, let me think about it. Later, after analysis, found the following points, perhaps not very accurate, please evaluate:

too many ads: one time I in stationmaster net forum posting that my website support advertising stickers, did not expect a lot of friends come to the forum posting batch me, then no way I had to delete one by one, finally I will not move really delete all the gag.

analysis: in fact, the ads have been hidden ads forum, let users feel tired, but also to Google search engine has also brought some pressure and resentment, imagine for users of search engine advertising fees are tired, because not to search for something really useful, which is the major search engine headache. Therefore, but let the free advertising occupied the search engine resources, neither cost-effective nor bring popularity, but on both sides are not pleasing.

solution: crack down on advertising stickers and make clear rules and regulations

frequent changes in website style or design unreasonable layout: This is also critical, perhaps many friends do not care, but an unreasonable layout will directly affect the rising PR value. Sometimes it looks like the layout is very reasonable, but I see problems on other computers. For example, my forum is like this. The computer at home looks like a problem, but I feel good when I go to the Internet bar.

analysis: in fact, Google’s style is tested using a variety of monitors, and your site must ensure that it is normal on any display.

solution: set a reasonable layout,

insult and slander Google and its products: This is also very important, please note that, here, I must apologize to Google. Because I once said in a large forum, Google alliance can not earn money, in fact, my site clicks too little, and many professional forums are still very profitable, Google union is actually very good oh.

analysis: Google as the world’s largest Internet company, in search engines and advertising has a very prominent performance, and Google for slander and insulting their website is actually punished accordingly.

solution: when talking about Google’s products on forums or websites, you must respect the facts.

other factors: in fact, many people who specialize in professional PR value is decided according to what is said, known to have more than 50, due to a very professional, because I don’t understand, not to mention.

I think I smoked dream community web site: bbs.xunmenger.cn still has great potential.