website you should want to have a good team, but when many people in the choice of the team, there is no good management, no good cooperation, the last team or in scattered, I used the combination of a team, each person is responsible for the Forum ( content of the site, the chain but in the end, or that does not target effect, and the turmoil began the.““ here and we analyze a network of excellence should be how to grow: `

The five stage of the

team must be:

1. growth period

determine goals. Share your goals with your team members. Goals should be as specific as possible. "Increasing sales revenue" is a directive goal, but it does not provide clear guidance to your team; and "advertising focused" or "lower prices" is much more specific and much clearer than

2. turbulence period

can not see the effect, the efforts for some time began to have psychological unrest. This time, the team needs the core character to stabilize everyone’s mood `

3. stable phase

assign roles according to strengths. Identify skills needed to accomplish goals, recruit team members with these skills, and assign different jobs according to their strengths.

4. high yield

communication results. Don’t forget to check the progress of the plan and communicate with the team at any time during the team’s implementation of your plan.

5. mourning period

confirms that team members are ready. Understanding is not agreement. Make sure they agree to your goals and success roadmap. Don’t agree, transfer your team.

good team of seven features:

One of the features of

: a clear team goal.

features two: shared resources

features three: different team roles,

features four: good communication,

features five: common values and behavioral norms

features six: team sense of belonging

features seven: effective authorization

PS: good team needs good management,

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