think of the title of this small series or in dedicated to the promotion of the website, but the passage of time, now the promotion has no longer simple, Baidu suddenly feel is very lovely. But when we are good, we love, and when we are bad, we still have to love. This is the sorrow of being an Internet promoter. The momentum in retrospect before do network promotion work, look at the current promotion dilemma, this shift is 360° the reason is that we now have nothing else, the promotion is no longer as before simple.

believe that every network promotion workers will feel, the Baidu algorithm now makes it is at a loss, and even a lot of promotion promotion now began to feel is really confusing. Before we do promotion, the station of the article is collected, the best is also the same article for a while, for the original, directly on the web site. But now? Scindapsus algorithm on-line, Baidu original Mars program online, really let us a lot of extension workers to have a headache, the original method we use has become chicken ribs, now targeted solutions are too troublesome and time-consuming, this is undoubtedly a very troublesome thing. But can we give up the pressure of Baidu, rankings and so on? This is a rather unrealistic idea. So, what should we do? No way, can only be hard on the scalp, and every day on his website to update a few original articles, to enhance the Baidu for their own web site of all ages. Of course, this change is mainly Baidu for the original site of a support, the effect is also better than the original pseudo original update station effect is much better.

at the same time for Baidu, the on-line algorithm is a kind of green block the destruction of our construction of the chain channels, when many of our webmaster in the construction of the chain, mainly in some high weight forum to carry on the construction of the chain by the way of the chain’s signature. This way may be a lot of webmaster at that time when the operation is not so fond of, because every day repeated doing such things, may be a lot of people will feel boring. But there are other advantages to such a way, and that is the way it is simple enough to help a lot of webmasters take time off to do other things. But with the Baidu algorithm change, it is the way to the forum outside the chain can no longer use, remember when Baidu first started this reform, Xiao Bian is a great effort to his former do BBS signature chain to reject, then it is called a trouble and heartache.

for a change in the attitude of Baidu now, the construction of the chain must have the correlation and universality, but also if the original high quality chain, such a blow, let small chain now the growth rate is greatly reduced. But there is no way, I have to do to their jobs, now small every week fixed >