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webmaster friends, some have been profitable, but most are still struggling to solve the problem of food and clothing, therefore, I want to talk about their experience in the local station operation, speaking is not good, Paizhuan, but don’t curse ah, ha ha ~

I now operate a local station: Baoding video shopping guide network, although not achieved substantial profits, but for three months time has such achievements, mainly depends on the following factors.

persistence is the first determining factor:

so you may want to determine, in a personal, dry, less investment, small boat U-turn, no pressure……. Oh, wrong, and this shows that you are completely mistaken, you have to do a thing to do, but I want to take a chance, or lead the tradeoffs. How could the guts and courage to do?


now, keep up your courage, take time to think, the way will encounter many difficulties, I have the perseverance to stick to it, more important is to have the courage to stick to it, if there is, that you already have the first element.

two, thinking is the second element:

entrepreneurial road, only perseverance is not enough, we must have specific methods and ideas. The local station is very important to your local network to understand the situation, determine the feasible scheme according to the local actual situation, it is necessary to do market research, scientific planning, to a think-tank, they can give you good advice to correct your thinking bias.

three, resource development:

resource construction is very important, do local station, involving the problem, all does not have the resources to find resources, make friends, change within yourself, because there is no resources you will run everywhere, difficult, first start your relatives and friends, classmates, comrades, and even your potential competitors, they will to support you in many ways.

four, capital reserve:

made the first few steps, your career will start, but one must think, funding problems, servers, wages, equipment, liquidity, advertising, and even your confidence are closely related and capital.

five, team building:

this point almost all entrepreneurs are indispensable, early may be your family, friends, partners, or staff, oh, they are the implementation of specific work, without them, you are guanggansiling, no one give you charge into the enemy ranks you can’t win.


above is my own experience according to some small video shopping guide network operation of Baoding www.0312v.com, my writing is not good, say a bit messy, ha ha, but all pertinent words, welcome to a lot of criticism,

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