local portal site in recent years have ignited, the brightest Internet entrepreneurship Kennedy eyes are a little red. Mr. Jia Changsong said, "deal!". "Do the market," it is "clinch a deal."". Making money is the result of a deal. Turnover is the premise of making money, what is the premise of the transaction,


says it’s easy, it’s hard to do it, and who dares to say it’s not difficult, it’s immature. Many webmaster and many Internet layman wants to enter the local portal this is money. Understand! I remember an article said: no money, not only the website to make money, operation of local portal site can make money, but also earn a lot of money, a prefecture level city in general do well a year earn millions easily. But want to make local people also have the portal before the first think that he is not a piece of material. How big is the ability to do many things, although operation sites not spend some money, you can afford to lose, but you can not afford to lose time, so the choice of project time must not be to think what money what to do, what sites to make money, but you can not make money also depends on your fitness is not suitable do the site. Let’s share today’s basic rationale for the success of local portals.

first, the local portal network positioning is not changed. It can be said that this mentality is really very important. Ultimately, your success may be the entrepreneurial mindset of doing local portals. Yichun Online – my best Chinese prefecture level city portal http://s.yc0000.cn as an example, the start position is the best city portal, great love will never change until death, of the love so true to the core idea in the optimization and the subsequent operation of the process is well accepted by Internet and customer groups. Money is a must, but not too fast, originally pre operation is still not what local visibility, businesses cannot identify quickly, your mind can be verified. Remember, you can’t go too far. Accurate positioning, you need to do is steady precision.

secondly, identify the starting point of operation. How do you judge your goals and resources integration ability?. The mind is in charge, the goal is not blind. You need to be well aware of, or predict, how many resources you can integrate into the design, how many resources you can integrate into, and how much of your local portal network will work.

third, the spirit of revolution, without hesitation. This is not "can have" spirit, but "must have"". Recently, I feel more and more that the information of the local gateway network is very important. Although most of them are not original news and information, they are accepted and paid attention by the local customer groups. A news can be the local mainstream concern, an event can be our local portal network "reputation", do not worry, steady point. We need to walk slowly. We can’t walk quickly. Once irritated, the official news chief is dead. Try to make relatives with her, or be a younger brother.

Fourth, the pattern of large

. No pattern of past hope chest with no ambition at all, how to operate, remember, we are the local Internet to promote local social and economic development of a good assistant, and nothing else, don’t want to.