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Xiaoxian is the county seat in the northern part of Anhui, with a population of 1 million 400 thousand, more than 10 kilometers from Jiangsu, Xuzhou, 25 km from Huaibei, and the economic development is relatively behind Xuzhou and Peixian in Fengxian County. There have been several local forums in Xiaoxian, but none of them have been there. Some even have done for a long time, or no popularity. Xiaoxian also has a characteristic, Xiaoxian ground paper DM media is developing very fast, already has a very good ground paper media. Weekly shops along the street.

is very strange, Xiaoxian city and the surrounding towns have very high popularity of local sites (Suzhou, Fengxian County, Peixian Network Forum Forum, Huaibei Forum), why not Xiaoxian, is an opportunity, or indeed for? What is not suitable for the environment of Xiaoxian area website or because people did not good? The surrounding area dialects and customs are basically the same, should not cause people’s habits. The estimate has something to do with economic development. The data from several regions were compared.

regional population and GDP comparison data figure


from the population point of view, Xiaoxian has a large population of 1 million 400 thousand people. Economic indicators can only take the official announcement of the GDP (think nothing of their own, then used), Xiaoxian’s 2013GDP is 18 billion 600 million, ranked last.

per capita GDP comparison figure


from a per capita view, Xiaoxian’s economic situation is clearer. Per capita for 13 thousand and 200 yuan, from the front of Fengxian County are a big difference.

region site comparison (10000 visits = population / (Baidu antecedents *3))


of the above information, regardless of the promotion of various sites on the ground. Actual access can only be greater than the amount based on Baidu’s speculative traffic.

by comparing the above conclusions,

if the visits to local websites are related to the regional economy, the number of visits to the Xiaoxian regional network will not be so low.

the extent of economic development, Xiaoxian is close to Fengxian County, but there is still no small gap, whether the total or per capita is behind Fengxian County, equivalent to 5 years ago in Fengxian County, Fengxian County information network was created 5 years ago.

from the local people to visit the local information network, the highest in Peixian. Fengxian County also reached more than 50, compared with almost 0 in Xiaoxian and 0.8 people.

Peixian is directly proportional to the economic development and the number of users in the region.

Xiaoxian although the economic situation is backward, but users of regional networks are too low, mainly because there is no information network results. Need a Shaw!