actually wrote the article, I have been thinking of my website experience written, or to write out the topic of entrepreneurial experience, also very contradictory, the final position or experience sharing website, the purpose is to remind everyone to learn, SEO and do the station is a long process, can not find. Not what the ornament, go straight. Here’s a story about one of my stations by K, and let’s learn some lessons.

at the beginning of July made a local forum (is ready to do well, do the biggest local forum, because before doing a few stations, also learn some experience. ), due to no content of their own hair some pseudo original content, the website before doing fairly well, because of their own local newspaper publicity (at the time of his two classmates and made a pioneering DM advertising company, ready to use DM ads to achieve the purpose of publicity website), scheduled for in July 7th a limited online, has also attracted some popularity, and the forum also a few people do not often send some chat posts, included Baidu’s soon, do a week or so have more than 300 included, and I had chosen keywords because no duplicate (at the time keywords very careful, LOGO also designed a month before the final, ha ha) so it has occupied the first place, due to lack of manpower and other reasons, the site has been slowly maintained Status quo, and sometimes every day has continued to update several pseudo original articles.

was busy out of newspapers and magazines, in fact, just the 3 of us students together, and sometimes have to pick up some advertising list, so there is not a lot of time management website, only propaganda website advertising in our newspaper, but local forum requirements is interactive and offline activities, at heart lack of ability, that time is too busy, until the scheduled August 8th website officially online only slowly increase several people unified interactive online to attract popularity, and I also found that the maximum flow of local website is on the premise of the first Baidu drop-down box to maintain, so I think the brush brush keyword, keyword the drop-down box, every day there are about 5, 6 thousand IP, 12000 PV appearance, this lasted until the site was K.


I analyzed some reasons of the site is K, started when the brush is key for a few days in the online interactive website at the beginning of August, plus no time to take some activities to retain users, this is a fatal mistake made by the local forum (with some users, but not to retain is the main user), when not enough manpower, not too much money plus the start-up period (the front also said, is the 3 university students just graduated from the business together), so in order to maintain website content update, then will use acquisition software to collect the content, but also made a fatal mistake. The move to reprint the content, Baidu is the most do not want to talk, even the initial location site is very low. But the content of the collection is >