is written in the front

micro-blog components are micro-blog open platform for third party access to provide access to components without the need to develop web access products. Micro-blog content will be exported to third party sites, users can interact with micro-blog on third party websites, share content, sync information to micro-blog, enhance the activity of third party website users. Revision involves micro-blog component number 14, mainly including friend selector, publisher, share window and so on.

design flow

and the previous product version of the process is not the same, this revision is co sponsored by UDC and the product demand, interaction designers to maximize the initiative, output time control design center, and brand vision, page construction, products and the development of communication efficiency, small run to promote better user experience.


design prepares

found the problem (observation mobile phone users, feedback, concentrate (user): developers and users) – Analysis (combined with scenes, see the essence through the phenomenon, at the same time together and product data analysis) – to solve the problem (from the whole to the details, according to user needs to solve the problem) – follow up


design process to follow the principle of optimized experience design

principle 1. Avoid letting users think about

reduces the noise that affects users to accomplish certain thoughts or tasks, reduces forks, reduces multiple topics, and reduces operations for the user as much as possible; provides important hints for disabling important controls.

As shown in figure

share window background directly preset text, rich text information and in accordance with the current page priority, high quality priority default option for users as much as possible to reduce the operation, reduce the number of topics. At the same time, when the input is empty or exceeds the number of words, the share button is disabled, and the corresponding prompt is forced to click.


at the same time, in order to avoid excessive user redundant operations, you can provide personalized default, to return users to set personalized default selection, so that users will be able to complete the form faster. This is because the options are often sticky, that is, keep the user’s options before. To sum up, it is worth remembering if the user input is worth it. Users switch between the micro group and micro-blog, and the background will retain and remember the user’s previous input.


principle two level clear, reduce visual noise

hierarchical relationships need to be based on logical and information structures, and need to be visually represented. But if you use too many wire frames, heavy backgrounds, >