to the old and new owners of a sincere letter: This is my these years of social feelings and think about things, today we wrote, I also wrote their own, regardless of the future, hope that it can to some effect on our life!

It is important to life planning for

, many successful people were like us, are ordinary cannot ordinary people, but they have imagined their own bright future, made a life plan, also hard to achieve, not only allow yourself to become ordinary.

of course, most people still think being an ordinary person can, eat a lot of many in the OK! In fact we are too small, ordinary people have not experienced real life, according to my observation and analysis, the lives of ordinary people are not common, as people say, there is a skeleton in the cupboard and behind every ordinary people have a lot of pressure and helpless, ordinary people actually live very tired! Especially after the society before 2050 will become completely money society, no money, can not say


this is not the worship of money, but in the six era! O years, destined to experience the "32 off" suffering, if we really are in the social science, science knows is the kingly way! But I think we learn so long, read the book so many years, it is a good and do not feel bad, know the power of science, does not seem to exist, and the school is to make money, as for academic achievement, a professor and all the leaders involved in the fraud can! Actually I dream had not changed, that is to be a scientist, but grew up only to find that it really is a dream! In addition to my own limitations (intelligence and learning ability), there are too many other factors are not allowed, such as food is a factor, well, don’t say such nonsense, say more than a headache, how big society Everybody knows,


and I think you unfortunately born in 80, in the primary stage of socialism money era, my scientific dream, I finally understand that the scientist is not I can do, those old men all die have for decades, they are young, so stand aside! I want to know, society, I make my life idea, not good planning, planning too anxious but not good, may make the wrong decision. So, before I talk about our common things, let me first say what I think of myself:

I’ve decided to start with the Internet, not numb with the waves, but seriously thinking:

first, the network is my hobby, someone said "do not love their own things, not necessarily can do, but to do what you love, can make it," so, this is the first point, the factors of interest in


second, the network of the future prospects, the future era is certainly a network, whether science or money dominated network has become the irresistible forces for the fact that it brings people.