recently posted by K Bibi station, now Sina blog also appears to be right down. So, these big websites in the end what is the reason? This is largely because of the site itself garbage content constantly emerge and stand outside many of the chain in the scope of Baidu blow. So the site is k drop right, then by these large problems, we have to reflect the station deep, now what kind of the chain on the site to be effective? Following on from the small to introduce some of my personal views:

first, the location of the link and the parse word do not have a layer of unchanged

may now too many webmaster think writing original article is very tired, also don’t know what to write. So, after a few days of brewing to write an article, then in the top of each platform for publication, and an article in the same style, the same format published dozens of articles. In fact, this approach may be to a certain extent, since that is the active users to share, but the location and of active sharing links will vary, because everyone’s thinking is not the same, so the operation is not the same way. So, an article, if you want to let Baidu more believe that the user is actively sharing, then the format must also be modified to some extent, do not change the same layer of a style. But in this way, I still do not recommend an article published dozens of papers, you also do not think now Baidu is in advocate you write original content updates, and your article everywhere GF, this is not the intention in creating garbage to the Internet? So, the same article can get some style and then released the relatively strong correlation, the more popular popularity platform above, do better than your hair dozens to the obvious effect. Moreover, the more the chain now, the more the site is down right, because you blindly pursue quantity, and do not pay attention to the quality of the chain. In this way, over time accumulated the cheating and garbage of the chain will be punished to a certain extent.

second, external anchor text links to take a degree

wants to know more and more people today are lazy, so your business users there must also have a lot of this type of person. So, Baidu also know the user visiting a website is to get what you want, and you really will be the site to share his chances of decision according to the quality of your site to a large extent, if your site quality is high enough, then he might be marketing tools to help you do through some social propaganda, but the publicity process may he help you promote the brand word or simple URL, few users can take the initiative to do anchor text links, and the link is your main keywords, users of the website optimization is certainly not so cognition. So, when you have a lot of anchor text links are your main words, it is also a very dangerous practice. So, in the daily release of the chain should be appropriate changes, anchor text words and do some pure text outside the chain, although pure text outside the chain without anchor >