A5 has been for a long time did not come, since that is very busy with some important things, busy working, busy today, my website, the website of Nanjian agriculture network has launched more than 3 months, with the old domain name, and in March successfully passed the Ministry of information industry for the record, is not easy to say.

Nanjian agriculture net predecessor, is "drunk every day, and then the" network "primary station network", then "chickabiddy", now is "Nanjian agriculture net", why like this? I have been asking myself, why not do a website, but change in the direction of the time do not understand?.

should say, I do the purpose of doing the website, I have not made clear. In order to make money, or in order to have a web site, or to learn technology, everything is unknown, I am not for myself to choose to find a station to do the reason?

one, the reason why I do website

1, every day drunk network

began to do "drunk every day network, want to, my father often drink, in order to find such a situation with him like a friend, in order to be able to let their friends give me something, so do the site. Later, because of some things, did not go on.

2, junior station network

do primary station network, the reason is to learn site building technology, learning website operation technology, etc. after a period of time, found that no users, and can’t and A5 than, also died.

3, chickabiddy

to the original intention, is that Lily is a popular network of music, she did and found there was not full of sound and colour, about the children in this web site, and it was my baby to be born, so I have to choose the "chickabiddy", however, because the technology does not work, made out of the picture I look bad, do not want to see a second time, and have the determination to learn, so, after a few months, and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

4, Nanjian agriculture characteristic net

finally, nothing else to do, to coincide with the national increase subsidies for rural land, and began to think of home appliances to the countryside activities, we respond to the call of the country, a Nanjian local specialty and practical technical aspects of the site, so do the Nanjian agriculture net. The site on-line now, but also more than three months, the highest day of 13IP IP, now has been in a few IP lost, do not know how to advertise, how to effectively IP and traffic do up.

two, do the website, what did I get?

I often asked myself, what is to do? What do I get? I find the answer from many aspects, but can’t find it, so I did not get what is wrong? I got friends, many webmaster friends, but also learned a lot of knowledge, although.