is not conducive to search engine rankings there are many factors, and here today, and we talk about the search engine ranking is not conducive to several major factors.

1, invalid links and effective external connection too little: if you are "invalid links, search engines may think that you are not I want to present the user the best", because the user does not have the love of "invalid link. What’s more, you wasted the time of the search engine. Obviously, you have this kind of information, but the result is not. External connection is one of the main factors are the major search engines of a website weight, the number of external connections is equivalent to your website has been the number of votes, if the site votes less, the search engine will think your site is being abandoned by the name, the search engine will give up to you.

2, almost no one’s own original web content: if the content of a website is here reproduced from the Internet, and not your own thing, the search engine will think you this site no value or value is not great, because the same content, it had collected again, this time to income your things, to the search engine, it is a waste of space, will eventually affect the weight of the search engine on your web site.

3, HTML Code: what is invalid invalid HTML code? From the literal meaning, "invalid" is "no effect" means that the code is invalid because the label elements of writing errors, the label element is not closed and other reasons, resulting in the page cannot be shown or not normal code. The search engine is very picky and it’s hard for him to come to your site. You should try to echo it as much as possible. When you search your web page, if you encounter invalid HTML code, you might lower your page’s score or leave it out.

4, the domain name pointing to the same site: if your site has more than two of the domain name, you should pay attention to, if you have two or more domain name pointing to a space, the search engine might think this is "copy, search engine is likely to put one by URL. Another URL is classified as a replication site. If the site is copy site, search engine that this site has suspected cheating, ranking is very unfavorable.

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