I am a sophomore did not start reading (can not teach everyone to learn I ah, I hope everyone can go to college! Ha ha) because the pressure is relatively large, and the failure of learning, so I learn to draw, but that aversion is really serious, and parents explained all they did, no wonder responsibility, oh, this is my best for a rating point of my parents, let the children free to development, the freedom to choose the road of life, can have several


did not read, and I began to plunge madly into the vast network of oceans, and saw a report saying: "XXX opened XXX station, overnight flourishes.". Indeed, this kind of news is a big temptation for me, so I started my dream of webmaster.

the way to the stationmaster:

I first use free space to do the station (not much to say, say, to everyone also useless, also don’t afraid everyone laugh at me, at that time I FTP top-level domain name analysis has got me for most of the day, now say it has become a joke. Later, I saw a free CN registration, and registered one, ha ha, finally began to use PHPwind system to do the station.

SQL does not even understand, suddenly heard after to connect to the database, then ask around everywhere ah ah, tired for a long time and finally know the password for the database and server address (the original in my host control has a detailed database version was Speechless). It’s finally built. The first Forum on my system, I’m going to do the first computer class, because I still have some understanding of the hardware system, also learn a little superficial, oh, that day I started! Breath for one day, do not feel tired (I also do, as long as a website, all is all through the night. ) and then crazy, and began to learn Baidu GG those included. SQL, Sitemap, XML, ASP, PHP,.Net, jsp.., and website systems are all madly filling into my head. But the system of a few good times don’t last long, PHPwind also want to change (this is all some wrong, ha ha). I changed the system at that time, the content of the content is really fast, but there are some BBS system, and the theme is constantly changing, say, I transferred to the forum at that time, at least more than 10 thousand. Did not make a successful website, let me satisfied, read the other people’s post, said to focus on doing a new idea of the station, that will be successful. So I just built a network to go.

went to the net for reasons:

had to go to the net is my inspiration for the day of production, the domain name ( is from the chance to sell the domain name is not registered online to find the combination of Pinyin, ha ha, may have to be paid attention to the word Michong, registration of the domain name (after I spent 50 yuan, the heart is really good pain ah I thought that, but eat 10 bowls of Hand-Pulled Noodle!) began looking for a system about over seven systems, and finally the now had to > this system used by the network