today is Dragon Boat Festival, fragrant children are here, wish you all a happy holiday!


recall, he stepped into the road of the webmaster has been half a year, along the way, it’s really like everything a whole sour, sweet, bitter, hot, like A5! For a long time, are silently looking at your article predecessors, never to think over what to write.

this morning to open some Adsense exchange group, heard PR updates, quickly checked several of his own station, very happy ah, was slightly increased, although it can not be compared with those prawns, I think this is a recognition of our pay for it, and Baidu is also more new, a small station contains more than more than 100 articles, feeling very excited.


webmaster let me hope, also once let me down in the industry, in their own work out yesterday; now the employment pressure is very big, really had to abandon the station more than once, is really tired, think about the night didn’t sleep in the update is our webmaster, to SITE use Baidu Search every day, really afraid of the day it is a bad mood to give us K, of course, these may be the performance of novices, prawns are very cow


himself is from the zero entry, so take a lot of detours, recently began to slowly contact SEO, so the site only a little improvement, but the revolution has not been successful, but also to continue the efforts!


ha ha, I don’t know whether A5 will let me publish this article. Well, today is a special day, so I should write a diary.