site planning is one of the important steps to build a good website. Without good site planning, it is unlikely that we can build a satisfactory website. But because the work site planning process is more complicated and boring, often do not get enough attention, and even many engaged in site construction personnel will direct the work to ignore, or incorporated into the encoding work in the site. I believe that these views and behavior are wrong, in fact, website planning work can not be ignored. Below I will plan the content and importance of the website, and how to do a good job site planning work for you to explain.

site planning work is mainly to provide all aspects of website structure, website, website planning, website function material, the content of the website interface to display the drafting plan for the construction site, when the code is written for personnel in the construction site to rely on, so code staff can successfully complete the website construction work. If the code is written with the design and selection of personnel but also worry about the website function of website material, so the code is some of the more heavy work personnel, the establishment of the inevitable progress much longer, resulting in some construction after rework, rework after construction, the construction site that is really a waste of manpower, material and financial resources, and ultimately The loss outweighs the gain.

since website planning is so important, how do we do a good job in website planning?

first, in order to do a good job of site planning, we must make clear the needs of users. The user needs to know detailed to the website each function, each picture, even every word written expression and so on to fully understand, there is ambiguity, we must fully communicate with the user, must not be given a free hand, free planning.

second, we need to determine the selection of the website space and the planning of the website function module according to the user’s needs. User website less function, less pages, you can choose a small space, more functions, more pages, you can choose a larger space. In addition, the user needs to be arranged, each decomposition function on the website of the navigation bar, the user will decompose functions to each page, and the page linked up, the site planning into an organic whole.

third, site planning should comply with the nature of the site owner. If the website owner is an enterprise, then the planner should be more biased function of website marketing, and if the website owner is the state organs and institutions, so the function of the website should be more biased news display, service, and other aspects of the national announcement, if the website owner is the mall property, so the function of the website planning should be more biased for sale and price display, order processing and other aspects, if the website owner is minority, while site planning should be more biased ethnic customs, ethnic characteristics and meet the requirements of the function, if the website owner is the communications industry, then the "tone should be deep blue, and so on many aspects should for the overall planning.