Wen / World Network Research Institute senior analyst Lu Kewen

from the beginning of April 2015, Taobao began to do a lot of weight and weight adjustment, the original system have been greatly changed, but from the beginning of May, the end of the Labor Day holiday Taobao back to the company, realized the great change of weights, because from this day, many businesses found underground industry chain was interrupted, do two things at 4-5 months of Taobao, is a new weight, two combat gray industrial chain, the first thing is to quietly, you afterwards, second things immediate, the whole Taobao industry from 2015 5-7 month has undergone tremendous changes, the original company underground industry chain almost closed down 80% 2013-2014, once the usual operation routines are proved to be invalid, the whole industry is in a jittery.


did not know that Taobao was how to adjust, how long in the end and need to adjust, in May after the start of many businesses into a deep pain, some businesses accidentally triggered a new weight trap business plummeted, and do not know where the problem in the end, according to a family visit, was about 70% the merchant had sales and traffic decline, but at the same time, there are 30% sales and business flow to improve.

in this two months, I and many businesses in the joint research focused on one thing, is the new Taobao weight exactly to where, what has changed the rules of the game, Taobao search SEO weight is always an artificial system, collecting information will be exhausted by the second, as long as the system is. Certainly to the law, to find the law, can find a way to succeed.

I collected data with dozens of companies, is responsible for nearly twenty of the electricity supplier had in-depth communication, these shops have sales of more than 500 thousand shops, there are 4-8 million on sales of medium-sized shops, and some day to 10 thousand thousands of shops, and shops are collected, especially to observe some changes and 3C’s standard category, and these changes were summarized, found out some common rules, because the electricity supplier industry almost everyone met, at least WeChat like the turn point, I can’t directly release data here, lest it be little poke, but I can guarantee the personal information is carefully collected, opinions may be wrong, do not do here only study, pointing Jiangshan authority issued ——-5 months later because of the weight had a big change, many industry In the big coffee stand out to make a variety of interpretation, for everybody’s speech, I was cautious attitude, I still believe that the truth is the sole criterion for testing truth, get the data tell the truth is the most credible.

is the first important point is the right weight dynamic sales rate are highly improved, I found in the collection does not fall in several large stores of data, this shop has two common law, a growth opportunity is about from around the beginning of April, Taobao push the new weight >