plays a chief editor in the website or industry site role is very important, the influence of the site to build by the editor. The editor is responsible for editing, media business, business department interview. In a small media editor, often have to participate in the editorial operations; however in larger media, editor in chief of editorial department is often responsible for the work of professional managers, to in the general planning and not directly involved in editing, editing.

work content

Under the vertical structure of the media, the

editor usually manages two major parts of "editing" and "interviewing", while the parallel also works with departments such as business, distribution, advertising, etc.. In large media, in addition to "editor in chief editor of" post system in charge of the newspaper’s speech, such as editorials, reviews, letters, but in small and medium, usually by the editor as two positions.

The main task of the

editor is to direct the editorial meeting, determine the news direction of the media, and coordinate layout, interviews, human movement, and so on. In general, the editor in chief has the editor in charge of the layout and the interview director in charge. In the media without the editor in chief, the editor in chief needs to decide on the layout of the page. In the absence of the interview director, the editor in chief needs to decide on the reporter’s interview, resource allocation, command, reporter, or interview unit.

in addition, the editor in chief usually works as a sub – and nuclear editor. Many television stations have recently begun introducing the title of editor in chief.


editor is all editing long, but in most of the media, the editor is not by editing the occupation promotion, but from the interview Department construction. Senior interviewers usually serve as interviews with departments, senior executives, and then transferred to the post of deputy editor in chief, and eventually promoted to editor in chief. In Taiwan, the chief editor of a newspaper is mostly a political or economic journalist.

editorial principles

in theory, the editor in chief, like other editors and journalists, is the "guest" of the media, who is responsible for his own journalistic judgment. But because of fierce competition of media, usually editor also need to compromise to the market, such as the arrangement of "releases" or with the political environment change in the newspaper stand, or external stress, change, increase, revoke the reporter’s manuscript.

direct supervisor: general manager,

direct subordinates: channel editor, reporter / editor


1, according to the overall planning of the site, develop website operation strategy, and ensure the implementation of

2, according to the website business planning content, determine the website leading thought and subject direction, and complete the content structure design. Constantly improve the quality of the subordinate channels, columns, the content of the subordinate channel integration and process management is responsible;

3, in charge of department years