from the shell of the line, know about live, to Luo Ji thinking, as well as 36 krypton krypton. In 2017, knowledge based pay became a new hot spot in the field of content entrepreneurship, which stems from earlier "new media entrepreneurship"".

four: don’t always ask how much they earn, what they do and how much they earn. The most important thing is to do your own website,

two: don’t pay for it. At least not for beginners. Why? You try

the main thing is:

slowly for a long time, it feels boring. Once in a while to listen to people say Wangzhuan, then I feel very fresh. Let me excited for a long time, then what is the flow, what is GG, what is Alipay, don’t know all the way so the way, met a lot of cheaters, many detours. I want to do Wangzhuan each people all want to go through this step.

pays for today’s hot knowledge, says Wu Xiaopeng, founder of Wall Street knowledge. "There’s a lot of knowledge to pay for knowledge related services.". Of course, Ji still believes that knowledge paid ceilings are too low, and he believes that information is more likely to pay than knowledge learning itself.

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with the flow, no flow again good is no good. Hang up and so on except, but this type of money can not be earned.

1: don’t fall for it. Don’t believe what a day makes you earn. What makes you so good? He won’t let you earn.

What are

three: do not do the money slowly, up to two or three months you can receive money, or else unstable.

for 36 krypton this >

Migu video CEO Wang Bin think, 5G era and short video era, China Mobile video with Migu bandwidth, or will become a more imaginative short video content platform.

Sharon discusses the atmosphere as hot as new media ventures. For the future path of content entrepreneurship, 36 krypton founder Liu Chengcheng believes that the key lies in the media itself can become a brand, which is the key to breaking the media development ceiling. The intellectual CEO China Exhibition argues that content entrepreneurship ceilings need to be broken. "When content becomes an entry, it will have many possibilities."."

did not dare to say what I have experience now, but at least I can tell the upcoming new friends Wangzhuan in the team should pay attention to some of the places with my experience.

: Wangzhuan money is small, of course, have earned, but few are made. Only a few people who earn a lot of money on me, also rely on the rich people.

content entrepreneurship lies in brand

transformation of traditional media is the topic of transformation but sing the same old song, the media is still worthy of attention. As the first financial media terminal, group deputy editor Zhang Zhiqing believes that to do transformation plough, the core lies in the product and the user must establish the thinking of thinking. "When the channel premium and flow bonus disappear, only through products, users and merchants connected, will find a new business model."."

Liu Chengcheng 36 krypton: the critical point of content entrepreneurship development lies in whether the media can become a brand. For class 36 krypton, you have to become a brand in this industry, and then you can do it in other directions, or you may be destroyed at any moment.

on the Internet for so many years, from the to spend money at the game, count also spent a lot of money, not Internet access fees, there is no previous computer, are in the Internet cafe, one hour three yuan.

new media entrepreneurship has migrated from early content to an independent business model. Whether traditional media people, job hopping, entrepreneurship, or layman to enter the industry, most of the new media has completed the media industry restructuring.

36 krypton founder Liu Chengcheng

is still happening, and for this reason, 36 krypton and CEIBS run a new media entrepreneurship salon". We invited the dragonfly FM, Wall Street knowledge, intellectuals and other cutting-edge media founder, head of finance, including the first Migu video and other traditional media, also as active in the content area of investment fund it real, also joined the discussion salon.

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