technology in the network company, Liu Guo diligently, his technical ability by leaps and bounds, and made my own personal website in the operation, because of his design was born, interested in the design, so he set up a website design material, after a year of operation, the quality of the website more and more is also high, give yourself extra income.

Liu in the fruit at the age of 18, still only 1.4 meters in height. In order to survive in the future, the parents hope that he can learn technology. At first, the parents hope that he can learn welders, auto repair technology, but considering the factors that Liu Liu fruit body, fruit is not suitable for. One day, to see the work in Chengdu Liu Fu in Chengdu daily above, there are many learning computer people are making money, and easy work, only need to move the mouse on the line. He further understanding of the prospects for the development of the computer, think Liu Guo learning computer is the best of the.

what is the "advertising"

now the advertising expenses for advertising business and how advertisers transaction is not what we are going to discuss, you just put your account number and growth is the best!

down introduce related terms:

CPL= alliance successfully registered

CPS= according to the payment of commission according to the sales success of payment of commission


Liu’s parents were crying. In desperation, Liu’s parents had to stay at home to teach Liu Guo to practice writing, learning basic math. At the same time, Liu parents gave Liu Guo county to private training class, let him learn more knowledge as much as possible, to find a happy childhood.

Liu father with a newspaper, hurry home, the family together and discuss countermeasures. Liu mother affirmed Liu Guo learning computer will be promising. So Liu father returned to Chengdu, the choice of computer school for Guo Liu immediately.

long time no contact with the advertising alliance, the day before yesterday was " linktech " invited to the next floor office they are D I E to sit, and the advertising alliance to deepen the impression, after coming back to sum up some feelings:

Liu Guo mother sent to school, the school with his tall stature on the grounds, declined to Liu guo. The parents took up, all the family around the doctor, eager to cure the disease of Liu guo. A year later, not only did not cure the disease Home Liu Guo, but heavily indebted.


Liu Guo was born in Sichuan in a remote mountainous area, poor family. Parents feel sad, Liu Guo was born, he suffered from a midget. At the age of 7 school age, he is unable to walk normally, which makes his parents sad. The parents looked at low height Liu Guo, very worried about his future, the day fell dejected.

wants something to learn from

second days, he went home to Liu Guo to computer college, choose the most promising professional website design. After registration, Liu Guo stay in school, he is very satisfied with the school. He never thought that you have the chance to go to university. He is not easily won the opportunity to cherish carefully in class, learning all through the night. Everything comes to him who waits。 In the two years of study, he made many of the website works, under the guidance of the teacher, he took part in a variety of web design competition, has won the first prize. Because of his design ability is very prominent, all clothing. Later, after he graduated, got his wish to enter the good network company.

Liu Guo still dissatisfied with the present achievements, continue to founded the other website together with the operator, after a few years of war as he is also on the website, web site operators have summed up some experience, now the day is really too more and more.