I said: "wait!" their pay is too low! Money is not that also high risk

! "

friend told me: "procurement, production and sales of wooden footbath processes are familiar with, I can plant now?"

      second points; if the amount of IP ten thousand is the same amount of visits, if the Commission is increased? 1, increase website advertisement click rate 2, raise advertisement unit price.

      the first point is to join a regular and reliable website alliance. Like a yellow garbage deadbeat mop alliance and other illegal alliance, we must stay away. Generally speaking, the shlf1314 Adsense alliance is a mature alliance, not because of the financial crisis, no way to indiscriminate K account.

I said if you really want to do this, it will go to the factory work, mingxiuzhandao, secretly learning, whether it is raw materials or quality control, whether it is product process or channel promotion, have to seriously study; working for one year and one natural confidence, avoid many detours after their business.

many people dare not venture, the reason mainly is afraid of risk, fear of failure! Well, that today I share an early I was the real case, see how zero venture.

      to earn commissions by union is not a permanent law, nor is it guaranteed. The author does not make a website at present, devotes oneself to to develop the mankind to make a living the third kind of mode — wealth 3 pole enterprise, the third pole of wealth, but I original. There are a lot of Wangzhuan experience, since there are people in the site, so the experience is valuable, do not use it, so wrote this article to tell you, I hope you can Wangzhuan process a little easier, a little better. Experience is a superb Wangzhuan window paper, not pierce, who do not know what is behind. Let I pierce it, good stuff to share together.

A year after the

, for example, in 2000, one of my junior high school classmates told me: there is a wood products factory in their town, the production of barrels and footbath business is good, is very popular. Implication, he also wants to open a factory, so consult my opinion;

      Web technology, space purchase, domain name application, content integration, website promotion, advertising alliance and so on from the site to hard process and experience blood money is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, I will not say more.
      website start out of interest, earn a little money, then become "profit" for the purpose of.

and I help him analysis: "now this era began to pop the health and health care, people gradually pay attention to the foot massage, you have not thought about the combination of wood and wood general motors Jiaopen? Jiaopen ten yuan, general motors is ten yuan, the design, how to combine into an electric massage footbath, environmental protection health again, every family can use, not better?"

end of your tub to let you use the next door neighbours walking, users feel comfortable is the hard truth! The result, we really feel good, before the target price of 128 yuan is acceptable. This guy was finally happy, feel the need to take a big arm.


I said: "you see now on the market sell wooden tub are many, if you follow the factory, there is no prior experience, knowledge management and technology, how to compete? How to guarantee the money?" he stupid "how to do that?"

he is one Leng: "what do you say?".

he asked: "what to do? Want to empty set of uterus, wolf?"

      "one truth, ten thousand, ten thousand."". The following single, if you increase shlf1314 Adsense advertising revenue, tell you. The same day, IP1 million, some stations only day into the GG5 knife, and some stations into the day as high as GG400 knives, where is the difference? To increase revenue, nothing more than increasing click through rates and unit prices. To earn a large amount of success, earning million knife, I speak three.

      inventions are very simple, but no share, no one knows, the key is someone pointing.

third, simulation test:

second strokes, deceitful:

he immediately eyes out: "this idea is very novel, then I’ll do it immediately," two months later, the sample out, the appearance of ugly points, but the function is not bad, really can wash feet and massage. Then he said to me: "now I can locate it?" I said don’t worry, there is a need to do.

: the first one, do

        1. How do I improve the click rate of Web ads?

  in reality, vulnerable groups of wealth groups are wage earners. In the virtual network world, the personal webmaster is the real network worker. "The earlier than chicken, sleep later than the dog, eat worse than pig, do more than a cow, two panda eyes" of individual stationmaster group life the most appropriate portrayal.

I asked in reply: "someone else’s factory has occupied a certain market share, has a certain customer base, and you start from scratch, what are the advantages of competition with others?"