mobile advertising is based on the application of fifth media. Fifth, the application of the media is divided into two parts. The first part is the personal application, that is what we are familiar with personal entertainment applications, such as mobile phone, SMS, MMS, customized ringing tone newspaper, mobile phone TV, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone game music blog, such as Guangdong’s mobile phone subscribers reached about 800000, and is still growing fast. Personal application bring a variety of forms fifth media based on diversity, greatly enriched people’s visual experience, but also deeply affect people’s consumption behavior, but also reflects the whole Chinese social development is marching towards mobile information age. The prosperity of personal applications has laid a solid foundation for most of the second applications, ie industry applications. Second most of the industry applications are divided into mobile government, mobile commerce and wireless marketing mobile marketing. The wireless marketing involves some of the more widely, wireless marketing is about how mobile information in this big social background to carry out marketing activities of enterprises, the application form is realized through fifth forms of advertising based on wireless media.

at the end of 1978, the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee brought good policy. In Shunde, the big brother of the second construction team bought new clothes and new shoes for the whole family.

The application foundation of

however, Yang Guoqiang love reading, 50 Fen New Year gift money to relatives, he never actually buy shoes, to pick a pile of waste recycling books to take home, what "Sanmao Crusoe", "journey to the west", "FengShenYanYi", "cry", the book is on the line.

      fifth wireless advertising on the media provides a broad application prospects, almost all fifth media, that is, mobile phone platform for the spread of forms, can become the form of wireless advertising. All value-added services in SP are wireless ad applications, and wireless advertising has endless forms of expression. When the value-added services of mobile phones are considered in a media way, "form is content" is a logical thing. Therefore, the form is content, and it is very practical.

today in July 16th, you are the first to see the LOGO of you, come to rob treasure activities, waiting for you to grab $50.

so Yang Guoqiang didn’t wear shoes until he was 15 years old, and he used to walk barefoot in the summer and winter. In order to save a 5 cent lunch, he went barefoot for more than 1 hours, while his family had two pieces of sweet potato.

then, after the Spring Festival, he took Yang Guoqiang to the construction site, the masons. Pour concrete, >

pigs, cattle, tea, cook, less than a year he became a master at home. Love is the same, the slack when crouching in the recycling village station over several books, squatting is 6 years.

Abstract: Zheng always patted the table, "I’ll buy 1 billion", and next to Li Li, he also patted the table. "I come 1 billion, too."". Here, real estate big brother one shot, there 680 thousand investors began to platoon brigade purchase, Yang Guoqiang natural overnight became China’s richest man, the value soared to 49 billion 200 million.

friend called him strong brother, the younger generation called him six uncle; wear a big suit, leather shoes, wear 300 dollars of watches, worth billions of dollars, still do not change the farmer’s true colors, he is founder of Biguiyuan Yang Guoqiang. From Yang contractor to Yang Dong, he step by step to make the dream a reality.

later, the father had no choice but to sell the hens which had been fed for three years. Yang Guoqiang and the Luhua chicken very deep feelings, therefore, he cried for a whole semester.

high one year, the school to collect 7 yuan of tuition and fees, father East gather together, West Lian is still 2 yuan. What? Yang Guoqiang went to the fish pond of the production team in the middle of the night. He touched two carp and was ready to be sold at the market. Unexpectedly, but his father beat a fat, "life should have backbone."".


      wireless advertising form is content, emphasis is on a variety of wireless value-added services based on the form of the fifth media has gone beyond the content itself, to form the cognitive content than on cognition, to form higher than the familiar with the contents of the familiar. The pursuit of content has become a new impetus and a new means of innovation.


Yang Guoqiang certainly know big brother is not always possible to buy new clothes, so he shouted to learn the craft, and with big brother is a Zhang, "farm to earn 200 yuan a year, 50 years do not eat or drink for only ten thousand dollars, how to marry a wife?"

October 1954, Yang Guoqiang was born in Guangdong, Foshan Shunde a peasant family, sixth. In the National People’s hunger in the 1990s, with 6 children children cry piteously for food, what kind of house can have a

unfortunately, did not recognize reading, only composition. In 1972, because of poor composition, Yang Guoqiang, 18, had no hope of going to college and had to go back to farming.

      in theory, the fifth media in the mobile phone as a communication medium, can be through the use of a large database of resources of the target population for the treatment and delivery of personalized information to their orientation through the wireless advertising form, and achieve the goal and focus of interactive advertising and marketing purposes. The form of wireless advertising can be regarded as all value-added services on the mobile phone!