why? Because the environment has changed. If something is not original and everyone knows what it is, then many people will share it.

every year I meet with hundreds of ambitious, passionate and experienced entrepreneurs of science and technology who basically work all year long and work hard to make their dreams come true. But what makes me sad is that their talents are to be wasted on derivative problems that are too late to solve.


5. chain approach: first set up dozens of blogs, every day to send the article, adhere to the 1 period of time, feel no effect, they give up, then again the release of my site link exchange information platform, the effect is all right; finally by posting on the altar and the signature of the chain, I do have the Forum Forum, A5 and laggards, the effect can also be.


I see, if the problem is the passion of the founder, let’s go with him. But if their ideas are not so enthusiastic, or give up as soon as possible "to become industry Uber" this kind of delusion, like how to make new inventive thinking, this is the good way to open up new markets and enjoy rapid development.

came up with an idea,


chat software in the world, we develop a new chat software, only for those teenagers cool."

"Now is the

Microsoft, apple, HP, IBM, Oracle, FedEx and so on science and technology industry legend, is the rise in the big environment is cool, then Dropbox, Airbnb, Pinterest, Uber and Tiny Speck is the same, are obtained by the early investment in the market downturn.


Abstract: the market will return to stable in 2016. The startup world the next possible what a little idea about, but as a development cycle so clear, then we all know AWS, cheap, Facebook high-speed network marketing, the mobile terminal will be popular.

3. to make money of others is not open, open out the basic things are out of date, but in any industry are the essence of the law, no matter what language is popular now, but the fundamental thing is a compilation of these basic things such as opcode.

1. personal Adsense is not easy, if you rely on this money to live, has long been starved to death, because we are vulnerable groups, so only in this society by their own efforts to mix food.

– "my photo is too messy, a turn over to share with friends too much trouble, we do an automatic photo sharing application."

4. tell me how to find pseudo original article: in sh419 /gg search related red blood keywords, to dozens of pages behind to find the article, using pseudo original tools after adaptation, release, still included.

2. remember at the beginning of 2010, the mainstream mode is single do Amoy page +seo, so I have to join the ranks, maybe his ability is not good, so can only earn so little, want to come now, in fact, any industry is one of the few people to make money, is what we want to do that for a small number of people, how to as part of the less people? One is to rely on their own research, the two is to find a master to teach. But it’s more important to be yourself.

want to do industry Airbnb, Uber, AngelList >.

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although not everyone believes that the start-up is experiencing a major landslide, but everyone’s performance is transmitted such a signal. This herd mentality is not only a crisis, but also an opportunity, I think the same as before, industry rules for the next ten years to develop, will be in the past few years in the doldrums in the year and established investment company.

my red blood station site www.idea-life.cn time more than half a year, from 1 IP at the beginning of the day I to 60 IP every day now, had been K, stop the parsing problem and so on, now just 200 yuan of income, cost recovery, oh, to write this article, is pure talk about feelings:

, an ambitious founder, will learn from other companies that set up industry rules. But even if a startup has been running perfectly in the way of successful businesses since its inception, it does not necessarily mean that it will achieve the same results.

below five years ago may be a revolutionary success, but in 2016, it may be a shortcut to failure.

6. sh419 total update algorithm, after this update, my 3 keywords have rankings, hee hee, maybe next time no, this is not allowed, who let us are vulnerable groups,