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why does everyone start their own business before and after their entrepreneurial mentality is completely different?

this is the so-called "initial heart", once thought that the parents are very harsh, but in the end they have become parents, but found that parents are not harsh, but parents must be harsh

I’m a man, but I want my girlfriend to feed me. I feel guilty. I feel guilty that she can’t afford a cake on her birthday. I feel guilty about making her so Laughton. I need money, I need money to keep my basic life, and even my relationship with my girlfriend. You may have to say, unemployment does not matter, you start your own business, but you need money to start it, even go to the wholesale market to sell socks, also hundreds of times. I’ve also thought about starting a business without cost. I had to sell prepaid cards at Taobao, is in the virtual platform that card, but too many online scammers. On selling cards, I was liar buyers cheated more than 300 yuan, when I died of heart have. That’s enough money for us to eat for a long time. Now, 300 is totally a small money for me, but I can’t wait for a penny to break between two flowers. 300 is very important!

, share a story first.

, let me tell you my story first. I’ve always been unlucky. The university entrance exam, with ties to spend some money in an unknown school college. After graduation, he worked for a boss in a small foreign trade company. But since last year, foreign trade business is very difficult to do. The boss was in arrears for a few months, but he still couldn’t resist the economic crisis. The whole industry went down. Finally, the company closed and I packed my home. After I lost my job, I had no financial resources and depended on my girlfriend’s salary. Although I run the talent market every day, there is no substantive gain. Life is hard and prices are high. Every time we eat, we buy 1 dollars of tofu or bean sprouts to eat 2 meals. Rent, water and electricity, transportation costs to pay each month, 2 large living people to open their mouths to eat, the girl’s thin salary stretched.

and then arrogant to say that he will become a parent later, he will buy toys for his children, buy snacks, let their children live in high-rise buildings, open luxury cars, and will not force children to do any homework,

a lot of people because of their business, not the boss, not the state company, hopes to start to change. But a few years later, I found that I had nothing like two leaders I used to hate…… Why,

all right, the story is over. This story is Hu Chao once because of dissatisfaction with the boss’s treatment, in order to change this situation and the choice of their own companies, but eventually opened the company found that the boss himself was the most hated.

doesn’t know what everyone thinks about the title of the article. Someone might say it’s a stunt, and walk away with disdain. But all my friends who know my experience know that this title has condensed the bitterness of my unemployment. Since I lost my job, I have never realized the truth of a word like this: "money is not everything. Without money, you can never do it."!". Now the economic crisis still All sufferings have their reward., continue to deepen, but I have no money worries, because I have money rules. If you can keep looking at my story, you are lucky, because you can derive inspiration from my story and live a rich life.

but then their true parents found that North Canton 500 thousand can only buy a toilet, 700 thousand can buy a kitchen, 200 thousand to buy a car, the annual insurance maintenance and parking mixed need 78 thousand. The other is to buy toys for their children will not grow, Shangzhi toys, snacks are junk food, on the growth of children is not good, the children don’t do homework and other children cannot learn knowledge.

doesn’t go out looking for work, I use the Internet all kinds of sh419 search business methods at home, mostly liar projects, talk nonsense more. Until I come into contact with the people. Listen to a lot of people say Wangzhuan low barriers to entry, do good income. Although I know some computer knowledge, but this is what I have Wangzhuan, puzzled. I began to search on the Internet Wangzhuan textbooks, there are a lot of users to share video materials online, easy to understand learning. I remember when I typed "online video" in sh419 at the time, out of more than 10 pages of search results. The search results in the first row is cool, I feel that since sh419 first put it out in the online video, it is certainly very popular. Because of sh419’s recorder

Hu Chao Kai company is mainly hope, and their team together hard work, together to make money, rather than all the money on the light, the boss made a person. Hu Chao opened the company found that the team to maintain good employee ability, difficult to recruit, what all don’t know some friends through intern, App outsourcing company list, the monthly income of around 50 thousand, the monthly wages plus company expenses need more than 80 thousand, and wages in accordance with their original company as the. Later, the company slowly boil over, and every month they can get a 5~6 million, but the wages of employees has not changed.

before entrepreneurship, arrogant oath of the heart, why entrepreneurship after change?


Hu Chao is a programmer, working in a App outsourcing company, basically a App can be achieved in two weeks, the average monthly need to develop 2.3 App. Monthly salary of 10K, often overtime. Later found that an average price of App between 100 thousand and 15, think of not only low wages, often work overtime, because of dissatisfaction with the boss of this treatment, and later resigned, opened a App outsourcing company.

for example: This is the same with the parents, when we very much hope that parents to buy toys, we buy snacks, the family can live in a high-rise building, open luxury cars, all day doing nothing, nor are forced by their parents to do housework and do homework.