The pure Internet Project By analyzing the history of pure web project sites,

1, do most of the webmaster of this kind of project, have the knowledge of SEO. Because of this kind of project if you do not use SEO directional flow, it is difficult to get traffic with other methods, and this kind of project due to profiteering project, must rely on the traffic to make a little money Many a little make a mickle.

2:": sh419 advertising alliance ": sh419 is definitely China’s NO.1, is China’s search engine in the boss. The ad League is doing pretty well. Always feel sh419 superior. In the beginning it joined the demand is not high, with out advantages in the industry continue to emerge, join condition has also increased, first you have to Alxea ranking in many million or less, there are certain requirements of content. If you’re a webmaster, it works pretty well. Like their website search, cooperative promotion, know alliance, everybody can try.

1, the traditional promotion methods, such as beauty , hair group, BBS post will gradually disappear, because its effect is getting worse and worse, about zero. SEO will become the mainstream after the promotion methods.

3, the competition is fierce, many webmaster has gradually withdraw. Do SEO all know, online money class keywords competition is particularly fierce, because the industry is too small, do too many people. Plus a lot of SEO masters, we compete with each other, the result is very tragic natural. And 09 years, sh419’s series of incredible changes, so many owners unprepared, some of the very good web site overnight drop right, and a long time to recover. Into 2010, sh419 is relatively more stable, but because of the sudden increase in the number of people involved in such projects, and both are SEO masters, making the competition unprecedented fierce. In this context, keeping a website ranking costs a lot of time, effort, money, and costs, while revenue has not improved because of the lack of good projects.

, is not combined with the entity, but a pure Wangzhuan site. The profit model is recommended by a number of investigations, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan recruiting or through the sale of advertising to get some benefits.

4:" promotion of easy marketing alliance ": "promotion is easy" as a relatively young advertising alliance in the industry. Advantage in the industry is very small. So they look at the service as their biggest advantage

2, the ranking between sites will become increasingly fierce, relying on traditional articles and exchange links every day has been unable to stand out. On the one hand, to increase the number of original articles and improve quality, on the other hand, in order to find ways to increase the quality of the chain, to contribute to A5 is one of the most effective way.

3, the site profit model will change, no longer one

through the above analysis, you can make the following prediction of pure network projects:

advertising alliance is composed of three parts: advertisers, webmasters and advertising alliance platform. Advertisers pay for webmasters by clicking on Web ads. Adsense is through the advertising alliance platform, choose the right way to advertise their own website, and then put advertisers advertising to improve their own income, that is, the site’s traffic into their own income.

often browse the site to a friend must have seen " ads by shlf1314 " and " ", " sh419 alliance; alimama "and other words, this is advertising, it is the most chief source of income. Now, at home and abroad, there are also many advertising alliances, which have done better in China, and there are quite a few well-known ones. In the era of increasing numbers of Internet users, should we think about how to maximize the benefits of advertising alliances?.

2, early to do such projects webmaster, get a greater income. Its benefits are no less than other types of websites. In a few years ago, free Wangzhuan abroad especially just unfolding, BUX station is also good reputation, emerge in an endless stream, so many owners earn awfully. But in the 09 years after the closure of the site, BUX cycle, liar Wangzhuan click declining station emerge in an endless stream. By 2010, more stringent restrictions on line, the king on behalf of NeoBux station near death, has been declared a complete failure to click wangzhuan. In the click Wangzhuan drive, other free Wangzhuan also does not have what development, free Wangzhuan gains more and more low, a direct impact on the site and the main revenue and enthusiasm to make friends. Make a lot of friends gradually withdraw from the Wangzhuan circle.

3:" Ali mother ": Ali mom relative to sh419, GG, it becomes easier to join, and what kind of Web site can join. Their advantages on the site requirements are not high, and one thing is that they put advertising as a commodity, into the trading market inside, so that advertisers and web owners easily find each other, so as to cooperate. It’s a little lower than the unit price. The amount of buckle exists. But in general, or Adsense favorite of the advertising alliance.

can see:

1:": shlf1314 Adsence": when it comes to the shlf1314 advertising alliance, everyone knows it well. This is definitely one of the best in the advertising league. Has always been the leading position in the industry. Its unit price was definitely the highest in the industry before. But unit prices have been falling in the face of the threat of a global financial crisis. And the GG alliance, it is difficult to apply to the principal, the matter of cheating is also very strict management on the site, a little attention you worked a month for not dollars, but a letter No. GG K mail, or general feeling good, is also worth considering joining the main website.