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this year wedding website takes more force on how to let customers trust us. The light from the wedding, the user may have some feelings for you, trust will upgrade, through different services, will let him have second trust, there are two layers of trust, users have great potential to spread word of mouth, recommended to his relatives and friends, this is the greatest value for us. We are in the core of the city above, we have no real value to the user needs mining. Ensure hotel banquet quality is a deep value of them, why should the user in this wedding, just say the first layer and the second layer value value, this is the third layer of value, after the do, the user will have real confidence in you.

is now a web site is not easy, but also very time-consuming, and if you do a blog is super simple things, so now more and more blogs, it is more like cattle hair. Blogs have gradually become an indispensable part of Internet life. There are a lot of friends thinking about how to make a little money out of blogging. Today, ai591 comes to share some experience: how to make money from blogs.

is my personal love has been such a sentence: to help others is to help yourself! I always love to learn some of their own experience to write out and share with everyone, and we can get some of the things they need from my experience, may also help you take some in the detour in the network business process. At the same time, I am also very good myself will be a smooth and silent advertising. As long as you are providing service to others, you can help yourself with your good marketing through your blog. Such as trainers, lawyers, designers, professional writers, planners, technical experts, programmers, programmers, Feng Shui division, and so on…… The first way to make money is to sell your service. Look at what you are best at, and then share some of your experience. Someone may see your blog, and you are willing to pay for it.

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wedding consumption is a rigid demand, every year 1000-1200 million couples get married, the consumption of 5000-6000 million. Happy net core is committed to marriage market for the wedding banquet reservation, the signing of the wedding Hotel reached more than 6000, after three rounds of financing of about 14 million 300 thousand dollars, in 2013 revenue reached 20 million yuan. The core value of wedding net in? And what problems encountered in the expansion of transit goods? Interviewed wedding website CEO Wu Kennan, the following is the oral.

first, use your blog to market some of your own business.

business to benefit, to bring business users precise, let sales promotion, this is for the first layer of business value. The second layer is a good promotion, how to make businesses build brand advantage in the wedding platform, to help businesses grow. Another is to establish a business and sticky value mining. This should consider the 28 principles, not a month to 1000 orders, 1000 businesses, but to row out many businesses on the priority, the annual contribution orders accounted for how many, I offer to businesses orders accounted for annual output of a number of businesses. When you reach a predetermined amount of this channel all his scheduled volume of 5%, he happened to you is cognitive, to 10% when you begin to pay attention to when you love, 15%, 20%, with open arms to embrace you.

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mining deep value

help consumer decision-making information

recently after the investigation found a very important point, the user is actually very requires a lot of professional reviews, in addition to the contents of the UGC need PGC, now this part we open up the background, has gathered a group of professional wedding planners, designers, wedding wedding designer, the last two months.

, how exactly does it work? Please take a closer look at what I say below,

if you’re registered, then choose the product that best fits your recommendation, and then specialize in the production of some ad links. notice that the conversion rate of the default link is very low. It’s better to work with your blog content to customize your advertising code, so that the effect will be even better

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second ways to make money is: sell products, sell products are divided into two kinds: the first is to sell their own products, and the second is to help others sell products, the middle of a little. To sell their products to the vast number of friends is obviously not realistic, so we can choose the second. You must go to the movies. You can read novels, too. You’ll also need some daily necessities and so on. If you think you’re using it well, you can write about using feelings and recommendations. Then add a link to the product’s sales address on your blog, and then you can get a commission profit after you bring the sales.

site evaluation this year, so that other users can see the wedding hotel more comprehensive information. In November last year opened now almost 30 thousand text comments. The graphic user comments are limited, also has a relationship and user behavior.


We try to encourage users to publish

second uses blogs to sell other people’s products.