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last year, when we went to the ‘three’, we were eliminated in the finals. Because it was the first one, slightly inferior, coupled with a day to complete the commentary, PPT did not exercise, lack of preparation, so defeated."


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got the "micro media alliance" plan, we are surprised, more than 60 pages in detail introduces the project’s products and services, market analysis, business model, risk estimate. "Lessons learned last year ‘three hit’ game, this game is very early we begin to prepare the plan book, from the beginning of the ten page change slowly increased to more than 60 pages on the PPT also changed more than 50 times, after each update will go to teacher Liu Hancheng and Zhou Haiqiong to discuss how to further improve their work all night, replacement the web server, and invited the celebrity in the industry platform, and constantly improve and perfect the website user experience." Hard work pays off, "micro media alliance" only a week on-line has become a news source 360, Sogou Sogou input method, and become a brand of vocabulary; micro media alliance in three hit game won best Venture Award and the national first prize.

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from July 21st to 22, in the Sixth National University of electronic commerce "innovation, creativity and Entrepreneurship Challenge" new park Cup "national finals hereinafter referred to as the" three hit "match in Huanggang city, super network media Co., composed by Wang Guichao, Liu Yang, Peng Jingyi, Wang Yong, and other students to righteousness the" and "team" micro media alliance "projects from the national 30 division 176 teams in one gains the best entrepreneurial talent shows itself, and the national first prize.

July 26th, the author walked into the world’s pioneering club in Huanggang, Huanggang Super City Network Media Co., Ltd., to explore the story behind its success.

Huanggang daily Intern Wang Wanlin

after a period of precipitation, they found the problem – "because energy is too fragmented, each one before doing the project to do, in the end like a monkey broke off corn, nothing, the company’s capital chain is therefore not open operation". The final decision fusion under the "mother help news", "ladder plan" since the media freelance long, abandon Taobao shopping project, focus on the "micro media alliance".

talking about the "three creation" competition throughout the story, Huanggang Super City Network Media Co., Ltd. founder Wang Guichao regrets a lot.

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micro media alliance "development is not easy," second, we a few like-minded people together, in the Taobao shopping inspired them to develop " Taobao Mall rebate network", after failing to find a free soft release platform and developed a micro media alliance, but in the project linger the company deadlock."



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