, Bezos enclosed the letter in all letters to shareholders, reminding the company of the importance of looking forward, and each year he proved himself right.

"copyright" this word, long before more or appear in some software enterprises, the public very early contact with this kind of information, it seems to Microsoft’s operating system genuine and piracy is more common, such copyright issues and the public life more closely linked, and therefore more attention, after many domestic software enterprises have also increased crackdown on piracy, but because this kind of events and public life with more light, therefore did not arouse much attention. At present, the issue of copyright has expanded from the software industry to the entertainment industry, and the awareness of intellectual property rights has become more and more intense. For the film and television websites, the copyright of the film resources has been in existence for a long time, and will be plagued by various operators for a long time to come.

in current Internet video sites on each observation to understand, for each video website reasonably solve the copyright problems of some generalizations were made, hoping to provide some help for each operator.

1, direct cooperation with companies. This approach is the more common way to solve copyright problems. Cooperation with copyright companies in a variety of ways, according to the following modes of charging:

second in accordance with the number of clicks to pay the corresponding fees; the payment mode of cooperation, to a certain extent also companies are also involved in the operation of these operators. This is more popular on the Internet, but the copyright company for the cooperation of the film and television site authority and earnings may have a textual research and research, can achieve such cooperation film and television website, or a few.

Third, according to the operation of the website profit to extract a certain percentage of dividends; with this cooperation, in fact the copyright has become one of the shareholders of the video website. The same is true of this approach.

The following is the

, Amazon, CEO, Geoff, ·, Bezos Jeff Bezos is an outstanding enterprise leader and innovator, and pays great attention to the long-term development of the enterprise. Many of Bezos’s management philosophies are worthy of our reference. For example, his "reverse working method" requires everything to start with the needs of the customer, rather than deciding on the next step based on the existing skills and capabilities. Under these management philosophies, Amazon eventually became the world’s largest online retailer with a market capitalisation of $100 billion.

why would he go to obsessed with 10 thousand years.? we may find the answer: a long-term goal of this benefit and the method of the declaration of a letter from Bezos to shareholders in 1997 listed in the amazon". The main content of this letter is that if we can not make long-term plans as individuals or enterprises, then we can not realize our potential.

1. write down new ideas

six management philosophy of Bezos with:

Every year after the

Amazon was created in a garage with only a few employees at first, but now it has revolutionized the way we buy everything from books, toys to clothing. Amazon is one of the top 100 US companies in the world, and its success is largely due to a long – planned product like Amazon Kindle.

, Amazon, CEO, Geoff, ·, Bezos Jeff, Bezos

in order to pay tribute to Bezos is obsessed with the long-term planning of the spirit, we interviewed Bezos on the content of the arrangement, sort out a large number of his daily habits, hope that we can like Bezos with a long-term vision, do not care about short-term gains or losses.

if you want to understand Amazon CEO, Geoff, ·, Bezos Jeff Bezos for long-term goals of the obsession, from his spare time to engage in the project can be a glimpse of clues. For example, his mysterious airline — "blue origin" Blue Origin, and to build in Texas, the distant mountains of the "10000 year clock" – he took out 42 million dollars, hire on the mountainside dig to place a mouth can show the next 10 thousand years of the giant clock.

Bezos in 2011 to accept the "connection" magazine interview, said: "if everything you do around three year plan, so your competitors too much; but if you are willing to invest in a period of seven years of planning, your competitors a lot less, because few the company is willing to do so."