, Jing.fm and the team: highly respected Instagram style "small and big" products

The interface of

up to now, my public number also did not expect to do the electricity supplier, to sell this thing, there is more and advertisers to negotiate, to pick up some interesting advertisement. Because I think a good advertiser can drive each other up with the public. For example, at present I have more advertisements, such as McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Bvlgari

excerpt from Hu Xinshu’s own comic book, "Mr. 10% in my heart"

, Shi, Kevin and his music description search Jing.fm: dream into the network

, we can see that not everyone is very good-looking, I am willing to accept this fact, they may not be very good, I am willing to spend more on their own experience, want to release the place, such as I can put my emotions to tell you. In the public number, a lot of people will write some dry goods, like Li Jiaoshou. Some people will write some professional articles, it is vertical, the depth of deep things, and I may be more adept at the emotional aspects of things, to a woman’s image, to tell you the feelings of things are not so happy to share feelings, to give fans a I want to know you, and I hope you can understand me, such a two-way relationship.

just like the understanding of a person, a better view, see Jing.fm, also from the beginning of the product itself.

finally is the bottom right corner of social, settings and so on. In addition to the "love" or "hate" songs, here you can also see friends just heard what song, to some extent, "he is listening to the irritability of the song" than a seemingly calm micro-blog better able to explain the problem; also can choose to listen to "a friend, so both sides play song, schedule, even the volume will be synchronized; or simple chat and other social operation. According to reports, the follow-up version will strengthen community effect, personal home page and other functions will become standard.


after the establishment of such a relationship, I think the relationship between me and the fans will be more and more close, we would like to believe that people have told you the story, because I listened to a lot of your story. After such a trust building, to the next step, because I love money, I think this is a wrong thing, I would like to through the things you can do to earn some money.

had three entrepreneurial experience, now less than 24 years old; music majors who want this valuable music also has a good price, but slowly toward another end of Art: technology, learning UI code, with a dozen people in the team, will extend the original dream to the internet.

Jing.fm is full of creativity in the "reference" in the Internet seems to be something special, because it’s very difficult to put it into the "Chinese version of XX", or "the network version of the XX": the use of natural language description, music search need frequency. In the words of Shi Kaiwen, founder, "no one knows more about yourself than the user." rather than recommending it, let people choose "hyper" or "early morning"".


The so-called real


my name is Hu Xinshu, is the founder of a beam in the studio Essien, just out of a book, written mostly emotional things, called "I want two pieces of grapefruit" English Translation: I want you. For me, a face – eating net red, when not face, can only through shameless, and some self – promotion. Here you can click on more information about Hu’s


page uses HTML5, that is, there is no need to install a play plug-in to support the new iPad’s Retina screen, >


will pay attention to the middle of the "love", interface similar songs, personal radio, "hate" the four button, and the lower pause, just listen to this. This and their products agree: if according to user preferences to recommend music, there will be more and more narrow hysteresis and possible future versions will weaken the recommendation position, continue to emphasize the music label search directly.

Jing is very simple: first of all, the most obvious is the music record in the center, and the big search box below. People want to listen to songs, most of the time they actually want to listen to some kind of song, which has nothing to do with the title or lyrics, but a natural description, such as "relax" before sleep, for example, a person traveling alone". These seemingly loose words or combinations into the search box, from the top to select the appropriate icon, similar songs will be released continuously.

The founder of the Russian mixed

Sina Technology, Liu Yanan,

below for Hu Xinshu’s live speech record, there are deleted, some of the order has been adjusted:

initial experience

probably, the difference between what I call "net red" is that I live relatively authentically, and I’m willing to share my emotions with my fans.

note: Papi sauce once again detonated the industry’s discussion of the net red economy, but in the view that "do not rely on the face of eating nets red" Hu, it seems, now net red has been touted by everyone. Recently, Hu Xinshu in tiger sniffing "2016Wow! The new media marketing conference" on how to share his from a college student to grow into a red net, as well as a net to red and operation of fans, and related business experience.