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had this trend, we praise the 360 place, but who knows the last 360 have gone bad, may be affected by the love of Shanghai and Google, we all know that compared to Google’s recent "hummingbird" algorithm and love from Shanghai 08 years began operation of the "Box Computing"? As shown below: < >

monopoly, natural monopoly profits, 360 can withstand the temptation? I see

operation guest website friends should understand, love Shanghai for Taobao guest website is not optimistic, even to repression, 360, changed the love Shanghai absolute control of grassroots webmaster, at least 360 search engines do not have obvious signs of Taobao blow off site, a few of my sites, there are relatively good the 360 ranking in the search engine at present, but in the love of Shanghai, can only say that is not K, but also included, in addition to the direct search site, basically is no ranking.

, soso and Sogou combination, to the grassroots, should be the best results, at least, don’t be 360 with better, because if so, the 360 will indeed become a second market, this idea is not conducive to market competition, 360 search engines will always fall in love with the sea as a "monopoly" of the title, not knowing when the 360 one day in the future and has enough love for Shanghai and even beyond the strength of the Shanghai love match after 360 tomorrow will become today he who oppose


I attach great importance to the flow of the search engine, the good brand ranking network station 7 days Shanghai Longfeng monitoring can be seen, love Shanghai in the initial stage of the new station, for the assignment of weights is quite generous, with Shanghai dragon master’s words, love Shanghai for the new station, will give a certain flow, see what are the user on your site, is to review data retention time, bounce rate, access depth and so on.

first, I think the data is more persuasive, as shown above, in the search engine market in 360, has occupied 21.97%, I remember last month’s data is 19.3%, last month’s data is 18.7%, this month’s statistics also did not come out, according to the thinking on the way, 360 the site will be more and more.

+ Sogou soso, in essence, also did not change too much, but the general trend is in the promotion, in other words, up to Bing, YAHOO and Google search engine market, love Shanghai market is gradually disappearing, occupied by others hand feeling really uncomfortable.

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giants to sleep at night, a good brand network does not want to talk about, but the search engine market changes, for us ordinary Taobao guest speaking, is definitely a major change, as is the opportunity or challenge, how the advantages and disadvantages, it is difficult to say.