we usually put the web directory is divided into tree structure and flat structure. With respect to the tree structure, the flat structure website search engine to crawl, so the general enterprise website personal blogs can try to use a flat structure. Flat structure usually refers to the website files are stored in the root directory, namely: www. site name贵族宝贝/11.html. But consider that if all the articles are stored in the root directory of the words for a long time there will be a large number of pages, looks very messy, so the general enterprise website also uses www. site name贵族宝贝/abc/11.htm. Xiaobian recommended web directory depth as far as possible in the 3 grade 3 or less. The enterprise website directory deep is not what other benefits, not only to increase the burden of the search crawler, web site visitors, deep directory is not conducive to show themselves to the user. Could you know what what directory, but visitors can not have the patience to find a layer.

website directory structure method is very simple.

, opened the site to find his directory structure is not conducive to optimization. His home is this: XXX www.贵族宝贝/html/index.html, behind each directory are also in the "HTML directory" below, but this is a directory of excess, of no practical significance, and add a layer of directory also indirectly affect the search engine spider crawling efficiency, we have know the search crawler is along the links according to the web site directory layers down to grab, and then crawl between pages, if the directory structure is too deep, will affect the content of the page to grab, influence the website included and ranking. Probably it was time for him to do the programmer in the local building is based on the "HTML directory", later on-line stole a bit lazy, do not want to modify the site path, simply direct to site space. I do not understand the code for a friend, very difficult to modify their own, then Xiaobian help him to program files are moved to the site root directory to modify the path and so on, also managed to help him solve the problem.

A friend asked me to help him analyze the site a few days before  Check the  

most of Shanghai dragon friends all know the directory structure to optimize the effect, but there are many just contact the Internet as well as the optimization of the friend does not know the directory structure of the role. The small website directory structure to explain for the optimization effect:

is usually a large portal platform used for the structure of the tree structure, because this kind of website information content in large quantity, wide coverage, in order to make the classification of forum content, so the use of the tree structure, it is easy to manage, such as the WWW.贵族宝贝/abc/ 2015/0731/11.html web site name. Usually this kind of website directory is very fine, and this kind of website whether editing team or the number of maintenance personnel are not comparable to the general business station.