2005, Zhou Feng returned to create a NetEase in Ding Lei’s encouragement, the main web search products. When fall in love with the sea just on the NASDAQ (3660.01, 1.23, 0.03%) listed on the search market shows great business prospects. We have always found the search this product has not yet done especially well." Zhou Feng said, "the most simple question that we see is the search for commercialization. The search has actually been smart enough, the information is too messy. So we try to do a lot of things to solve these problems."


soon after, Zhou Feng realized subversive innovation without technology or business model, it is difficult to achieve the transfer of user search behavior, which means that the beat >

search business failed, Zhou Feng will be attributed to the lost time.

"at the beginning, our goal is to do a web search. At the same time we launched in the first version of the product line search in consideration, certainly not only a web search, this is no way to allow the user to remember, so we also need to have other differences of things. At that time we hope combined with the development trend of some industries with technology, such as blog." It is one of the founders of bauta said, as brother Zhou Feng, bauta in Zhou Feng and encouragement also joined a team. Therefore, a team began to explore the transition to the field of vertical search, including a reading, blog search, shopping search and other segments.

but the story did not happen catch up from behind, instead of the unexpected drama. In 2012, a NetEase’s income of about one hundred million yuan, and created a NetEase system in the mobile Internet users of the client – Youdao Dictionary; as of June 2013, the NetEase (Youdao Dictionary desktop version + mobile phone version) more than 350 million subscribers. Last year, Zhou Feng proposed new position within the company, in his view, there is now a household big data technology to make mobile Internet media company, the main source of profit is the advertising revenue.


this time he wants to become a big data era of first mover.

was in the outside world, in order to keep Ding Lei Zhou Feng, let him in the NetEase internal independent business, and provide a lot of manpower and resources to support; there are media reports, the NetEase investment in search was particularly large, a conservative estimate would be hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

kill love Shanghai is about IT man most learning search technology dream, Zhou Feng is no exception, at least this is his start at the beginning of the dream.


Zhou Feng, founder of NetEase and Ding Lei met in 2004. At that time, Zhou Feng is still Berkeley doctoral degree. Ding Lei is looking for spam prevention method, the occasional Zhou Feng read the relevant foreign papers, after two people develop some password authentication system.