3, the quality of

. Because the site is more, so some station is updated once a week, but the individual stands as the focus, so every day in the update, but really do not write the original article every day, especially their own website, as is the company’s website, not mandatory under the condition of not easy to do. For a long time, I have been using pseudo original tools or a few articles synthesis method, article really is included, but after a period of time if not included.

refused the chain. Remember the love of the chain on the statistical data of Shanghai Webmaster Platform reached 8000, and then screened, will waste the chain of site level declined. Because before buying links and their link on the mistake, it will be a long-term work.

in practice:

2, according to user needs to update the article. In Shanghai love quiz and quiz 360 collected thousands of quiz topics every day with these topics as the title of the article writing, which can not only improve the relevance of the article, but also can solve the problem of visitors.

really, sometimes really do not know what to do in the Shanghai dragon, often in a moment feel very confused, said Shanghai Longfeng such that a few things, but it is not easy to do, we always emphasize the high quality of the chain and the article, from the beginning of 2014 and to emphasize the user experience, can do it never lazy little webmaster. In this paper, I share with you is my a drop right stand 3 months of recovery of some experience, may of course analysis or those practices, but also hope to have some help.

1, the purchase of the chain. We do not know is not bought, 100 dollars can give you hundreds, or even thousands of domain number, the so-called news chain, Douding library, videos, video Tencent, much of the theme of the forum posts the role of the chain in the end there is not much, but I am not here to say, buy! Before also worry that there will be impact, but still a little lazy, do not want to own, but also have luck, think of so many people to buy, if there is

3, the high quality of the chain release. Registered blog, forum, classified information platform account, each platform only one to two pieces of information, but also in the content relevance, in several categories on the site.

1, a large number of

. He also made a part of, especially on Youku, Youku finally found in the hair of these chain has become the largest source of waste production chain, why do you say that? Do not know if you have carefully read your site outside the chain, we can find the video website of many CN domain name, every day Youku video collection, along with video title and introduction collected together, these are the garbage chain, now a few stand my own like this, every day there will be a lot of junk the chain increased.

effect?2, outside the chain of video

drop right

Analysis of reasons: