mobile users search and relative desktop users to search, search keywords will be relatively short. Keywords the use of some tools that can help you in your study, such as Adword’s Google keyword query tool. It can help you choose a better mobile user commonly used keywords or key phrases for you. We can select advanced options in the background, enters the filter area, then filter the display keywords mobile devices commonly used. As shown below.

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in the mobile advertising you must contain your phone number, your website address or physical address and so on important contact information. Because mobile users than desktop users, when want to find information they will usually want to contact immediately. Mobile for Google search ads in ads Adword add a click to call the function. This means, such as a restaurant mobile search advertising, in advertising can be added in the click to call to achieve the function of booking or ordering takeout. When their phone was scored by Adword, they need to pay a fee to Google.

four: the geographical restrictions of mobile search

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mobile advertising for the attention are often lower than desktop users. This actually means as advertisers you need to keep your ad copy kept short, and keep in short keywords, although short is a real challenge, but you still need to pass through the short messages to your potential customers what they need for your products.

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desktop search, in my case, often search such as: "Shanghai dragon "" optimization ", and other words. But in the mobile device is not the same, I rarely on a mobile device to search these words, the opposite is the search to meet some problems in their daily life, such as: "XX, how delicious snack bar to the XX bus route is what" etc.. Some of the more regional search. As our mobile search advertising, you should first consider your geography.

mobile search advertising, at the same time we also called mobile paid search, and we pay the traditional desktop search advertising is like your ads when clicked you need to pay. They have many similarities, however, as mobile search users and desktop search users have many different points, especially when it comes to the user’s search intention, and keyword search habits they use are very different, how you for them to your mobile search advertising is particularly important. So let’s see when doing mobile search advertising, you need to pay attention to the problem.