on the search fees only from the original bid, only a few of the most now bidding position to the left and right 8+ 8 a total of 16 for position, so many positions have the same area occupying the same problem, some hospitals open multiple auction accounts to grab the position, so as to achieve the desired the effect of. But spend as much. Multi account promotion is the inevitable result of bidding competition, perhaps this is love to see the sea. In order to achieve the maximization of interest.

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search Shenyang gynecological hospital results, draw a red box position for the Shenyang 201 hospital, a hospital with a 3 account for the promotion of

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original article first A5 reproduced indicate the source Tianjin Beijing Tianjin hospital 贵族宝贝jingjinyy贵族宝贝/

, I personally think that almost every medical website optimization may Aguirre, the love of Shanghai is suppressed by the more powerful to optimize the site medical, general optimization people know the chain, the original structure of the site, these. But in these medical sites do not seem to work, and now love Shanghai for regular and love Shanghai cooperation platform are very high, the general search core words out of the hospital website basically No. Including a lot of articles now, few people will write about medical website, there are a lot of medical optimization have regretted it, medical optimization does not have medical bidding earn more, I now have some regret, but what can you do. Has entered the industry to switch very difficult, the key is sometimes not the chance.

search Dalian gynecology hospital, natural ranking is a good doctor, two, love map of Shanghai, three have four, doctor


medical industry is a big industry, for the network, basically all the medical focus is caught in the search. The medical industry accounted for a large share of the search engine performance, because the industry is willing to spend money. But the wool sheep, so the doctor found more and more expensive. The following describe the current situation of medical industry, a current market analysis of the search market situation.

news source mainly refers to the type of news text, love Shanghai has recently issued two notices are for the news source site, but also K off several news website two domain name. News source soft is the medical industry to buy the most. Remember last year when the news source effect is indeed very good, but what to do more of this market will be flooded, then love Shanghai to administrator out said, began renovation market, is so simple.

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